8 Must-Experience RV Campgrounds in Lake Tahoe 

RV Camping in Lake Tahoe

RV Camping in Lake Tahoe

One word will never be enough to encompass the beauty Lake Tahoe holds, in my personal opinion. It’s breathtaking, heart-stopping, dazzling, and drool-worthy all in one.

The famous view of the sparkling sapphire lake that stretches out before you and the snowy mountain range that looms just below the skyline is an unforgettable sight you must take in at least once in your life.

During the summer, the highest temperature is 27°C, which is still relatively cold if you’re from a tropical country. But here in the States that 27°C is 80°F and that’s a great temperature. Not too hot. Not too cold.

Lake Tahoe is one of the best campgrounds you will ever experience after this pandemic. Here are seven RV campgrounds that will prove my point. 

RV Camping in Lake Tahoe

Camp Richardson Campground

RV Camping in Lake Tahoe

Everything you can possibly do in Lake Tahoe is right here in this campground. Be it summer, winter, spring, or fall – diverse and fun-filled activities are headed your way in Camp Richardson Campground no matter what season it may be.

You even have the option to bring your own camping gear, your RV, or rent one of their cabins, duplexes, beach-side inns, or a room in the hotel. 

Now, this is the kind of situation anyone would want to have available. When you camp here during the winter, you can spend all day under the sun making snowmen.

Or maybe you make snow angels with your loved ones, but those are not the only things you can do.

camping in WashingtonYou can also avail yourself of their rentals to experience a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of skiing or snowshoeing here.

If you’re already excited about what you can do at this campground during the winter that’s not all. You’ll be even more hyped up with what you can do during the summer.

You can bike and hike in the trails at this campsite, and you can also savor Lake Tahoe on water. 

Take the cruises and water taxis to visit renowned places and see the majestic view of the land and water. Also view the mountain range this campground has to offer.

However, Camp Richardson campground is closed at the moment because of Corona Virus. Fear not, because Camp Richardson Campground is here to stay.

They’re patiently waiting for you to experience all the fun when everything returns to normal. So, don’t you dare miss out, reader.

RV Camping in Lake Tahoe

Fallen Leaf Campground

RV Camping in Lake Tahoe
RV Camping in Lake Tahoe

This campground is another travel destination you just have to feast your eyes upon while breathing in the fresh air straight from the forest and the sea.

Fallen Leaf Campground has 206 campsites for RVs, cabins, and regular camping tents. It usually operates all throughout the summer; although, there are restrictions right now because of the pandemic.

Fallen Leaf is where you play hard, so listen up, adrenaline junkies. Hike and bike to your heart’s content, then tire yourself out in water activities. There is swimming, tubing, windsurfing, and water skiing.

When you’re exhausted, you can relax through fishing or boating. Depending on the time you visit they may even have a festival going on at at Lake Tahoe

At night, you can cook barbecue with friends or family while the stars shine brightly above you. Oh, what an experience it is to see the twinkling night sky before you sleep while you’re all wrapped up and feeling snug.

What more could you ask for? Fallen Leaf Campground has a lot to offer. 

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Ed Z’berg Sugar Pine Point State Park

RV Camping in Lake Tahoe

Your furry best friends can come with you on your RV camping trip here at Ed Z’berg Sugar Pine Point State Park after the pandemic ends.

Both summer and winter camping are available here. You can play and spend time with your dogs in a few areas. There’s the campgrounds, parking lots, and picnic groves. Unfortunately, however, they cannot go to the beaches or other prohibited areas.

But wait, there’s more! You can also fish, hike, swim, and ski to pass the time actively in this campground.

Furthermore, what sets this campground apart from others is the accessibility to visit this celebrated architectural tourist spot. It’s called Pine Lodge, also known as the Hellman-Ehrman Mansion, built mainly from cedar and pine.

Here’s a warning, though: make sure you follow all sanitary protocols about keeping food, especially during the summer camping.

During this time, Black bears are awake and on the prowl for food. Have the best kind of fun with a teeny tiny hint of danger in Ed Z’berg Sugar Pine Point State Park.

RV Camping in Lake Tahoe

D. L. Bliss State Park 

RV Camping in Lake Tahoe

If you’re looking for the best view of the sunset by your RV, D. L. Bliss State Park is the best for you. Boating and swimming are popular water activities in this campground. But what’s more exciting is the possibility of Scuba Diving.

Seeing the underwater life of Lake Tahoe right before your very own eyes is a potential milestone in your life.

You must not let go! I mean, how often can you go around and say, “I did scuba diving in Lake Tahoe, check out my pictures!”

Aside from interacting with underwater species and habitats, you also get in touch with mother nature as we know it. 

There is this Balancing Rock Nature Trail that is family-friendly. On it you can discover the wildlife that roams around and the interesting plants you’ll see.

Every step of the trail gives you a picturesque view of the clear blue lake from below and the greenery all around you.

Add this to your travel destination bucket list to capture the incredible scenery with your own eyes.

RV Camping in Lake Tahoe

Tahoe State Recreation Area

Are you looking for a campground that’s close to the city, with the most enchanting view? The city life of Lake Tahoe is just a few miles away from here.

So, what are you waiting for? Park your RV in one of the designated campsites, then admire the lake from the wooden walkway. 

If you want to be even closer to the water, you can always go for a swim or go boating to satisfy your unyielding curiosity. You can also have great picnics here, surrounded by a sea of greens.

Tahoe State Recreation Area is one of the best places to rest and lay low for a while after this pandemic. If you’re into some soul-searching and quiet, this is the place for you.

Find the peace and comfort you’re longing for in the calmness of the lake. Experience the quiet rustling of the leaves, the soft breeze that carries your worries away. At night you can see the faint glimmer of countless stars above. 

RV Camping in Lake Tahoe

Emerald Bay State Park

RV Camping in Lake Tahoe
RV Camping in Lake Tahoe

Bask in the divine beauty of Emerald Bay all day long in this campground. If I could describe perfection, it’s the view from here. Witness the towering trees that envelope you and the view overlooking the endless grandeur that is Lake Tahoe.

Camp out with your RV in one of the 97 available campgrounds. Then you can finally embark on your extraordinary adventures in the area. 

You can have picnics here, then go trekking on the Rubicon Trail. Seize each moment you have by taking part in water activities offered at the campground. You can enjoy swimming, scuba diving, boating, paddle boarding, or kayaking on this crystalline body of water.

You will never run out of things to do here.

RV Camping in Lake Tahoe
Let’s take a road trip.
This campground is also near many known attractions, so you can forget about being bored here.

Plan for an interesting and fun time here in Emerald Bay State Park.

Eagle Point Campground

This campsite is near Emerald Bay State Park, but hey, don’t underestimate this. It’s equally as inviting, mind you. Eagle Point Campground overlooks Schroon Lake, giving you another splendid view of Lake Tahoe as a whole.

Go trekking or biking in designated trails. Then explore the nearby shops and restaurants in the community. You can also swim, boat, and fish in this vast sublime beauty.

This campsite has 72 campgrounds along with 30 RV slots. It is a place you must visit and experience for yourself.

RV Camping in Lake Tahoe

Meeks Bay Campground

RV Camping in Lake Tahoe
RV Camping in Lake Tahoe

If you want to go camping, why not have the ultimate camping experience near Lake Tahoe’s shoreline?

Meeks Bay Campground is just the place to camp at where you can get up close and personal with the lake. Feast yourself as well, as you cook sumptuous barbecue that complements the beautiful view.

Land and water activities can be done here as well. Hike, trek, boat, swim, and windsurf as much as you want in this campground. Walk along the shoreline and take in the beautiful view.

RV Camping in Lake Tahoe
Where is Jessica?
Get the best of both worlds of the forest and the bay here in Meeks Bay Campground. See the beauty for yourself! 

Lake Tahoe is filled with fun, peace, and beauty. You might want to make this the first of several trips if you’ve never been here before. Camping here with your RV might rank up there with the best camping decisions you make.

Is Lake Tahoe Good for RV Camping?

These eight campgrounds let you experience Lake Tahoe and enjoy nature at the same time nature.

The whole area can easily be described with the word ‘beautiful’ and it wouldn’t be an exaggeration.

Why not see the view that people are clamoring about. Decide for yourself which adjective fits best for beautiful Lake Tahoe

RV Camping in Lake Tahoe

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RV Camping in Lake Tahoe