Affordable Camping Equipment Guide for Oregon

Camping Equipment Guide

Affordable Camping Equipment Guide for Oregon

Camping is one way to have a break from a very exhausting schedule. Going away from the city and getting close to nature is very calming. If you’re considering camping in the western states of the United States this camping equipment guide could come in very handy.

Camping Equipment Guide

Use this camping equipment guide to save money on your camping gear. Whether you want to spend time with your family or office mates, you don’t have to buy expensive equipment or go too far to look for it.

For instance, there are discount stores within Oregon where you can find any camping equipment you need.  There’s nothing more convenient than a store that’s within your reach. However, this cheap camping equipment guide will pave the way for further options so you can find reasonably priced equipment without sacrificing quality.

But before going far, however, first try to start checking within your circle. Here is some guidance as to where you can start looking for your camping equipment.

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An Unconventional Camping Equipment Guide Aimed at Saving You Money

Here are four places you should consider first if you are looking to save the most money gathering your camping equipment. Who knows? Sometimes you can come upon really good bargains or situations you’d never expect. In addition, I’m including many other conventional sources for your camping equipment.

Garage Sales – People who no longer need their lantern, camping chairs and tables, flashlights, tents, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, and camping pillows could end up in garage sales. Due to its depreciation, you can buy the items way lower than its original price.

Your camping buddies – Call a friend if you need help, as the saying goes. But this proverb is also applicable in finding camping equipment. You can borrow some of the camping equipment from your friend. However, you need to take good care of it so you can borrow it again. Broken equipment means broken trust.

Camping Equipment Guide

End-of-Season sales – This is the perfect time to buy new camping equipment at a low cheap price. The more the item trends, the higher it costs. The best time for camping in Oregon is in summer from June thru August. They call it ‘shoulder season.’

Within this period, presume that camping equipment would be a bit pricey. Wait until the season ends, and indeed, you will get brand new camping equipment at a lower cost.

Barter – Exchanging goods or services to get what you need is not a bad idea. You can do this online.   There are groups on Facebook who do this. You can find them also in Facebook’s marketplace. If you’re not sure about transacting within social media, you can trade with your family and friends.
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Stores in Oregon where you can Buy Camping Equipment

Stores. Here are lists of stores located in different cities within Oregon where you can find affordable camping equipment.

    1. REI – is a camping store that has several branches around Oregon. This retail store has some great deals. This includes chances to purchase camping equipment during holidays and clearance sales. Their stores in Oregon are in Bend, Clackamas, Eugene, Hillsboro, Medford, Portland, Salem, and Tualatin.


    1. S. Outdoor – this camping store in Portland has a good selection of camping equipment, and they offer a wide range of product lines on sale.


    1. Oregon Mountain Community – this is also an outdoor store located in Portland that also has sales on sporting goods apparel for men and women. They offer top-brand camping equipment.


    1. Big 5 Sporting Goods – a retail store that offers a wide range of products for camping. They have good sales. It is also the right place for good quality inexpensive products. Their stores are in Portland, McMinnville, Eugene, Hillsboro, Gresham, Bend, Oak Grove, and Salem. They are also available online.


  1. Next Adventure – it is the cheapest rental equipment around Oregon. The store is located in Portland, Oregon, and is easy to reach. They also have a Bargain Basement, which offers used gear, so buying cheap equipment here or renting is not a problem.

Affordable Camping Gear

10 Online Places where you can find Affordable Camping Gear

Using the Internet you can also find affordable camping equipment thru an online selling platform. It will surely save you time from going out, and it’s much easier to compare prices from other sellers.

All you have to do is create an account on every selling platform so you can easily access it and enjoy its promos. Here is a list of popular sites:

    1. – most of the time, this site provides huge discounts and best deals that are hard to resist. A wide range of equipment is present in this store.


    1. – is an American multinational technology corporation that concentrates on e-commerce. It is the world’s largest online marketplace so expect huge product lines of camping types of equipment here at a reasonable price.


    1. – an American retail corporation that manages chains of hypermarkets and discount stores. They offer the best selling camping accessories at discounts.


    1. – discounted camping equipment is also available in this online marketplace where you can buy and sell. They also offer the best price guarantee. If you get an eBay deal and discovered a better price from another store within 48 hours, they will cover 110% of the difference.


    1. – it is an American multinational consumer electronics retailer that offers camping equipment and great deals. They also practice price match guarantee and have daily promos.

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    1. Evo – this is a leading online store that offers discounts on camping equipment though they are mainly a snow sports store. They are focused on giving a great deal and practice Price Match Policy. If the other online store has an item on hand, they will beat the price by 5%. Isn’t that amazing?


    1. Outdoor Gear Exchange – This hub offers the lowest possible price. OGE is also willing to reimburse the difference if you find a great deal on other online shops. On the other hand, after placing your order, you only have 48 hours to report it. They give up to 40% discounts for soft goods. Their closeouts are promising too.


    1. – This site presents everyday discounts for outdoor apparel. You can even get a discount on new arrivals and a promo for a limited time.


    1. Sierra Trading Post – you can buy discounted items here online or even in their physical stores. They sell up to 70% off camping equipment.


  1. – from a backpack, tents, sleeping bags, gadgets up to camping kitchen wares, this website gives a big selection of equipment at discounts. Join and log in so you can enjoy more crazy deals.

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The above Camping Equipment Guidance should Save You Money

Discounted and affordable camping equipment is easy to find. Start within your range. Ask your family, friends, and co-campers. Who knows, you may get lucky? In other words, maybe you don’t have to spend much money to buy camping equipment.

But if you’re out of luck, however, there are stores within Oregon where you can find inexpensive or cheap camping equipment. If you’re too lazy to go out, or it’s inconvenient, get your laptop or cellphone. Connect to the internet and start browsing. In other words, you can acquire affordable camping equipment without burning through your cash and spending too much time.


Dulce Corazon Valdoz writes about interesting travel and camping places. She graduated with Business Administration Major in Marketing at the University of the Cordilleras. Before she became a writer she was an employee of various companies. Her passion leads her to write stories. Her goals in life are simple–keep on writing and create her own wonderland.

In this follow up of her Camping in Oregon article, Dulce writes about some of the places to buy your camping equipment in Oregon. You can save money and get the best camping equipment by following her advice in this camping equipment guide.
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