10 Places To Cross Out From Your Travel List

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Having the best travel escapade is sometimes difficult to arrange. Especially if you are an adventure-seeker who loves the outlandish and thrilling experience. You have to dump the stereotypes and open yourself for a dangerous feat. But of course, you still have to cross out from your travel list the places that are extremely risky.

But how exciting is it to make your own itinerary for your travel adventure? You get to find your own accommodation, tours, and places to eat. You own your time and you can manage your own budget. However, choosing the best bizarre place requires a bit of research. You have to do homework before booking a flight.

It may sound rousing to visit unfamiliar places, but you still have to know if they are safe for traveling. After all, safety and security is still the priority of all travelers despite any danger ahead of the venture. So here, I’ve listed the places that you should cross out from your travel list:



Ilha da Queimada Grande, Brazil

10 Places To Cross Out From Your Travel List

Known as the Snake Island, Ilha da Queimada Grande in Brazil is the home of the Golden Lancehead Vipers. These snakes came from the mainland of Brazil but became trapped on the island. The land connected from mainland covered up due to the rising sea levels. The snakes, later on, adapt the environment and have a rapid increase in their population.

Nowadays, the public is not allowed to venture into this dangerous island. According to the study, the venom of these vipers can melt human flesh. Only selected researchers and the Brazilian Navy have access on the island.



Juarez Valley, Mexico

10 Places To Cross Out From Your Travel List
Photo by David Wilson

If you’re going to Mexico, make sure you don’t pass by the Juarez Valley. Considered as one of the world’s dangerous place, this town is the home of criminal cartels. They run drugs and weapons, and kidnapping and murder are part of their daily living. They won’t hesitate to kill anyone who intervenes their business. That even the police don’t take the risk to enter the area.

Several people had died in here, including both residents and outsiders. Gravestones have lined in the streets, which made the place look like a ghost town. There are high fences that separate Juarez Valley from Texas. And accordingly, 5,000 has remained out of the 60,000 residents in this town.



Mount Sinabung, Indonesia

10 Places To Cross Out From Your Travel List
Photo by Suhairytyadhi

Looks can be deceiving, as they say. And the picturesque scenery of Mount Sinabung in Indonesia can deceive you. Because inside of it is as deadly as anyone can imagine with volcanoes erupting. Yes, this breathtaking sight is an active volcano since 2010.

Mount Sinabung is a stratovolcano with frequent eruptions. It covered most of the towns and villages with lava and ashes, leaving the residents homeless. It has affected their livelihood as well and has killed dozens of people. The recent eruption occurred in February 2018. But the good thing is there were no casualties reported.



Sahel, North Africa

Photo by Ammar Hassan

For hundreds of years, the Sahel region in Africa has been experiencing droughts. Located between Sahara and Sudan, no wonder its climate is also hot and dry. The water here is very limited, resulting in several residents experience famine and different illnesses.

The exploitation of natural resources is also evident in the region. Overgrazing, over-farming and other unsustainable practices lead the Sahel to desertification and soil loss. It faces many environmental issues. And according to the records, there are more than 100,000 people died between 1972 and 1984.



Fraser Island, Australia

Photo by Matt McLeod

Beaches, lake, rainforest, and wild animals – Fraser Island in Australia has them all. This place is good for a wild adventure, however safety of travelers are always at risk. This island is the home of deadly spiders and dingoes – Australian native wild dogs. But that is not all, because the sea here is also the place of sharks and venomous jellyfish.

Aside from these dangerous animals, Fraser Island has rough seas and rips as well. Don’t expect lifeguards by the way, because no one is patrolling around the beaches. It’s no wonder why several injuries have reported from this island. 



North Sentinel Island, India

10 Places To Cross Out From Your Travel List

If native culture and scenic beaches would be the topic, North Sentinel Island would be one of the best.  But beware, because this island is very dangerous for any outsiders. The Sentinelese people are hostile to anyone who wants to set their foot on their island. They are extremely violent that they won’t think twice to kill any intruders.

This indigenous group remains no contact with modern civilization. Several people have tried to reach them out but to no avail. Nowadays, the Indian Laws protect these Sentinelese from any interference outside the island. If you still want to explore the world, better to cross this out as it is one of the dangerous places to travel.



Skeleton Coast, Namibia

10 Places To Cross Out From Your Travel List
Photo by Dconvertini

Skeleton Coast couldn’t get its name without a reason. Located on the coast of Namibia, the seaboard has scattered bones of animals. There are also several skeletons of ships along the coast.  Once referred to as the Gates of Hell, this coast has a treacherous and harsh environment.

There are lions, hyenas and other predators that wander around the coastline.  The coast has strong currents and high-energy waves that are good for surfers. However, it’s too risky as there are sharks roaming on the offshore waters.


10 Places To Cross Out From Your Travel List

Lake Nyos, Africa

10 Places To Cross Out From Your Travel List
Photo by Jbdodane

On 1986, a catastrophe had disrupted the village of Nyos when their lake suddenly released tons of poisonous gases. Several animals and around 1,700 people died because of this. Accordingly, there are a huge amount of volcanic gases trapped at the bottom of the lake. And at that fateful day in 1986, for some reason, it triggered these gases to great outgassing.

Some reports said that these gases are carbon dioxide. But the reason for this disaster is still a mystery. Researchers and scientists are still investigating Lake Nyos. There are already pipes installed for the degassing process as well. But even though, Lake Nyos is still not safe to visit, so better cross it out as one of the places you will explore.



Lake Natron, Tanzania

10 Places To Cross Out From Your Travel List

Having a refreshing dip in lakes and rivers is a great idea to beat the heat, especially during summer. But make sure to avoid Lake Natron in your escapade. As this body of water has an extremely high content of soda and salt.

This salt lake is very hot, that it became inhospitable. Only certain salt-loving algae and bacteria could live here. It is also the home for Lesser Flamingos because it is a safe location for them to breed.



Bermuda Triangle, North Atlantic

10 Places To Cross Out From Your Travel List
Photo by Vlad Man

Of course, the famous Bermuda Triangle is also on our list. Probably, you already heard a lot of cases that involve this mysterious region of the Atlantic Ocean. Several ships and planes apparently disappeared without a trace. Some wrecks may have found, but the crews completely vanished. Reasons for these mysterious disappearances associated with several paranormal and natural explanations.

Some said it was due to UFOs abduction, but others connect it to the lost city of Atlantis. But researchers and scientists correlate these to natural phenomenon. And this includes violent weather, natural magnetic variations, and the gulf stream. But no matter what would be the reason, make sure not to pass by Bermuda Triangle. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

Earth has countless, wonderful and majestic places to explore. There is no harm in trying and getting a bit adventurous. However, safety and security should be the first priority for any travel quest. After all, an adventure can only be totally fun if you can go back home safe and sound.


Would you cross out these dangerous places in your list? Or are you willing to take the risk?

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