Exciting Ways To Camp In Fundy National Park 2021

Camping in Fundy National Park

Camping in Fundy National Park


Are you looking for an adventure in the finest place around Canada? You better witness the world’s highest tides together with its pristine forests and magnificent campgrounds. You don’t want to miss those, do you?

But there’s more as the Fundy National Park offers a lot of adventure, including trails that lead to waterfalls deep in Acadian forests. You can also paddle in a Kayak as the waters rise to 12 meters or more. Better to bring your friends and family to experience a taste of Atlantic Canada culture. 

Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

But before anything else, as we are talking about the adventure that we are about to unravel, here, we have a very important reminder for you to keep in mind the moment you step outside your house. Please take note before planning to travel in the National Park; you need to respect public health authorities’ guidance around social distancing.

Camping ib Fundy National Park
Dickson Falls. Fundy National Park of Canada, New Brunswick.. Photo by Danielle Langlois. /CC BY-SA 3.0

Kindly check the park’s website as well before packing your things up. This is to avoid traffic cluttering; remember that it is all because of Covid-19 awareness. Better to be safe than sorry.

And now, if you’re ready to take a vacation, forget about the deadlines and keep your phone away from you just to feel the goodness of nature, what about trying camping? Don’t we all want an adventure after a long home quarantine period? Camping is full of fun and allows us to connect with loved ones and nature. 

Stop wasting your time browsing on your social media to make yourself busy from posting and sharing your selfies hashtag #BoredInTheHouse while keeping your sanity. Get a life outside the four corners of your room and try a different thing!

Without further ado, let us talk about this article’s highlights: the different ways to camp in Fundy National Park, New Brunswick.

Front Country Camping

Four front-country campgrounds will surely make your camping memorable. Each has amenities such as washrooms, showers, electrical, sewer, and water hookups close to other Park services and facilities.


This campground offered access to the hiking trails, the outdoor theater, Alma’s village, and many other recreational facilities. The newest campground, created for the camper-style traveler. All sites have their fire pit, and some even have views of the Bay of Fundy. Indeed, there will be no dull moments in this campground, as you will enjoy the place’s incredible scenery.

Guaranteed that you will never get bored as Cannontown is located in the park’s activity hub, right beside the playground, golf course, the Salt & Fir Center, and is just up the road from the saltwater pool.



If you are looking for a great outdoor adventure, this is definitely for you! Bring your family as this is near to hiking and biking trails, playgrounds, the public program campfire circle, and the astronomy viewing site.

This campground also has serviced and unserviced sites with campfire pits. This campground is located 4 km northwest of the Park Headquarters. Fog rarely occurrs because it is far from the Bay of Fundy.


This campground offers a beautiful view of the Bay of Fundy. It is within walking distance of the Village of Alma. Headquarters is conveniently nestled in the activity hub of the park near the East entrance. This is a semi-wooded campground, and it is for those who are looking for camping made easy!

Take note: visitors must check-in and check out at the campground kiosk during the peak season and at the Visitor Centre after Labour Day.

Point Wolfe

To access this campground, you need to cross the Point Wolfe covered bridge. Amazing, right? You can find plenty of trails here, including the one that can take you down on the rugged Fundy shore. More open sites here are in frosted settings.

Additional to your amazement, this campground can give a camping experience with unserviced sites and fire pits. Take note that Point Wolfe is in the heart of some Fundy’s most eye-catching coastal wilderness.

Take note: visitors must check-in and check out at the campground kiosk during the peak season and at the Visitor Centre after Labour Day.
Camping in Fundy National Park

Back-Country Camping

An only a small percentage of visitors can visit natural wonders seen in the back-country. If you’re looking for a challenging way to enjoy Fundy National Park, try camping at one of the eight backcountry campsites located at Goose River, Marven Lake, Tracey Lake, or Chambers Lake.

Just make sure never to leave garbage in the back-country—plastic bags are provided upon request. It is also necessary to bring backpacking cookstoves for food preparation. Each designated campsite provides a tent pad, a pit privy, and a picnic table. And last, it is recommended to bring your drinking water. And voila! Enjoy a challenging experience brought to you by Fundy Back-country camping.


Camping in Fundy National Park
Camping in Fundy National Park

You will surely love the unique kind of cabin in the oTENTik campground. If you love Fundy, your next overnight getaway will be super extra special! Here is a comfortable and hassle-free way to enjoy the true nature of Fundy National Park.

An oTENTik is a cross between an A-frame cabin and a spacious blend of tent mounted on a wooden floor and rustic cabin equipped with comfortable beds and furniture.

What’s inside the oTENTik tent?

✔Dish Washing basin, soap, dishcloths

✔One Rubbermaid bin to keep dry food secure

✔Mattresses for six guests

✔Dining table with four chairs

✔Dishes, utensils, pots and pans, and BBQ utensils

✔BBQ area exclusive for oTENTik tents


✔A lamp

✔A heater

✔Picnic table for each tent

✔2 Adirondack chairs

✔Access to a fridge for your perishables

✔Access to flushable toilets


Camping in Fundy National Park
Camping in Fundy National Park

Are you planning for an overnight in Fundy National Park? Here is yurt to the rescue and ready to satisfy your exciting experience in a hassle-free and comfortable night under the stars. Who wouldn’t love a beautiful natural setting?

And if you love bunk beds, this place is definitely for you. The yurt can sleep up to 5 people. A double mat on the bottom of the bunk beds, a single on the top, and a futon turn into a double bed. The yurts have their own “cookhouse” very close to a wood stove. Each of them has a picnic table, deck, deck chairs, and a charcoal BBQ. Come to think of it, a place where you will not be able to resist is just inside the Fundy National Park. Amazing!

In addition to that, the yurt is made to resist extreme climates. Since the 13th century, yurts have been used by nomadic horse herders as portable homes. Today, Fundy used a modernized version of the traditional yurt. Cozy, warm with insulated walls and roof, and a propane stove. This place is right for those who love to relax and feel the loveliness of the environment.

Rustic Cabins

Camping in Fundy National Park
Camping in Fundy National Park

A lot of people want to try something incredible. Even sleeping in a little cabin while staying overnight with your friends or family. Or even just yourself, away from all. Fundy National Park can offer it all to you. Relax, enjoy the night sky and the sounds of nature.

Before going on camping, check first your things for a better and wonderful experience; make sure you have water since there is no supply of water on-site, sleeping mat, food cooking gear, dishes, and a cooler, matches, or lighter to start a fire in the woodstove or the outside fire pit and last, lantern. And then you’re ready!

Rustic cabins are located along Hastings Road, Maple Grove Trail, and the Black Horse trail. 


Now, for the very last, if you want a cool place to stay, which looks cozy and private, Fundy National Park offers the Ôasis located at the Point Wolfe Campground. It is a teardrop-shaped ‘duplex,’ with a convertible table/bed. Ôasis is truly a unique experience that you can’t really get anywhere else. Plus, it even makes an awesome Instagram photo op.

Standard amenities:

📌Sleeps two children, up to a maximum weight of 150 lbs: suspended hammock loft

📌Lighting (battery-powered lamp)

📌Sleeps 2 adults: convertible table/bed

📌Interior area of 6 m2

📌Parking (1 or 2 vehicles)

Few rules to remember when staying in Oasis.

✔Cooking is NOT allowed inside the Ôasis. Cook outdoors at your site for safety purposes.

✔Pets are NOT allowed.

✔Coolers must be stored inside vehicles to avoid any conflicts with wildlife.

✔Before leaving, make sure the place is already cleaned. ✔Smoking is NOT permitted in the Ôasis.

✔Rules that apply to the other campground sites also apply at the Parks Canada Ôasis. 

The main secret for a memorable camping experience is just cherished the moments while connecting with Mother Nature. Explore the woods, enjoy the amenities, build a campfire, sleep in a cabin, and watch the stars.

Not all people have the time to unwind far from stressing workloads or school works. It’s nice to stay quietly in the corner of nature. It will always be a source of inspiration, adventure, a home, and a companion. 


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Camping in Fundy National Park