6 Fun Games to Play during Camping

Camping Games for Teens

Camping Games for Teens

There is nothing more rewarding than playing games with your friends, not digitally but physically. An activity should not be forced-festive. As cliché as it is, we must always appreciate life and have fun.

The question is, how can we create fun? Sometimes we can’t quickly recognize that we’re already making memories, just thought we’re only having fun. Camping will be unforgettable when there are good memories to remember.

And we can create memories if we venture into fun and exciting activities. How can we do it? Plain and simple, play games during camping. Here are some of the games you and your friends should play at the campsite. 

#1 UNO Cards

Playing cards is so much more irresistible than we can ever imagine. There are 15 games we can play with UNO cards. Some of them are simple patterns, count and color match, and snap.

These are the common ones as far as we know. Simple Patterns are best to play with someone who has basic math skills. We always thought of this game as “for wizards” because it deals with numbers and patterns, which requires a little memory.

Another is the count and color match, the simplest one, which we believe is a no-brainer game to play. This game is enjoyable for some people who want to deal with cards without lifting a finger.

Further, we can’t have Uno cards without having known Snap. This game is for beginners and best played with your circle of friends. Uno cards can bring magic and can take away our boredom.

Based on experience, some campers forget to bring the flashlight batteries but never the Uno card. How about you, are you one of those campers? 

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#2 Truth or Dare

The choice lies between to spill the tea or to do crazy things. This game can either reveal the tiniest embarrassing detail of your life or force you to eat a bunch of grass.

Sounds funny, but it’s true; the rules of this game are quite simple but deadly. Reminiscing past camping experiences, truth or dare, has always been a go-to game of the campers.

Some are lucky enough to choose ‘truth’ and get the easy questions. Best believe you can sleep tight at night without being roasted by your friends. However, if you always go with the dare, then you better have the guts to do any deed.

Truth or dare is fun and terrifying at the same time. It’s just a matter of who are the people you are playing with. 

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#3 Spin the Bottle 

We call it “A thrilling game of all time.” Spin the bottle gives us a gripping feeling every time the bottle turns. We always get excited to know where the bottle is pointed and who gets to do the dare.

teen camping games
Where is Jessica?
The amusing part is when the bottle is pointed in between two persons in a circle. Your friends get the privilege to pick who is the lucky star to answer a question or do a dare.

This game is slightly different from truth or dare because this one only goes with the dare. However, we can always modify the rules, right?

So if your team wants to make it entertaining, then you can have it with the truth or dare. It’s more exciting to do it without a killjoy in the group. 

#4 Would You Rather

Camping Games for Teens
Camping Games for Teens

This game stimulates our creative thoughts and ideas. All of us love playing this game, even celebrities. They usually play this game on talk shows or TV shows.

When playing Would you Rather with our friends, some options are weird, crazy, and gross. And we are always entertained by the crazy ones knowing we have to answer them as insane as possible.

The notion is, the more weird the option, the crazier the explanation. So if you have a great taste in humor, this will be a lot of fun and easy for you.

We can’t deny that playing this game requires our imagination and inventiveness to give an engaging answer. This game is best to play with friends who you can flock together so the whole thing would be relatable to everyone.

Nevertheless, you don’t have to fake your answers to appear admirable; after all, camping is a perfect venue to unleash your reality. 

Camping Games for Teens

#5 Charades 

Camping Games for Teens
Camping Games for Teens

The amount of amusement charades gives us is unquantifiable. It is a fact that this game is very entertaining and fun for everyone – kids or adults. The good news is that this does not only bring amusement; it has several benefits. Some are:

  • Building healthy, light-hearted competitiveness

This promotes healthy competition and a certain level of camaraderie to every person playing. It will give us the right amount of competitiveness and ensures we can do our best at all times. 

  • Everyone can play 

It involves everyone – the young and old. Charades don’t exclude and discriminate. This is the best game to play when we are camping with our families where children can participate, and everybody can have fun. 

  • Improves bonding opportunities

When playing charades, your normal reaction would be laughing here and there. This way, you can bond with those around you comfortably because all of you are having fun.

The game will get you out of your comfort zone and help you enhance your social skills. 

Camping Games for Teens

#6 Name that Song 

Camping Games for Teens
Camping Games for Teens

This one is for music lovers. Name that song will ultimately test the knowledge of your friends in terms of music. Playing a song from your friend’s playlist and guessing it is an uncomplicated task to do.

If you and your friends love to play a game with less physical involvement, this one is the best choice. The game is painless and no sweat. You only have to sit in the corner, listen to the song played, and guess it.

Very simple and manageable to everyone involved. The game is usually played at night after a long-heavy day doing different recreational activities at the campsite.

Playing this before tucking yourself into the camp bed is the most ideal.

Camping Games for Teens



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Camping Games for Teens