Types of Camping You Will Enjoy In Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon Campgrounds

Grand Canyon Campgrounds

Grand Canyon Campgrounds
Grand Canyon Campgrounds

One of the best experiences in life is to visit and enjoy one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Grand Canyon. The views from the top to the bottom are extraordinary. During spring, you will see a hundred flowering plant blossoms that are boasting their beauty.

The temperature in springtime is the best in the Grand Canyon. It is not too cold and not too hot. It is perfect for campers to spend their vacation while surrounded by the beautiful red rock showing the billions of years of geographical history.

Besides looking forward to its attraction and creating unforgettable memories, you also need to look forward to what type of camping you will do in the Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon is so huge. There are many opportunities for how you will utilize your time to have the best experience.

The site allows you to choose the perfect camping style. Whatever type you choose, you will still leave breathless from this beautiful scenery.

Camping in the Grand Canyon is one of the well-known activities here. You don’t want to miss the opportunity to live temporarily within these lovely vistas. Here you can enjoy the night sky filled with stars.

You’d wake up every morning, and admire the historical site. No matter what season you choose to camp in the Grand Canyon, it will still give you an unforgettable memory that will forever be engraved in your heart. 

Grand Canyon Campgrounds

Here are the four types of camping that will give you an idea of how to spend your vacation in the Grand Canyon:


The Glamping 

Grand Canyon Campgrounds
Grand Canyon Campgrounds

Glamping comes from two words, “glamorous” and “camping.” This type of camping is not the usual traditional style to use a tent or a sleeping bag spread out on the ground. It is a more glamorous style of camping where you have amenities combined with modern technology.

You don’t have to worry about comfort because it is there. All you have to do is relax without sacrificing luxury.

In the Grand Canyon, there are glamping sites near the South Rim. It is a perfect distance and location that some of the campers love. It is open for the entire year and is more accessible than the North Rim. Most campers choose to camp here. You have to book a reservation before coming here.

Here are the glamping sites in Grand Canyon that you will surely love: 

Under Canvas Grand Canyon

– This place allows you to enjoy both nature and comfort. Here are the reasons why.

  • It is only 25-minutes away from the South Rim.
  • There is no internet. It is a total disconnection from the outside world and reconnects you to nature and your loved one. 
  • The tents come with a luxurious bed and are cabin-style inspired. They have a wood-burning stove and a suite bathroom with towels and bed linen. There is a shared barbecue area and free hot beverages, including a standard dining tent where you can meet new friends.

Grand Canyon RV Glamping 

– The Grand Canyon RV Glamping is in Williams, Arizona. Currently, they have 24 Grand Canyon RV Glamping suites that will surely give you an exceptional camping experience. Also, here are the other reasons why you have to consider this.

  • It is only 59 miles (95 km) from the Grand Canyon South entrance.
  • Each suite has comfortable beds, toilets, showers, air-condition, a big-sized kitchen, parking space, and barbeque facilities.
  • For those who cannot disconnect entirely from the outside world, this is the perfect place for you. The Wi-Fi is free.

Grand Canyon Campgrounds

The Car Camping

Grand Canyon Campgrounds
Grand Canyon Campgrounds

Car camping is merely a hassle-free type as long as you have extensive preparation. Your car camping gears are also ready. So you will enjoy nature without compromising comfort and budget. This is a piece of good news for campers having pretty tight funds.

The National Park covers 1.2 million acres, and there are many car camping opportunities. Here are some car-camping sites that you will surely love to spend your vacation in.

Desert View Point 

This is the best sunrise spot in the South Rim. It is small and quiet but has a lot of magnificent views. The Desert View Drive is the most famous scenic road in Grand Canyon National Park, where you can find incredible landscapes. They are open from May up to October. 

Ten-X Campground 

Ten-X Campground is situated 2 miles south of Tusayan and 4 miles south of Grand Canyon’s south entrance. It is in a ponderosa forest. It has 70 campsites. No shower and laundry, however. Very low-cost and ideal for travelers with a strict budget. The maximum vehicle length that they allow here is 35 feet.

Mather Campground

It is located at the Grand Canyon Village center and close to South Rim trails. It is an ideal place for those who will wake up early and want to trek.

Demotte Campground 

It is within the North Kaibab Ranger District. You can enjoy their amenities here like tables, campground host, drinking water, fire pit, fire rings, and vault toilets.
Grand Canyon Campgrounds



The RV Camping

Grand Canyon Campgrounds
Grand Canyon Campgrounds

Similar to glamping, recreational vehicle camping combines the comfort of a home in the outdoors. Some people used to think that RV life is a retirement leisure activity, but now it’s not. New generations and young people are enjoying this too. They made it more modern and enjoyable.

Trailer Village RV Park is close to South Rim and the only in-park RV park with full hookups. It is a perfect place for vehicles up to 50 feet long. They are open for the entire year.

The Tent Camping

Grand Canyon Campgrounds
Grand Canyon Campgrounds

Tent camping is the most popular way for those who want to explore nature. It is a perfect economical and practical way to spend your escape from the busy world.

Many people enjoy this type of camping because of the adventure and experience it brings. It also enhances your survival skills. Depending on the materials, some tents are lightweight, so they are easy to carry, assemble, reliable, and stable.

If you are going to camp with your family or friends, you can set up doom or multi-room tents.

Campgrounds in the Grand Canyon
Where is Jessica?
This tent is a perfect way to bond with your loved ones. However, you need someone to set this up because it is bulky and difficult to pitch.

The Kaibab National Forest borders both the North and South Rim of the Grand Canyon. It is enormous, and the good news is it is a free campground. However, if you wish to camp anywhere in the park, you must get a Backcountry permit from the Information Center.

Mather Campground is also open and perfect for tent camping. The campground is pretty huge, and there is a shuttle system making it easy to go around the park and explore.

North Rim Campground is a shady site filled with trees. If you want to use your survival skill and put up a tent, this place is perfect. Just bring your tent and put it up. Experience the best adventure and enjoy the solitude.

Campfires are allowed. So you can stay up late while stargazing or storytelling with your loved ones. You can also stay here during winter. Just book a backcountry permit before coming.
Grand Canyon Campgrounds

Camping is not only about relaxation. 

It is also about how you will spend your adventure. These camping types will give you the best experience and help you have your adventure within your means or what you are willing to pay.

But regardless of what you choose, may it be luxurious or practical, the bottom line is you enjoy it, and you gain an exciting story to boast about.

Above all, safety first. The park update regarding health protocol for this pandemic is on their websites. Please check it before visiting the park, so you will know what gate or campground is open and see other information you want to know about.



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Grand Canyon Campgrounds

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