The Romantic City of Quebec – The Goblin Filming Location

The Romantic City of Quebec – The Goblin Filming Location

By Jace Sinclair

Goblin Filming Location - Quebec

Quebec City has been sometimes described as a piece of France in North America! Minus the Eiffel Tower, it is every bit as romantic and scenic. And to all K-drama fans there, Quebec is the filming set of Goblin Guardian: The Lonely and Great God.

Some of the places they filmed Goblin was the Plain of Abraham, Rue du Petit Champlain, Fontaine de Tourny, La Boutique de Noel, the famous red door, and lastly the Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac. Be sure to include these sites to your itinerary!

So, without further ado, let’s explore the romantic city of Quebec – the Europe of North America.

 Goblin Filming Location - Quebec
St. Lawrence River

The town is perfectly located on top of Cap Diamant offering a beautiful panorama of the St. Lawrence River and the surrounding areas. The old section of the city is a favorite hangout of both tourists and locals. It is because of its old-world ambiance of charming cafes and restaurants, imposing and lively squares, and meandering cobblestone streets. No wonder it is on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The city is divided into two. The lower portion is the Old City and the upper level is the New City. ad
Steep stairs connect the two sides. But you can always take the funicular if you don’t care for an exhausting climb.

As mentioned earlier, many of the attractions are concentrated inside the old city walls. However, before you go directly to the focal point, it pays to have a preview of what is in store for you. There’s no better way of getting that than in the comfort of a funicular ride. Your ride may not look particularly enticing, considering that it’s nothing more than a small box traversing up and down the middle of the steep stairs but it is definitely a lot better than sweating it out on the steps. It provides a 45-degree angle of view of what is waiting down below for you to explore.

 Goblin Filming Location - Quebec

The Old Town, steep with history and charm, is best seen on foot.


It is usual to view the town in broad daylight to fully appreciate its historical buildings and centuries-old architecture. However, a more exciting look at this old part of the city happens at night. Aptly termed the Ghost Tour, you can enjoy a period-costumed guide taking you around town in a web of intrigue, mystery, and murder. Sure it will give you a lot to get your emotions going.

 Goblin Filming Location - QuebecHistory buffs will enjoy visiting Musee du Fort with its light and sound depiction of the city’s military history.

A tour of the old town’s wall will also provide a good insight into the evolution of the defense system designed to protect against attack.

You should also visit the Old Port.

Although it is not as lively and busy as it was back in the 19th century, you can relive the glory days in the Interpretation Centre. Take a walking tour of the area with period-clad guides.

However, if you are in for some shopping, Petit Champlain is the place to go for an exciting spending day!

It is known as the oldest shopping destination in the country. To this day, the district has retained its old-town atmosphere. There are just so many things to do and places to visit when in the area. To better appreciate the lively and vibrant vibe, take a seat at one of the many outdoor cafes. Be sure to enjoy a cup of coffee amidst the flurry of activities of eager shoppers and sightseers.

When in Quebec City, you are not far away from spectacular attractions of majestic waterfalls, verdant parks, dramatic landscapes, and beautiful architecture. You can take your pick from a list of countless options. Make your Quebec City experience even more special and exhilarating and very memorable.

Exciting Quebec City Day Trips

 Goblin Filming Location - Quebec

Quebec City is one of the most romantic destinations in Canada. With its old-world charm coupled with a babble of French all over the city’s Old Town, it is not hard to imagine that you are visiting a lovely city in France. Although the city is exquisite and beautiful on its own, there are still plenty of things to do and places to visit in the nearby towns.

Here are just a few ideas you might want to check out:

If you want to experience the power and might of a majestic waterfall, then proceed to Montmorency Falls that stand proudly at 84 meters high – even taller than Niagara Falls!

water falls

It is located only twelve miles east of the city center. To view this fascinating spectacle from the top, visit  Montmorency Manor and dare yourself to take on the challenge of the suspension footbridge or you can take the more arduous way and take the steps of several steep stairs to view the waterfalls from different angles.

Not far away is the Ile d’Orleans, an island full of history and scenic views. It is home to more than half a thousand historical structures, plenty of restaurants serving scrumptious local cuisines, a vineyard where you can sample succulent grapes in season and if you are lucky a free bottle of wine, and a lovely chocolate store that’s a favorite of both locals and visitors alike.

You can also take a pilgrimage to the nearby miraculous shrine of St. Anne or the Basilique de Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupre, an imposing and impressive Basilica, 20 miles away from Quebec City.

St. Anne Chapel

It is a popular pilgrimage destination of millions of Catholics and people of different faiths due to several miraculous reports since its early days as a small parish church back in 1876.

Not far away from the Basilica is another awe-inspiring sight, the Canyon of St. Anne.

It offers a spectacular view of a river-carved canyon and dramatic gorges. You can walk around suspension bridges, footbridges, and several other trails to get a look at this beautiful spectacle of nature from different viewpoints. You can also check out the nearby Mont-Sainte-Anne Resort for a plethora of exciting adventures such as mountain biking and paragliding to name a few.

From Quebec City, you can also take Route 138 and be on your way to picturesque vistas as you travel upriver.

Stop by the Baie-St-Paul and enjoy its small-town charm with plenty of al fresco cafes and galleries. It is a wonderful stop for an unhurried lunch or a lazy afternoon stroll.

If you have more time to spare, pay a visit to the Reserve de Faune du Cap-Tourmente for some wildlife-watching and nature tripping.

For good hiking, check out the trails in Domaine Charlevoix and the breathtaking scenes waiting for you at the end of the dirt track.

If you are looking for the top of the line accommodation and luxury, then you will not regret a visit at the Fairmont Manoir Richelieuís Charlevoix Resort located at La Malbaie. From there, your entertainment options are almost limitless. You can try your luck in the casino, take a hiking challenge to the stunning Riviera Malbaie Gorge or enjoy some whales frolicking at the Saguenay Fjord.

Are you ready to explore the Romantic city of Quebec?

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