5 Weirdest Places for a Romantic Getaway

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Weirdest Places for Romantic Getaway by SJ Bansil

Planning for a perfect and romantic trip with your partner can be a little tricky.

Answering questions such as, “When will it be?”, “Where to go?”, “How much is the budget?” and so on might probably bring you a headache instead of a conclusion. It definitely requires time and effort, especially if you’re tired of the stereotype and typical date ideas, or doing the same thing all over again. And admit it or not, location is the most crucial part of planning because it is where you begin jotting down the travel list for the best itinerary for your trip.

Beaches, adventure parks, and theaters might still sound fine for a romantic date, but in our generation, most couples seek beyond those cliché adventures. Getting out of the box is the new trend. So, why not apply it to your next date? Well, the crazier and weirder the travel will be, the more unforgettable it can be, isn’t it? So, here is the list of 5 weirdest places that you can consider for your romantic getaway:


The Catacombs of Paris, Paris, France

Catacomb-by-travis-grossen _ Weirdest Places for a Romantic Getaway

Who would not love to visit the city of love? Of course, all couples would! Paris, France has been widely known for its elegant beauty of architecture, nature and iconic monuments that are both art and history. The city has always been on the list of lovers for wedding engagements, honeymoons and romantic moments because of its breathtaking and picturesque scenery. Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, and River Seine to name a few among the major sights, already made a mark as best places to visit. Sweet indeed, but why not put some thrill in your tour? Try to visit the Catacombs of Paris – the underground ossuaries in the city.

Originally, the catacombs were limestone quarries. But on the late 1700s, these quarries followed severe collapses on the city’s ground. So for safety and security measures, Louis XVI signed a decree to prohibit extracting material from under the public roads. Since then, the quarries were abandoned for years. But not until the largest cemetery in Paris at the time, the Saints-Innocents cemetery, had been shut down.

It was a major concern for the public that the cemeteries in the city were running out of space. The pungent smell of the decaying bodies that were not properly buried was just one of the issues, aside from the diseases that were eventually spreading to the city. To resolve it, Parisian officials decided to exhume and transfer more than six million dead bodies to the consolidated, abandoned quarries. They neatly stacked these human remains in the various rooms, creating kilometers of walls. It was then opened for public visits and became popular for both the French and foreigners.


Mount Huashan, China

Mount Huashan, China_Weirdest Places for a Romantic Getaway
© Wikipedia – chensiyuan

For couples who love to hike, this extreme and crazy adventure suits you perfectly. Mount Huashan in China is the most dangerous hike in the world, so think twice before giving it a go.

Mount Huashan is situated in Huayin city and stands just a few hours away from Xi’an in Shaanxi province of China. It is also one of the sacred mountains in China as it is the home for several influential Taoist temples. A lot of Taoist activities had undergone in this mountain, making the place a holy land for Taoism.

The hike is extremely exhausting and dangerous. You have to bring yourself an enormous amount of energy and courage. Because aside from the 12-kilometer trek in a steep, meandering path, you have to traverse the narrow, wooden plank curved around the edge of the mountain’s cliff to get to the peak; thus the name “Plank Walk in the Sky”. But no matter how dangerous it could be, the panoramic view it has is undoubtedly astounding.

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Disregarding the dizzying heights and shrugging off the rumors of hundred deaths a year, you will surely enjoy the ethereal vista at the top of the sacred mountain. Just make 101% sure that your partner has no fear of heights and is always up to extreme adventures. And your hiking experience in Mount Huashan will definitely be your most thrilling yet fulfilling one. There are cable cars along the climb, by the way. You can cheat if ever you suddenly feel your knees get weak.


Aoshima Island, Ehime, Japan

Aoshima-Island_Weirdest Places for a Romantic Getaway
© Sayoko Shimoyama

If you and your partner are avid, cat-lovers, the Aoshima Island in Ehime Prefecture, Japan will absolutely be your best destination tour. Consisting of a large number of feline residents, the island is just about 1 mile long, with only 13 human population as of the year 2018.

Aoshima Island was previously a fishing village composed of roughly 900 residents. The cats were originally helpers of fishermen to fight the rodents on their fishing boats. And since there were not enough jobs and the development was stagnant, many people left the island.

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So many Cats! I need a break.

The human population continued to decrease as years passed, but for these cats, their number increased since early 2000, in which they already outnumbered the human residents on the island.

So, if you are planning to have a day tour in Cat Island, keep in mind to bring something to eat and drink, aside from the cat food. Since Aoshima is already an isolated village, there are no restaurants, inns nor vending machines. And yes, there are no bikes or cars as well. So when you get there, you will notice that the abandoned houses and the old, deserted primary school are the home for the furry residents.




Karni Mata Temple, India

Karni Mata Temple, India
© Wikimedia Commons

Afraid of rats? This next destination will probably freak you out. It might not sound romantic to go in a Karni Mata Temple is located in a small town of Deshnoke, 30 kilometers from Bikaner, in Rajasthan, India. Accordingly, there are approximately 25,000 black rats residing there. These rodents are revered by the locals, believing that they are the reincarnation of their ancestors. In the legend, the goddess Karni Mata who had lived youthful and beautiful for 150 years, suddenly disappeared and her followers believed she became a rat. Since then, her followers also believed that once they die, they will reincarnate to rats as well. And when their rat-form dies, they will become humans again, and so on.

Having a tour to Karni Mata Temple may not be your typical romantic trip, but what makes it exciting is that you will have the opportunity to learn and understand the belief and worship traditions of the locals. Hence, if you’re into unconventional travels, pay a visit to the Rat Temple and have the most unique experience with your loved one. Prepare to walk through a lot of rat poop and dirt because you’ll have to go into the temple barefooted.


Neptune Islands, South Australia

Weirdest Places for Romantic Getaway
© https://mustseeplaces.eu

Craving for some wild adventure in the ocean with your partner? Maybe shark cage diving in Neptune Islands will quench your thirst on your quirky escapade. Recognized as the “Land of the Giant Whites”, Neptune Islands is the habitat of most Great White Sharks.

Great Whites have created their own domain in the Neptune Islands since it is the home of New Zealand Fur Seals and Australians Sea Lions. This fascinates several tourists, especially those shark enthusiasts that dream to have a close encounter with these flesh-eating predators. If you have watched the movie Jaws, these are the kind of sharks represented in the movie. But hey, worry not! You’ll be inside a cage of steel when you are lowered into the water to watch these giant whites sneaking up on you. It’s not that dangerous! Or is it?

Anyway, it will definitely be another thrilling and exhilarating experience that you and your partner will never forget!

Discover the strange and weird places in the world.

Exploring these places are a great way to spend time with your significant other where you can create memories together. Have you traveled to the places mentioned above with your partner? So, how was it? Or do you have other weird places in your mind for your romantic getaway?

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