Best Camping Sites in Northwestern Washington State

Camping Sites in Northwestern Washington State

The Best Camping Sites in Northwestern Washington

Best Camping Sites in Northwestern Washington State
The Best Camping Sites in Northwestern Washington State

When people hear of Washington, they may think of lots of trees and greenery. They wouldn’t be mistaken. Washington, however, is often referred to as Washington State to distinguish it from the nation’s capital, Washington, D.C.

It’s a beautiful state situated along the western coast of the United States. It is right next to British Vancouver, Canada. The state has a Mediterranean climate that predominates in the western part of Washington.

Washington State hosts some of the best camping sites in northwestern Washington State. Its mild coastal climate also lends itself to some great outdoor activities.

If a place has a wide variety of open nature, it is only natural to offer outdoor recreational activities. From the dramatic landscape to the cozy campfire and sea breeze, Washington State can offer it all.

Going over the national parks and the best camping sites in Northwestern Washington State, one might be surprised at how much Washington offers.

The Northwestern part of Washington State has diverse scenery.

This allows campers to do different things as well during their camping stay. They can hike through a rain forest. Or if they want a chilly and snowy experience, they can sit back in a glaciated campsite.

Whether a camper is on foot with a tent or with an RV, Northwestern Washington State can accommodate it all.

Best Camping Sites in Northwestern Washington State

An Archaic Campground for You

Camping Sites in Northwestern Washington
The Best Camping Sites in Northwestern Washington State

If campers seek a primeval feel and the folklorist atmosphere, Graves Creek Campground would be the best choice. Located in the Quinault Rain Forest, it is a campground surrounded by lush trees.

This setup can easily create this notion to the camper’s mind that he is alone in solitude. The only noise one can hear in this campground is the trickle and rush of the running water from the stream nearby and the occasional hooting of birds.

Tradition tent campers and RV campers are welcome here year-round. The only downside to this nature-friendly campground is that there are no WiFi nor electronic hookups, and cellphone services.

But most campers take this as an opportunity to get away from busy work and the social media fever. Campers are free to explore the nearby rainforest and soak in the clear-water stream.

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The Campground for Outdoor Lovers

Camping Sites in Northwestern Washington
Best Camping Sites in Northwestern Washington State

Another campground just a few minutes away from Quinault Rain Forest, Willaby Campground is a must-visit campsite for camping enthusiasts. Camping experience in Willaby Campground is not limited to only lunging around in comfy chairs and tents.

No, there are so many recreation activities for campers to do. They can hike along the kilometers-long hiking trail along the forest to visit countless waterfalls nearby.

They can also rent a boat or kayak to explore Lake Quinault. But if campers do not have the boat license needed for boating, they can sit by the lakeshore and go fishing.

Pets are also allowed in the campground, so pet lovers can bring their dogs for a long walk along the lakeshore or even take the hiking trails. However, just like Graves Creek Campground, Willaby Campground does not have electronic hookups as well.

However, there are cellphone services at the campsite, so campers can still check-in with the outside world.

Sol Duc Hot Springs Resort Campground

Sol Duc Hot Springs Resort Campground is the campground that will make you feel close to Mother Earth herself. From the rich forestry ground to the many hot springs and hiking trails, campers will surely enjoy their stay in Sol Duc Hot Springs Resort Campground.

The tall trees and canopies also give the whole campground an enchanted feel, perfect for Instagram photos. Campers, children, and adults can hike along the hiking trails of the campground.

They can choose a path that is easy to hike, and they may also go for a more extreme trail. The hot springs can also guarantee a hundred percent relaxation.

Campers who are afraid to miss out on anything fun from social media don’t need to worry. The campground has cellphone service and free WiFi in some of its areas.

Best Camping Sites in Northwestern Washington State

A More Forest-Vibe Campground

The Best Camping Sites in Northwestern Washington
The Best Camping Sites in Northwestern Washington State

Located in Olympic National Park, Mora Campground is another campground situated in a forestry land. However, its difference from the other campgrounds mentioned above is its refreshing view of the sea.

Since Realto Beach is just nearby, campers have easy access to its shoreline and view. The coastal forests surrounding the campground also gives the aesthetic vibe of a wintry place.

Moreover, campers can enjoy campfires in the middle of a chilly night with a bottle of beer. What is best about this campground is that electronic hookups are available. Campers can charge their phone or even use electronic stoves for their food.

camping in WashingtonWashington State has two distinct climate areas. It has mild and humid summer days west of the Cascades, while the eastern of the state has warm summers and cool winters. Thus, campers should always bear in mind the proper clothing when planning a camping trip.

We do not want anyone suffering hypothermia, after all. Campers are also advised to bring their own camping materials since some of the campgrounds require payment for any camping materials that they have to use.

The campgrounds in Washington State are mostly part of the Olympic National Park. Because of this, campers should be mindful of how they treat the surroundings of each campground.

There are designated proper trash cans where people may dump their garbage. It is always important to observe cleanliness, especially there may be animals visiting the campgrounds.

Proper waste disposal may save them from destroyed habitats. These are the must-visit campgrounds that can only be seen in this unfamiliar yet nature-rich state. for sale



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