Fun Summer Camping Activities to Do in The Night and Day

Summer Camping Activities

Summer Camping Activities

As you sit in your cozy camping chair sipping some hot coffee looking out into the scenic view, you ask yourself, what better way to enjoy your time in the great outdoors? Summer camping without fun games and entertaining activities can make a memorable summer experience boring.

That’s why in this article, we’ll share the activities that can help you bond with your children, friends, co-workers, or family.

camping with friends

There are loads of fun activities to be enjoyed alone or together with the vast open space and clear blue sky.

In other words, these fun activities can also be a good and interesting way to spend time for everyone concerned.

Let’s see the best activities to do that will make your summer camping fun and worthwhile.

Fun Summer Camping Activities for the Day

Summer Camping Activities



Summer Camping Activities

If you want to start your summer camping with a gush of wind and sweat, then jogging is the activity for you. The outdoor trails can present a wonderful and refreshing view of the woods and landscape. Far from the city’s dust and smoke, you can enjoy jogging in the smooth and clean air of the mountains and trails of the woods.


Summer Camping Activities

Playing fun games can get the whole family involved; whether you’re young or old, there are many fun games to be had in the beautiful summer. We have chosen two of the most suiting games to be played by all ages, “Water Balloon Dodge Ball” and “TRAVEL AROUND THE WORLD.”

Water Balloon Dodge Ball

This game is straightforward and easy to do. It’s the best activity to play under the hot summer sun, and the materials needed costs only a few dollars.

The first step is purchasing 30-50 plastic balloons and filling them up with water. Second, you count the number of people who are going to play and divide the number by two. Next, divide the number of balloons between the two groups.

Each group must be 15 feet away from each other. Lastly, the goal of the game is hitting the opposing team with as many water balloons as possible. Whichever team gets wet the most loses.


Are you traveling around the world? In camp? Yes! It’s possible and fun! This game is suited mostly for campers who just want a nice relaxing activity.

The instructions are simple; first, the campers must form a circle. Once the campers are gathered, the first person must name a country beginning with the first letter of the activity title. For example, the first camper would say,

“I’m going to Texas,” then the next person would name a country starting with the following letter like “Rome or Russia.” Every camper must name a country and cannot repeat a country or place already mentioned. They must repeat the process until they have named a place for each letter of the title, or a camper cannot say any more places or country.

Once the campers have mentioned a place for each letter, Congratulations! You have TRAVELED AROUND THE WORLD!



Summer Camping Activities

Nothing is as good as fishing in the great outdoors. It’s a classic activity for campers and fisher folks. Therefore, it’s an excellent activity for those who want to enjoy a relaxing time in the woods alone.

In other words, if you have friends or family along that like to fish, you can set up multiple fishing rods. This way, you have more chances of catching a lot of fish and cook them for dinner. Now that sounds delicious!



Summer Camping Activities

Hiking in the mountains is one of the best activities to do in the summer. With great weather and cool nights, you can truly appreciate the beauty of the landscape. Hiking not only helps you enjoy your time in the outdoors, but it can also exercise your leg muscles. In addition it reduces cholesterol, and even improves physical and mental health.

It can be memorable for couples and families alike. Therefore, it’s one of the best outdoor experiences. Plus you don’t need much to get started. Just a pair of hiking shoes, water, a bag, and a few other essentials, and your good to go! So, what are you waiting for? Go have that mountain-top experience!


If you are into nature and plants, then this is the activity for you. Not only will you be planting trees, but you will also be implanting memories along with it. Imagine coming back 5-10 years later with your family and friends, and you see the tree you’ve planted all grown.

It’s a memorable experience to be had. It also helps in the detoxification of the environment. With more trees, it can lead to more oxygen. Therefore, less pollution in the air.
Summer Camping Activities


Fun Summer Camping Activities for the Night



Summer Camping Activities

Building a campfire at night is the most traditional activity to do. It’s considered a symbol for night camping. It allows campers to experience the simplicity of nature’s elements; the warm fire, the cold breeze, the crickets in the background, and the beauty of the vast open night sky. Having the light and impression of the campfire can allot a ton of activities possible.



Summer Camping Activities

Imagine at night where your friends and family surround you. The warm hug of the fire in the middle of the camp and that relaxed night air feeling. What better way to make the night interesting than telling stories by the campfire?

There are a lot of topics to be talked about around the campfire. Stories could range from the memories of your grandpa or grandma when they were just little youngsters to scary fictional stories of UFO’s abducting people in the forest. There is a saying – “the sky is the limit.” Therefore, whatever good story comes to mind, go for it! You are the master narrator, after all.



Summer Camping Activities

A personal favorite of mine -Theater by the campfire. It’s a great way to practice some acting for our young and old actors. This activity therefore, makes lovely entertainment for the audience. Outstanding plays such as “The Owl, the Bull, and the Forest” and “Mother Earth” can give valuable messages to our audience about the wonders of nature’s elements.

You can also present plays about how people should properly dispose of garbage, recycle used materials, and reuse old plastic bottles instead of buying new ones. There’s no limit to what you can present; just save room for more fun activities throughout the night.



Summer Camping Activities

Do you think you have the voice? Then sing some songs over by the campfire. There are a load of songs to choose from. You can select songs ranging from R&B and Rap to the classic country songs of the west. This activity can be suitable for campers who just want to unwind and chill for the night.

And if there are any musicians in your family or friends, that only adds even more fun to the night. You can even try a combination of claps, guitar, and tapping of wooden logs.



Summer Camping Activities

Last but not least, enjoy your summer camping at night by watching the beautiful stars in the heavens. Star Watching can, therefore be the easiest and the most inexpensive way to enjoy your summer night in the outdoors. Above all, it certainly is a most fantastic way of enjoying your time with your partner, friends, or family.

Star Watching can also be best enjoyed after a meal at night where you just want to relax a bit and lie down in your hammock. And if you are lucky, you can even catch a glimpse of a meteor shower or naming stars and constellations.
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In conclusion, we recommend going camping with family or even friends. You’ll have a great time and be able to enjoy nature at it’s best. It’s a great getaway you’ll cherish and have lasting memories.


Evangel Ross Espedido is a nature lover, traveler, and food enthusiast. At a young age, he has been exposed to the beauty of mother nature. His passion for writing and traveling has always been his forte ever since. Other than traveling, he also goes scuba diving as a hobby. His motto when traveling places is, “Take nothing but photos-Leave nothing but footprints.”

Summer Camping Activities