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Colorado Camping

Colorado Camping: 5 420-friendly camping Accommodations in Colorado

Colorado Camping
Colorado Camping

You, nature, and cannabis are the most natural things in this world that you can combine. The perfect trifecta! Fortunately, there are a few safe and legal campgrounds in Colorado where you can set up a camp that is 420-friendly.

Of course, there are regulations, state and federal laws that you have to consider. First, you must be 21 and above for you to legally possess and consume cannabis with a limit.

You may consume it in different forms. You can smoke it, enjoy some edibles, and topical creams and ointments applied onto your skin.

Keep in mind that consuming cannabis in any form in the public domain is against the “Colorado Clean Indoor Air Act.” According to the State of Colorado, cannabis is intended to be consumed in private places.

Going against these laws can result in a fine or even worse. Bear in mind that marijuana is still illegal on a federal level. You can only buy and consume cannabis within the State of Colorado.

Colorado Camping

So do not bring anything when you leave the State.

Since cannabis is still illegal on a federal level, smoking in campsites owned by the federal government isn’t allowed. Luckily there are privately owned campsites that permit you to bring and consume cannabis.

Be sure to contact the campground office about their smoking policies and do further research or even ask people you know about their policies about smoking.

As a result of the legalization of marijuana, there has been an ample amount of 420-friendly places to camp. Here are some places where you can camp and smoke and be merry in Colorado.

So pack your bags and invite your best buds to join in the fun.


CanyonSide Campground

Colorado Camping
Colorado Camping

Located in the Roosevelt National, this quaint family-operated campground sits on 10 acres of land. There are so many activities that you can enjoy in nearby areas.

That includes hiking, off-road, tubing, and whitewater rafting. The best part is, there are nearby dispensaries and breweries.

CanyonSide Campgrounds has a lot of options when it comes to accommodations. Let’s begin with cabins.

Every cabin has a theme and can relatively accommodate the whole family with prices that start at 129USD. They also have a Honeymoon suite cabin that has a wonderful view of the mountain.
Pricing for this starts at 129USD a night. For those who are not too comfortable sleeping in a tent, glamping is a good option for you.

The setting for CanyonSide glamping is in a spacious pop-up camper that has 2 large beds and a dining that converts to a sleeper. This camper glamping can fit up to 6 people.

Prices start at 75USD. RV sites offer full hook-ups that include water, sewage, electricity, and wi-fi. They can only accommodate RVs up to 30 ft for only 50USD.

8 tent sites overlook the Cache la Poudre River with designated fire pits. Tent sites start at 20USD.
Colorado Camping


Wilderness Bud and Breakfast

Colorado Camping
Colorado Camping

Nestled along the banks of Rio Blanko, this campground has it all. From lunch dates with llamas to 420 Happy Hour. What more can a stoner ask for?

This campground only offers waterfront tent sites and fully furnished teepees for 145USD per person per night.

All this includes continental breakfast and 420 happy hours with a vast selection of the finest organic flowers and infused edibles from the sunny Southwest.

Furthermore, amenities include an eco-friendly composting toilet facility and a shower house with an on-demand gas heater—camp kitchen with utensils, pots, pans, sink, propane stove, and a charcoal grill.
Colorado Camping


Rustic River Cabin

Colorado Camping
Colorado Camping

This privately-owned cabin was built in the 1940s. Rustic River Cabin has been through cannabis prohibition to legalization. The owners permit their visitors to smoke anywhere within the 16-acre property except the cabins.

The nearby dispensary offers a 10% discount to Rustic River guests. Cabins here start from 119USD to 199USD. They also have an off-road area where you can rent out an ATV, snowmobile, and jeeps from Backbone Cycles.

Keep in mind that you might be crisscrossing federal land, so be aware and don’t smoke and drive.


Camp Kush

Colorado Camping
Mesa Verde National Park

Ironically this place’s reclaimed children’s church camp turned into a cannabis-friendly campground and event center in 2018.

Located in the Great Sage Plain at the edge of the Colorado Plateau in Mesa Verde National Park. The panoramic view here is absolutely spectacular.

With tents and dorm prices starts at 20USD to 25USD with shower, bath, and kitchen. Cabin prices start at 45USD to 65USD, complete with shower, bath, AC, and kitchen.

They allow RVs and trailers up to 50 ft in length. Like other campgrounds, Camp Kush is located near a dispensary.

Colorado Camping


Joyful Journey Hot Springs

Colorado Camping
San Luis Valley

If you are looking for some rest and healing, Joyful Journey Hot Springs might just be the camping destination for you. With weekly activities such as yoga and art classes, and amenities like spa treatments.

You will never find yourself bored. Since Joyful Journey Hot Springs is located near the San Luis Valley hot springs, they keep their pools between 98 and 108 degrees with magnificent views of the mountains.

As per Joyful Accommodation, they offer a wide selection for their guests.

The Lodge is a quiet getaway with a resort’s comforts, and prices start at 160USD to 225USD. The Castilla is a 900sqm, fully furnished home away from home. 600USD for up to 6 person occupancy.

Their modern-day Yurts cost about 150USD to 181USD, and Tipis starts at 80USD to 113USD. Lastly, they offer RV camping with or without electricity for 70USD to 107USD and tent camping for 70USD to 100USD.

Joyful Journey Hot Springs allows smoking and toking only at the designated smoking pavilion.

With recreational marijuana being legalized, a whole new breed of tourists is coming to enjoy the splendor and Colorado’s natural beauty.

With it comes a new way of accommodating these guests. There you have it—5 420-friendly camping accommodations in Colorado. 
Colorado Camping


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Colorado Camping