Top 12 Scariest Campfire Stories

Scary Stories to Tell in Camping

Scary Stories to Tell in Camping

Scary Stories to Tell in Camping
Scary Stories to Tell in Camping

The best way to enjoy your nighttime camping experience is to share some of the spookiest ghost stories that will surely make you stay up all night. These 12 scariest campfire stories will guarantee that you won’t be camping any time soon. 

Be warned that most of the stories are frightening, especially for kids. So, take precautions because this is not for the faint of heart.


The Haunted Asylum

Scary Stories to Tell in Camping
Scary Stories to Tell in Camping

This is a story about mentally-ill patients who were exiled to an asylum in the woods. But the patients were not aware that their rehab center would turn out to be a human torture facility.

Dozens of patients were tortured and killed in the asylum—some as young as twelve years old. Their blood painted the walls of the building. No one has managed to live to tell the tales of the horrors of the asylum.

After a few years, the asylum was closed down because of the inhumane acts that have been witnessed inside. But on certain nights when the air was cold and no moon shined, you can still hear the patients’ faint screams inside the asylum.


The Bridge of Willows Town

Scary Stories to Tell in Camping
Scary Stories to Tell in Camping

In those days, builders and architects had difficulty finding a way to make metal bridges strong and durable against hurricanes and earthquakes. They tried everything from tar and more hardened concrete to mixing cement with clay.

But they did not make the metal bridge stronger. Then it occurred to one builder to try something strange-washing the bridge with human blood. And not just any blood, but children’s blood.

Every night workers would abduct children wandering in the streets, and Willows Town would report these missing children in the day. After dozens of sacrificed children, the bridge was finally sustained and durable. However, on some nights, strange things would happen on the bridge.

Sometimes passing cars would suddenly turn off midway. Others would see children walking at 3 am. Some believe that these are the souls of the children seeking revenge on those who have killed them.
cary Stories to Tell in Camping


The Lone Camper

Scary Stories to Tell in Camping
Scary Stories to Tell in Camping

This a short story about a boy who was separated from his parents while hiking at night. The boy desperately ran, searching for his parents in the dark. 

After a few hours of attempts to find his parents, he saw the light near a cliff. He went nearer, hoping another person would accompany him in his search but found a shocking surprise. Then, he found a lone camper watching the fire flicker. He saw that the man was huge, and his face was hairy similar to that of a gorilla.

At first, he had second thoughts about making the man know of his presence. He slowly backed away, hoping not to make some noise. But he accidentally stepped on a stick, which made the man look in his direction. 

The boy’s heart stopped. He suddenly dashed away from the man. But the man rose and followed the boy. Tears fell from the boy’s face as he imagined the horrors of what this man might do to him. He could hear the loud steps behind him as he passed brushes and trees.

The hope in him is escaping, but then saw several lights ahead and heard music. He stopped at an RV campsite. He looked back, but his follower was no longer to be seen.


Do you hear the screams?

Scary Stories to Tell in Camping
Scary Stories to Tell in Camping

One night a bunch of teenagers decided to spend their evening in the woods. They ate dinner and went to sleep half an hour after midnight. Everyone fell asleep the instant they lied in bed, but a few hours later. They heard screams outside their tents.

No one was brave enough to go outside and check. They heard the screams of a woman. It went from low to a high screech. They endured the horrific sounds for half an hour, and then the screams stopped. 

In the break of dawn, the campers packed their things and left the area in a hurry. They never knew what those screams were, and they didn’t want to find out what made them.

scary stories to Tell


An Old Woman’s Grave

Scary Stories to Tell in Camping
Scary Stories to Tell in Camping

In those days, the poor could not afford to buy coffins for their dead relatives. As an alternative, they would bury the dead in the ground without any casket. They would only bury them with their jewelry and clothes intact. This happened to Janice’s grandmother. Her grandmother was buried wearing her precious necklace and ring.

One night, two men went to find her grave. They’ve heard the news about the expensive jewelry and ring that the woman wore. They dug the grave and came across the woman’s decomposing body.

They quickly took the necklace from her neck but had a hard time removing the ring. In frustration, they cut off her finger with the ring. They buried her again with dirt and walked home to their cabin.

The rain started to pour hard as they traveled. They arrived at their cabin, soaking wet. They changed their clothes and headed for the living room. As the two robbers were examining their find, they heard three loud knocks at the door.

They opened the door and saw an older woman, asked where she came from, but the woman would not speak. Then, they noticed that the woman’s left ring finger was bleeding. She suddenly attacked the robbers. The two were never heard from again.

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The Strange Family

Credits to Noel Arcilla

Ellis was a young boy in his teenage years. He always played in the streets in the afternoon when his chores were all done. But one day, a new kid joined him. Soon after they were done playing, the new kid invited him to have dinner at their house. Ellis accepted his invitation and followed him to his home.

They walked for miles until Ellis could no longer see any houses. He was curious as to where this new kid’s house was. They arrived at a large house in the middle of the woods. They went inside, and Ellis quickly noticed candles in the middle of the house.

He saw two adults sitting and figured they were his parents. But Ellis noticed something strange. There was no food on the table. He looked back at the kid and was shocked to see the kid suddenly having no eyes.

He ran for the door, but it closed all by itself. Ellis never returned home ever since that night.


The Dogman

Scary Stories to Tell in Camping
Scary Stories to Tell in Camping

Credits to Noel Arcilla

Some time ago, an old widow was living all by herself by the side of the mountains. She had no neighbors, and the nearest house was miles away. The widow had a spitting condition. Her lungs would produce phlegm, and she would cough and spit it out through her window.

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Where is Jessica?
One night she spat at her window and heard teeth munching. She was curious about where this sound came from. She looked around but did not found the thing responsible for the sound.

Then out of the shadows of the trees came a giant dog. It was black and filthy. She ignored it, realizing it was harmless.

The following night she spat at her window again and heard the munching sound once more. She looked in the direction of where the huge dog came out but did not see it. She went to the door to have a better look. When she opened the door, a huge dark man was standing outside!


Whispers in the Tunnel

Scary Stories to Tell in Camping
Scary Stories to Tell in Camping

A few campers were heading towards their campground by the side of the mountain. They ran a bit late, so the sun’s light was almost gone. Tim, one of the campers, mentioned a shortcut. He said that a tunnel located nearby would save them 40 minutes of walking around the woods. All the campers agreed and followed Tim.

When they arrived, they saw that the tunnel was abandoned and dark. They wasted no time and hurried to pass through. The tunnel was cold and damp. The campers only used their flashlights to find their way around. 

When they were walking, the last camper heard whispers. He thought the people up front were whispering loudly, but upon hearing closer, he realized that the whispers were coming from all around the tunnel.

He wanted the ask the other campers if they hear the whispers as well. But before he could ask, the camper leading the way began running. Soon all of the campers were running towards the exit. 

When they were finally out of the tunnel, who heard the whispers, they asked Tim why he ran. He said that he started hearing whispers all of a sudden. They all agreed that they heard whispers in the tunnel. Ever since that night, they never went inside the tunnel ever again.

Stories to Tell in Camping


The Mysterious Door

Scary Stories to Tell in Camping
Scary Stories to Tell in Camping

Riley was a young man in his late twenties. He was walking along with his grandparent’s land. He usually did this every afternoon when the sun’s heat wasn’t hot anymore. Night came, and he decided to head back home. 

When he was passing an open field, he noticed a wooden door in the ground in the middle of the field. He hesitated on checking since it was getting dark. But he soon got curious and decided to examine it. When he came near the door, it had weird words inscribed in it.

He slowly reached for the handle and opened it. Then, he saw stairs leading down. He felt foolish to go down, but he could not tolerate the urge to know what was down there. 

He turned on his flashlight and went down, waved his flashlight from left to right, inspecting the small room. At the end of the small room, he saw a book. He examined it but could not understand the words written. A cold chill suddenly ran down his spine, and he sprinted for the door.

He ran up the stairs and went outside, he couldn’t breathe; he felt someone choking him. But he ignored the sensation and sprinted for his house. When he was a few meters near, the choking sensation disappeared. 

The following morning, he went back. The door was gone! He never mentioned this to anyone, and neither did he ever see the door again.


Never go walking in Stride Woods at Night

Scary Stories to Tell in Camping
Scary Stories to Tell in Camping

Daen Walter is busy packing his camping and hiking gear. He was planning to go hiking solo in the mountains and camp there for the night. Then, he took his car and drove to a motel near the mountain. He parked his car and began walking.

When he was deep in the woods, he saw two pairs of flashlights in the distance. He realized that it was the park rangers. The rangers told the Daen to go back. They said that the area was a dangerous place to be at night. The locals of the area gave an account of a strange creature that roamed the woods.

Daen headed back the way he came. He was skeptical about creatures and fairy tales and thought that the locals just imagined things. He was determined to hike the mountain. When he was no longer in line of sight of the rangers, he continued to his destination.

He circled them, trying not to get spotted. Fortunately, he passed without them noticing. He felt relieved that he was lucky to get away with it.

A few minutes of walking later, the trees were more crowded together, and the only sound he heard was his footsteps. Then he heard a sound similar to that of a helicopter. His heart began to throb. He looked from left to right for the sound. He looked above, and a black giant winged creature with glowing red eyes was heading for him. His screams echoed across the woods.

The following morning the rangers were alarmed to see blood and body parts up in a tree.


The Giant Boar of the Woods

Scary Stories to Tell in Camping
Scary Stories to Tell in Camping

It was 7 pm. Lissa was cooking soup for dinner. Her husband, Joel, was fixing up the table. The couple was sleeping in the woods for the weekend. Lissa grabbed the hot pot and placed it on the table.

Before the two could eat their dinner, they heard rustling sounds in the bushes. A large shadow was moving. Out of the bushes came a giant boar. It was as big as a small car. Lissa and Joel ran inside their RV.

They looked through their windows and observed the giant boar. It smelled the delicious soup and gobbled up the entire pot. He was leaving nothing but the stain of mud on its face. Once the boar was finished eating, it returned to the dark woods.

The Lost Little Girl

Scary Stories to Tell in Camping
Scary Stories to Tell in Camping

Two friends were walking on a camping trail one evening. Along the trail, they saw a small girl. The child was sobbing. She said that she was lost. The two friends asked her to join them since they were heading for town. The girl agreed and joined them.

They asked many questions to the little girl, but she always said that she doesn’t know. The campers guessed that the girl was about seven years old and she wore pale clothes.

The trail ended, leading to a few houses. The girl began to walk slower and stayed behind them. They walked towards a house and knocked. They asked the folks if they knew the little girl. When the folks looked, they didn’t see anyone. The campers were confused and looked back. The little girl has disappeared. 

Later that day, the town elders told the campers that an incident happened ten years ago. A small child was separated from her parents and got lost in the woods. Ever since then, the soul of the little girl roamed the woods looking for her parents.

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Evangel Ross Espedido is a nature lover, traveler, and food enthusiast. At a young age, he has been exposed to the beauty of mother nature. His passion for writing and traveling has always been his forte ever since. Other than traveling, he also goes scuba diving as a hobby. His motto when traveling places is, “Take nothing but photos-Leave nothing but footprints.”

Scary Stories to Tell in Camping

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