Fascinating Activities You Can Do in the White Mountains of Arizona

Camping in Arizona White Mountains

Camping in Arizona White Mountains

Traveling allows people to explore and see the beauty of every country. Narrowing down the outdoor activities you can do makes the day more valuable. Remember this: Each day is important, especially if you plan to go camping and hike Arizona’s white mountains. As a traveler, you don’t want to miss out on every special moment. So, prepare and don’t be left behind. 

Before heading straight to your destination, there are a couple of things you need to remember:

Camping in Arizona White Mountains
Camping in Arizona White Mountains
  1. Ask seasoned campers who already experienced camping and climbing the Arizona White Mountains. This will help you to know things that must be avoided. Expect that you can still do exciting outdoor activities
  2. You need to be physically fit. Ask a doctor about your health condition. If you have heart disease, it’s better to think twice. Strenuous activities are not usually allowed when a person has a heart ailment. 
  3. Bring a pick-up truck. This type of vehicle can be your best bet, especially when taking a heavier load. Simply put that at the back of your truck, and the problem is solved.     
  4. Check weather forecasts. Yes, it is important not to ignore the weather for your safety. Landslides can be pretty common in mountain areas. Before hitting the road, we expect that you’ve listened to the forecast. 
  5. If you’re climbing up the mountain for the first time, ask seasoned mountaineers about which gear you need to buy before the adventure begins. Never buy extremely cheap ropes, compass, and other hiking-related equipment. Typically, all these have low quality.  
  6. Do you know a friend who knows his way around in the White Mountains of Arizona? If you do, ask if he can come with you and your friends. Getting lost there is a common problem for newbies. So, if a sense of direction is a big problem for you, follow this advice.

Arizona White Mountains Camping

Are you ready? It’s time for our trivia…

Trivia: The name White Mountains was derived from conquistadors who were Spanish colonizers in the 17th century. They used to call it Sierras Blancas or simply the White Mountains in English. Supernatural beliefs were surrounding the area when conquistadors landed there.

grand canyon

Now, it’s time to know the things you can do upon reaching the Arizona White Mountains: 


Drive and enjoy the scenery on your way to the White Mountains. 

Take a peak and flatter yourself while taking the Mogollon Rim route. It’s a community where pine trees and strawberries can be seen. The path takes you to the mountains, and the distance is approximately 150-200 miles east. Seasoned travelers say that the fall season is the ideal time to drive there. 

Camping in Arizona White Mountains

Do not just climb the White Mountains; learn about the history of the place. 

Visit Rim Country Museum and Zane Grey Cabin. The cabin was built in 1926, and Zane Grey explored and lived in the area. Start learning his experiences, old tradition, and cultures. 


See the Big Lake and go fishing. 

The Big Lake is known for campers and people who would love to experience boating. The campsite is big enough to accommodate campers around the area. Aquatic life is diverse since the water is fresh.

That helps to preserve life underneath it. The Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests stated that there are nine campsites. The space is suitable for mountain biking, observing wildlife, and fishing. 

Camping in Arizona White Mountains


Seek adventure while going for hunting activities. 

The Arizona White Mountains are considered ideal places for hunting activities. Hunting permits are required, and you are allowed to hunt certain types of animals such as bears, deer, squirrel, sheep, mountain lion, elk, and antelope. If you’re uncertain, ask local authorities since there are hunting regulations.


Don’t be afraid to explore the waterfalls. 

Various types of waterfalls are part of Arizona’s the White Mountains. Fossil Creek is famous for its 25 feet falls and deep water. Cliff jumping is a common activity there but beware of the water level since it changes from time to time. 


Bird watching can be interesting to new and seasoned campers. 

Watch the birds as they fly around. Woodland Lake Park offers this excellent opportunity to see various species. There are tennis courts, hiking trails, biking, and areas for group meetings. 

Camping in Arizona White Mountains

Let’s play golf in the White Mountains. 

You don’t have to be a professional golfer to enjoy and have fun. Learn golf even in the mountain region.  
Arizona White Mountains camping

Camping in Arizona White Mountains

Winter season is fun, so let’s go ice fishing. 

Lakes in the Arizona White Mountains are also good for people who want to enjoy even during the winter season. Who says winter is boring? Let’s go and find out. Ice fishing can be the way to go.

That’s usually the norm for most locals. But, if you’re a tourist, you may find ice fishing a little surprising because even lakes in the White Mountains turn into an ice wonderland. 

Camping in Arizona White Mountains

Indulge yourself in the local food. 

Camping in the Arizona White Mountains isn’t complete without having a sumptuous meal at Rusty Cactus, which provides a sufficient dining experience to every customer. The menus are roasted poblano chicken and lemon curd cheesecake for dessert are best sellers.

It is located in Springerville. Another local restaurant is called Macky’s Grill that serves a delicious burger. If you’re a burger lover, try the Curly Joe, served with onions, tasty beef patty, bacon, cheese, and barbeque sauce.  


Enjoy picnicking with friends in Fools Hollow Lake. 

Fools Hollow Lake has 850-acre land, which is ideal for recreational activities. Invite your friends and go on a picnic. The lake is also located in the White Mountain range. There are washroom facilities, 92 RV hookups, and 31 tent sites. 
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Things to ponder: 

Camping in Arizona White Mountains
Camping in Arizona White Mountains

While camping in the White Mountains of Arizona is enjoyable, keep in mind that safety is always the best thing to prioritize. If travelers are not so sure about what to do, it is better to seek expert advice. Ask local authorities in the area and never assume.

Discovering new locations, wildlife, culture, and local food must be our top reasons when we travel. Have a safe journey!




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Camping in Arizona White Mountains