Winter Camping Trip: The Ultimate Guide to Northern Canada

Winter Camping in Northern Canada

Winter Camping in Northern Canada

Winter Camping Experience in Northern Canada

Everyone must have already dreamt about sleeping under the magnificent and majestic reflection of the northern lights. Others must have already desired to stay out in the cold winter day as the soft snow falls from the sky.

The cold, frosty and exhilarating view made by the whirlwind of snow would bring anyone back to their childhood days, back when they were still so happy to get wet by the pouring rain. Winter camping trips offer these to the campers; the glimpse of childhood that had been lost ever since the reality of adolescence kicks in.

However, campers should also be warned that winter camping comes with its challenges just like every other outdoor activity during winter. Things such as sleeping in sub-zero temperatures. Tents collapsing under the weight of heavy snow. Tent floors essentially turning to ice.
Winter Camping in Northern Canada

Winter Camping still Offers so Many Positive Things

Despite all these probable difficulties during winter camping, campers cannot deny that winter camping still offers so many positive things, including the crisp fresh air, the cardio workouts you get simply by trudging through powder, and the sheer and the snow-induced silence.

Fortunately, Northern Canada has so many camping sites to offer during the winter season. When everyone feels puffy due to the cold, these sites can boost the camper’s mood. Campers should also remember that winter camping in Northern Canada requires skill.

It also requires knowledge, and experience to avoid accidents or hypothermic cases. If one is a novice, a camper should choose more comfortable accommodation that is less secluded.

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Best Winter Camping Sites in the North

Winter Camping in Northern Canada
Winter Camping in Northern Canada

Ontario, which accommodates some of the areas in central and north of Canada, has many spectacular camping sites to enjoy. Most of them are accessible during winter. Campers can either just simply take pleasure feeling cozy in a winterized hut.

On the other hand, they can also enjoy the pristine wilderness without the nuisance of bugs and watch the northern lights dance in the crisp sky then fall asleep in the soft snow to the sound of their dogsled team howling at the moon.

Kluane National Park and Reserve

Camping up to the North, they can also find the Kluane National Park and Reserve in Yukon. The park boasts its high mountain ranges. Specifically Mount Logan, which is the country’s highest peak at 5,959 meters and the largest ice field. Since the site is the home for North America’s diverse grizzly population, campers should bring a pack of bear spray to repeal these bears.

For the campers who would like to spend the night indoors, the park offers cabins. Still, if campers want to camp outside, there are at least thirty-eight campsites in the park. That’s along with firewood and storage lockers for the camper’s equipment.

Pacific Rim National Park in British Columbia

Those campers who love and seek the scenery of beaches and surfing even at the height of the winter season can come to the Pacific Rim National Park in British Columbia. It’s another northern place in Canada. This camping park has ten miles of beaches. They hold pools of water where aquatic wildlife and birds live amongst the crashing waves.

Whales who frequently swim by. What more to ask than an ocean view and winter atmosphere? There is also some coastal rainforest view that can offer solitude to the campers. There are at least a hundred available campsites for campers to set their tents in.


Gros Morne National Park in Newfoundland

Suppose the campers want something that is ultimately relaxing with their black coffees and serene Atlantic Ocean view. In that case, they should head to Gros Morne National Park in Newfoundland. It is another northern Canadian province. The camping site, which is also a park is very old.

Campers will eventually feel like they have been transported back to the past. Campers can again hike the red landscape of the Earth’s mantle called Tablelands while camping in the park. The National Park also offers cabins for those who do not wish to sleep in their tents.

Kouchibouguac National Park in New Brunswick

New Brunswick’s Kouchibouguac National Park is known for its mixed forests, lagoons, dunes, and salt marshes.

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For this reason, campers flock around the campsite even at the height of the winter season.

Though it may be out shined by its neighboring grounds, Fundy National Park, the view of the park’s undisturbed wildlife and ecosystem is also worth camping for. 

Cape Breton Highlands National Park in Nova Scotia

For all the adrenaline rush lover campers out there, Nova Scotia’s Cape Breton Highlands National Park is the campsite that should be added to their camping lists. Camping in the said National Park offers cliffs to hike, which in return gives a beautiful winter sunrise glow each morning. Campers can also walk under the canopy of the old forests that the National Park has. 

Nova Scotia’s Thomas Raddall Provincial Park

Another Nova Scotia camping site is the Thomas Raddall Provincial Park, which is perfect for those campers who have kids with them. This park offers a beautiful and spacious wilderness playground where their children may hike and bike around. The park also has some secluded beaches with stunning coastline views. It is also perfect for bonfires.

Winter Camping in Northern Canada

Winter Camping To-Dos

Winter Camping in Northern Canada
Winter Camping in Northern Canada

Despite the coldness winter season brings, it cannot stop the campers from fully experiencing winter camping fun. Campers may explore the shoreline of beaches that their campsite offers; campers can even go for a quick swim in the cold weather or kayaking to witness the serenity of the water forms. If the campsites the campers are in offer wide landmasses, they can go for biking and hiking.

However, suppose the campers only wish to relax with the chilly winds. In that case, they should bundle up and sit in front of a crackling campfire while roasting some meat or marshmallows. Simplicity is always the perfect way to relax, especially if the campers are with their loved ones. These camping hacks may help them strengthen their relationship with kin and co-campers.

Winter Camping in Northern Canada

Winter Camping Must-Haves

Winter Camping in Northern Canada
Winter Camping in Northern Canada

Camping in the winter can be rather tricky due to the weather, so campers are advised to bring thick clothes to protect them from the cold weather. Bringing matches for the emergency campfire building is also wise to avoid hypothermia and the common cold.

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Winter Camping in Northern Canada