Things That Travelers Must Do in Flagstaff Arizona

Campsites in Flagstaff Arizona

Campsites in Flagstaff Arizona

There are many amazing things you can do as a traveler. In fact, there are endless opportunities to meet new people and explore different cultures.

Flagstaff, Arizona, offers travelers many interesting places since the area is surrounded by deserts, mountains, and forests. The place is indeed a camping world where visitors can hike the mountain and set up their tents on campsites.

Before thinking about camping, it is best to follow a couple of things before starting your journey.

  1. Do a proper RV maintenance check. Before hitting the road with friends and family, it is always good to check tires, headlights, side mirrors, engine, spare tire, and anything related to vehicle maintenance. As a traveler, you don’t want to miss out on a very important thing – Safety. 
  2. Figure out the number of people who are coming along with you. If you plan to use the RV, there are parking spaces in Flagstaff, Arizona, but it doesn’t mean you’re going to say yes to every guy who wants to come. An RV, just like any other type of vehicle, has its own limited capacity. 
  3. This can be a no brainer for some travelers, but we’ll say it anyway. Make sure you have enough fuel to support the RV’S efficiency. Some campers forget about checking the fuel, and it resulted in vehicular problems on the road. 
  4. Emergency kits, home-cooked meals, water, extra cash are always essential when we travel. If you have an RV, the good news is that it’ll be easier to keep all important stuff whenever possible.  
  5. Make sure that all mobile phones are working as they should. 

Flagstaff Arizona camping

Are you up for the trivia? Here it is…

Trivia: The name Flagstaff was derived from a tall flagpole made up of a pine tree. It is used to commemorate the country’s centennial in the year 1876. 

Now, here are things you can do as a traveler in the camping world in Flagstaff, Arizona:


1. Finding campgrounds and RV parks. 

Flagstaff, Arizona, provides a nice campground if you prefer to stay in the tent and experience nature within your reach. On the other hand, staying in the RV is a wonderful experience because of adequate parking spaces. It is highly advised to follow the camping regulations such as proper sanitation and wildlife protection.  

Flagstaff Arizona camping

2. Immersing yourself in nature and wildlife. 

When camping in Flagstaff, Arizona, nature and wildlife are at your fingertips. However, it is important to stick with the “Leave No Trace” policy to preserve nature and prevent any wildlife from becoming aggressive towards campers.


3. Camping in Ashurst Lake Campground.

Fishing is an awesome experience, along with your peers in Flagstaff, Arizona. This can be done in Ashurst Lake while seeing the abundance of juniper and pinyon trees.

The campsite also offers bird watching and windsurfing activities. If you get lucky, you can spot eagles and hawks during the spring season, as this is the time when bird migration occurs. 
coach Glue Coaching

4. Seeing the remnants of volcanic activity. 

Credit: Deborah Lee Soltesz

Bonito campsite has a distinct appearance since the area was affected by a previous volcanic activity approximately 900 years ago. Some volcanic remains are still visible in this location. Overall, you’ll see nature and history in one place.  


5. See the beauty of Daily Springs Campground. 

If you want to see more wildlife, Daily Springs is an ideal place to see hawks, elks, deer, harriers, and ospreys. Campers can go fishing in the Mormon Lake.

The location is close to volcanoes and forests. Mountain biking and dining in at a nearby steakhouse are some things you can do.
Campsites in Flagstaff Arizona

6. Horse riding can be more fun in Flagstaff, Arizona. 

Campsites in Flagstaff Arizona
Campsites in Flagstaff Arizona

There are different trails to guide you upon reaching the place, depending on your desired outdoor activity. For horseback riding, there are Arizona, Deer Hill, and Anderson Mesa trails. Expect that the difficulty levels of each trail is different.


7.  Running trails are also accessible. 

Campsites in Flagstaff Arizona
Campsites in Flagstaff Arizona

This is the same as horse riding trails, and the only difference is the trails were designed for people who love running. For runners who want to take it to a higher level, it is recommended to run on O’leary and Weatherford trails since both of these have higher difficulty levels. For newbies, it’s better to run on the Fisher Point trail.


8. Hike the mountain with your peers. 

Campsites in Flagstaff Arizona
Campsites in Flagstaff Arizona

If hiking is what you love doing, you’ll never go wrong with Flagstaff, Arizona. The hiking trails available are easy, moderate, and advanced. 
Campsites in Flagstaff Arizona

9. Be amazed with the Arboretum. 

Campsites in Flagstaff Arizona
Campsites in Flagstaff Arizona

Once you get to visit Flagstaff, Arizona, you can see at least 750 plant species. Visit gardens and see different types of flowers. Gardens are all protected by the Flagstaff Arizona Administration to ensure the preservation of this wonderful nature. 


10. Visit the Buffalo Park and See More of Nature. 

Campsites in Flagstaff Arizona
Campsites in Flagstaff Arizona

Nature has always been a part of every camper’s travel plans. At Buffalo Park, taking advantage of what nature offers can be a reality. New and seasoned campers can also use the Flagstaff Urban Trail System. 
Campsites in Flagstaff AZ

11. Get reliable guides and learn a little bit of history. 

Campsites in Flagstaff Arizona
Campsites in Flagstaff Arizona

If you’re a new traveler, we know that you’ve got questions to ask. By paying a visit to Flagstaff Visitor Center, you can get brochures, maps and know a bit of history. 
Campsites in Flagstaff Arizona


Final Thoughts: 

Don’t know how to begin? It is always good to consider safety your top priority. Even seasoned campers got stuck, especially in the middle of their outdoor activities.

Chances are, if you’ve read the list above, we know that you are interested in visiting Flagstaff, Arizona. The truth is, everybody wants to travel, but not every person has the opportunity to do it.

That said, guide yourself by understanding what works and what doesn’t because it can make things simple. Flagstaff, Arizona, has almost anything you need when it comes to hiking, fishing, sightseeing, and other exciting outdoor activities.


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Campsites in Flagstaff Arizona

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