Travertine Hot Springs Guide

Travertine Hot Springs Guide

There are times that one needs to get away from their daily life. A quick drive or a can of beer might be enough to do so. But there is still something about an actual getaway that does not require much effort and can thoroughly relax the mind.

Undeniably, there is nothing more relaxing than to spend some time in nature. To get into the car and go to an easily accessible place that offers solace. That is the real deal.

A trip to Travertine Hot Springs in the state of California would be the ideal way to relax. The spectacular and superb natural sceneries of the place can easily take anyone’s worry and inhibitions.

Travertine Hot Springs has more than four hot springs in total, and around these spots is the panoramic view of the Sierras. Sierras is the term that locals use to call the mountain range in California. The rock formations and raw nature of the springs are indeed the keys to simplistic relaxation.

Itinerary to Follow

One of the best things about Travertine Hot Springs is the fact that it is easily accessible. One will just have to drive using Route 395 from the south of Bridgeport.

Then, turn left at Jack Sawyer Road, just before the Ranger Station. From there, it would only be another mile of driving before the view of Travertine Hot Springs shows. The further the drive goes, the road changes into the dirt from asphalt. Thus, it is a bit muddy when it rains.

There is no need to hike or walk a tricky path just to experience the relaxation Travertine Hot Springs would offer. Sure, there is a bit of walking to do, but it is not at all too hard to do, and it can even stretch one’s legs out for a bit before dipping into the springs.

Because of the free accessibility of Travertine Hot Springs— yes, it is really free to explore, many visitors come and go every day. Visitors of the Travertine Hot Springs are either families, couples, tourists, travelers, or campers.

It is best to expect that one will not be the only person in the springs. However, the springs are scattered far from each other, so there is still some privacy. Each spring or pool of Travertine Hot Springs has a great view of California’s mountain ranges.

It has multiple rock formations that one can explore and play around with. Because of the raw nature that the springs possessed, it is indeed an Instagram-able site.

Travertine Hot Springs

What to do in Travertine Hot Springs?

Travertine Hot Springs

Visiting the springs would not be complete if one will not take a dip in one of the hot springs. There is no required clothing to bathe in the springs. One can wear anything they want to wear.

Even some visitors opt for skinny dipping, which means swimming without wearing anything at all. If one will do this, they should make sure that no one is around them to avoid unwanted incidents.

And if others are uncomfortable with nudity, they can look for other tubs of springs to avoid skinny dipping visitors. It is also needed to always keep in mind that hot springs of Travertine Hot Springs are not as big as one may expect, though sharing one tub between family members would be alright. 

Travertine Hot Springs is also a family-friendly place to visit. Children can play around the rock formations and dip in the springs with their guardians or parents’ advisory because some tubs are deeper than the other ones.

On the other hand, adults can also set up a picnic table and lounge around with beers to ease their tensions and finally relax. Dipping one’s feet in the hot springs can also soothe their muscles, giving more perks to the elders.

The hot springs have different temperatures, so visitors are advised to dip a foot first before fully submerging the springs’ body. Some visitors also believe that the springs may have the power of healing.

That is why others rub the mud from the side of the springs to their body. If one believes in things like that, they are definitely free to do as they please.


Camping After Dipping 

Travertine Hot Springs

The land around the Travertine Hot Springs is owned by the Forest Service Land, making it free to use. After exploring the springs and rock formations, people can freely camp along with the Travertine Hot Springs.

There are no other stores and sources in the nearer areas other than a comfort room. So people who will be camping in the springs are advised to bring their own materials.

Tents or vans and other necessities that will help the campers through the night or until they decide to leave should be brought.

A perk of camping near the springs is that campers can enjoy empty springs in the morning while other visitors are not around yet. Imagine bathing in the hot springs with a tranquil atmosphere and no one else around while the sun rises from its sleep. It will really be so satisfying and relaxing.

Travertine Hot Springs

Just a Gentle Reminder

Travertine Hot Springs

Visiting Travertine Hot Springs will be worth it, not just because of the intricacy of these hot springs’ natural structures. The sensation of being close to nature will also help anyone relax their minds from their busy days.

It is free and really easy to access. There is also a bathroom for visitors to use. Plus, the sunset and sunrise over the mountain ridge are more than beautiful to look at.

The only thing that the caretakers of the Travertine Hot Springs are asking is to observe cleanliness. Enjoy and explore the springs and the free camping areas of Travertine Hot Springs, and leave it as if you have never been there.

Meaning, do not leave any trash or empty cans and wrappers around the area. Travertine Hot Springs is one with nature. Damage done by human’s carelessness will consequently hurt the environment of the place.

Pack up your things now and explore the quest at Travertine Hot Springs!



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Travertine Hot Springs