Camping in Oregon Guide 2020

Camping in Oregon

Camping in Oregon Guide 2020

You’re all set, with everything ready to go. You have the tools and are done fixing your schedule. You are planning to camp in Oregon, but you are worried if campsites are fully packed. Either this may be your first time, or you’re not familiar with the ins and outs of camping in Oregon. There is a wide range of campsites, and you can’t decide where to camp.

camping in oregon

To those who are not familiar, Oregon is on the West Coast of the United States, between Washington and California. From the bodies of water, volcanoes, forests, shrub-land, and desert, you name it, Oregon has all that. Oregon is known for having the deepest lake, shortest river, second most-climbed mountain, and the world’s smallest park.

Oregon has been the perfect destination for hikers, campers, and explorers because of its beautiful campgrounds, wild rivers, greenly forest, and glaciated peaks. Driving for a few hours to experience the beauty of nature is all worth it.

Campgrounds and Campsites in Oregon

Campgrounds are easy to find in Oregon. They are well-maintained, and you don’t have to worry about their amenities. They are prepared and provide this for campers. On the Oregon Coast, there are available cabins that you can rent overnight.

So you can spend the weekend even in rainy months. For camping In Eastern Oregon, there are amenities like fire pits, picnic tables, and vault toilets.
There are many campsites in Oregon. There are many places where you can spend your escapade. If you are new or not familiar with the state, this camping in Oregon guide will at least help you decide.

It will give you an idea where the perfect campgrounds to explore are located. Or for those who have already explored Oregon, this guide may help you find out that there are still a few attractions that you need to see.
camping in oregon

Camping in the Oregon Coast Area

    • Tillicum Beach Campground – campsites are located on the beachfront, and many of the campers love to stay in here. They are also popular in whale watching and other beach activities. You have to make reservations and get a good location.


    • Humbug Mountain State Park Campground – if you want to explore Oregon Coast between Port Orford, this is a perfect choice. This place is well-known, and people come and go. You have to file reservations here also.


    • Fort Stevens State Park Campground – it is on Northwest Oregon Coast between Astoria and Seaside. Make reservations before going there. Everyone wants to experience a diverse park.


    • Cape Lookout State Park Compound – they offer 172 tent campsites, deluxe cabins, and a picnic area. Adventurers love to experience the beauty of this campsite. So expect to see big crowds every summer. Don’t forget to make reservations before going there.


  • Jones Creek Campground – this is the biggest campsite in Wilson River Recreation Area. It has a large area and is ideal for large numbers of campers. You need to have reservations going there.

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Mount Hood Camping Areas

    • Trillium Lake Campground – is a popular shady campsite that provides stunning scenery. One of their nearest attractions is Timberline Lodge. The best view of the mountain is also present. Their recreation is a must-try that will surely be enjoyed by the campers. You must have reservations to enjoy their facilities.


    • Lost Lake Campground – offers 148 campsites, campground pit toilets, and an accessible fishing dock. You need to reserve here.


  • Tilly Jane Campground – has 14 campsites and provides access to scenic terrain. The best season to be here is during summer. It is a first-come-first-serve basis. You have to be here earlier than others.

camping in grand canyon national park

Camping in Central Oregon

    • Paulina Lake – is also known as one of the twin craters in central Oregon. This place offers lovely volcanic landscapes and diverse forests. It is an ideal sanctuary for nature lovers.


    • Sparks Lake Shoreline Campsites – it has beautiful views and is accessible via boat. You don’t have to take make reservations here. You can come as you please.


    • Devil’s Lake Campground – is a beautiful campground leading to Three Sisters Wilderness. The water is warm, and is turquoise in color. The fire pit is available at every campsite. It is an ideal place to camp or rent a tent.


  • Waldo Lake, in North Waldo Campground – the way in lake has crystal clear water. This lake is one of the largest lakes in Oregon. The amusement is ample and perfect for water activities, so anticipate high numbers of tourists. File a reservation before coming in here.

camping in oregon

South-eastern Oregon Camping Sites

    • Page Springs Campground – situated outside Frenchglen. It is the largest openly managed campsite handling outdoor guests. It also has a way into
      Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.


    • Mann Lake Recreation Site – it is a sunny campsite with a remarkable picture of Steen Mountain. The eastern side of the mountain is astoundingly translucent. This site is one of the beautiful locations to relish this amazing sight.


    • Chickahominy Reservoir – The bleak campground with an outstanding way of fishing. Though it may not be comfy to spend your escapade here, it is renowned as a brilliant trout fishery. It’s better to camp here from April to July or even fall because the reservoir is more productive during that time.


  • Fish Lake Recreation Site Campground – The way in is up the western slope of Steens Mountain. At an elevation of 7,400 feet. There are 23 campsites that border the banks and offer visitors opportunities for fishing, swimming, picnicking and adventuring on one of Oregon’s most unique mountains.

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This campsite is on a first-come, first-serve basis and opens from July through November. There is no reservation, and it is only open for a that short season. Be sure to fill up on gas before heading out to the Steens Mountain area.

Furthermore, cell phone reception is virtually nonexistent in much of the area. So travel with extra provisions, just in case. Should you plan to explore the area extensively, its highly recommend to bring additional, full gasoline canisters to ensure you don’t get stranded.

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Camping in Oregon near Crater Lake

    • Crescent Lake Campground – is situated near Crescent Lake with a chance to encounter the magnificence and entertaining possibilities of the Cascade Range. Campers enjoy their facilities and amenities. The campground is strategically located near a small cabin that offers a store, restaurant, and boat rentals.


    • Summit Lake Campground – the location of the campsite is in Deschutes & Ochoco National Forest. Southern Oregon Cascades and Diamond Peak are visible from this campsite.


  • Mazama Village Campground – this is the main campground of Crater Lake National Park. It is located 7 miles from the edge of Crater Lake. The sites are a bit close to each other but thanks to the trees. They give some privacy.

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Precautions to Consider for Places to go Camping in Oregon

We hope this short write-up of campsites in Oregon gives you some idea of what is available. Most campsites and camping areas require reservations or permits. Be sure you find out beforehand what’s required. Make sure you have the necessary camping gear you need.

Things change, especially if there is a chance of snow and ice on any of the roads leading to a campground. So be sure to check beforehand for any precautions you need to take for any campground area.



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