Perfect Campgrounds for Staycation in Coalville

Camping in Coalville Utah

Camping in Coalville, Utah

There are countless cities in the United States that one can see a cluster of campgrounds. There is Jackson in Wyoming, Portland in Maine, Munising in South Michigan.

Yet, Camping in Coalville Utah may be one of the best cities in the United States, offering beautiful and explorable campgrounds. What is more appealing is that a major interstate passes through the city.

One can just use the Interstate 80, and they will find the place in no time and with less hassle. Coalville City is not just good for camping either.

While visiting the city, anyone can explore some of its historic towns. Especially since it is rich with historical events. There is snowmobiling and skiing in winter, and engaging in multiple outdoor activities.

Camping in Coalville, Utah, varies from RV sites, tent sites, and the occasional cabins. The city has multiple campgrounds to offer, within and just outside its borders.

Each of which is uniquely scenic in its own ways. Because the Echo Reservoir is located in the city, ranch, parks, and resorts close to nature are the common campgrounds that campers may visit and explore.

One can just drive their vehicles in Coalville, Utah, and they could easily find a campground that accommodates RV campers. Basic camping with the use of tents is common, and other campgrounds have cabins that campers may rent if they want to spend the night under a roof.

Camping in Coalville Utah

A Getaway in an Ideal RV Park

Camping in Coalville Utah
Camping in Coalville Utah

There is a rolling list for campgrounds in Coalville, Utah, and the first one on that list is the Holiday Hills RV Park. Located in the southern part of the city, it is quite popular with tourists and locals alike.

It is one of Coalville’s visit destinations. It is one of those campgrounds that accommodate families with small kids, making it a real catch with campers who wish to spend time with their families and friends. 

The Holiday Hills RV Park has a magnificent view of a panoramic mountain, just a few walks away from the campground. There is also a river— the Weber River, to be exact, that runs through the site.

It is an ideal place to go boating and fishing. Just remember to put back the fish, which is not in its appropriate size back in the water. Campers can also take a walk and breathe in some fresh mountain air along the Union Pacific rail trail.

It is a trail with a clear view of the valley and the city. They can also hike and bike around the area. That will keep the body active and relaxed due to the lush, green trees of the mountain.

Indeed, Holiday Hills RV Park is so famous and an ideal campground that it even became a Camper Clubs member of America. With this title, campers should be assured that the campground will provide them the best experience they are after.

Camping in Coalville Utah

The Echo Island Escape RV Resort

Camping in Coalville Utah
Camping in Coalville Utah

This resort lived up to its name. The campground has the scenery of the environment which can complete the escape from polluted cities.

Echo Island Escape RV Resort features three main camping types, where campers may camp in their RV sites, tent sites, and cabins.

Some dubbed the campground as a fancy one since it has pools and hot tubs for others to spend their time in luxury. The campground is also located at the center of the circling trees.

It gives it the meadowy oasis vibe. Like Holiday Hills RV Park, Weber River also goes through the Echo Island Escape RV Resort. It allows the campers to fish from the river. 

Off the Beaten Trail
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For kids that campers brought with them, there is a stream in the campground that kids may use as their fish pond since there are trouts and other fishes.

This completes the whole family-friendly theme of the campground. Hiking and boating are also allowed. After doing these activities, campers may get their alcoholic beverages in their supply bags to relax and enjoy the beautiful sunset that the campground may offer.

Most campers want to get away from their work. However, others may still need to check in to their offices online, which is pretty much possible to do in Echo Island Escape RV Resort since there is free WiFi, and phone services are available as well.

When the sun goes down and the moon replaces it, campers can have bonfires and observe the sparkling stars from above. The next day, when the sun rises again, campers may use the portable bathrooms to shower.

After enjoying the stay, campers must put the garbage in the correct trash cans, which are all over the campground.

Camping in Coalville Utah

Another Park to Stopover

Camping in Coalville Utah
Camping in Coalville Utah

Echo State Park may almost share the same name as Echo Island Escape RV Resort, but these two places are different from one another.

Echo State Park can be located if one would just go further up north on the eastern part of Coalville, Utah. It is open year-round, and campers may camp in their RV and tent sites. However, it may cost them $20 per campsite.

Campers may also engage with different recreation activities, especially that a reservoir just behind it is present. Also, campers may go boating or fishing, completely their choice of how they will spend their time in the state park.

Campers can even go swimming in the nearby reservoir. Campgrounds will not be complete without hiking trails, so Echo State Park offers an easy trail for campers to hike as well.

The trail will lead the campers to the near Echo Canyon, where they can observe the environment’s serenity.

For campers who only want to spend an easy day of camping, there are picnic tables all around the park, along with fire rings.

Restrooms are also free to use. And if one would want, restaurants are nearby, where they can have their meals. Echo State Park is also a pet-friendly campground, an advantage to those who love camping with their pets.
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Camping in Coalville Utah