Where to be Happy? Explore the Best Place to Live

Where to be Happy? Explore the Best Place to Live

By SJ Bansil 

Are you stressed? Are you tired of the daily issues of the world that basically doesn’t add value to your life? Then you might need time to unwind and relax. Exploring and grounding yourself in a peaceful and refreshing place can definitely make you happy and contented.

But well, these are just temporary solution to wind down from worldly issues. Because when you face your computer or phone again, the same problems will pop up on your screen.

Money can’t buy you happiness, as the saying goes. It’s technically true. Because happiness is not a tangible thing that you can easily buy. How to be happy, anyway? It depends on your lifestyle and preferences, of course.

But most people nowadays associate it with places. They travel to forget at least the hassle of the real world. They admire the beauty of mother nature and experience different culture and traditions. But then again, when the tour is over, reality strikes that every day is not a holiday.

Can’t we just live in a place where everyone is happy?

Well, there is a certain country that guarantees happiness to its citizen. And no, it’s not a fictional place where you can live happily ever after. It’s actually an existing country somewhere in Northern Europe. Have a guess? If you think it’s Finland, well, you are correct.

Photo by Markku Vuorenmaa


So how did Finland become the happiest country in the world?

A group of independent experts conducts a yearly survey, reflecting the life satisfaction of people. It started since April 2012, supporting the United Nation’s meeting for well-being and happiness. Since then, the researchers’ present annual report about people’s happiness across the globe. Factors considered for this report include:

  1. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita
  2. life expectancy
  3. freedom in making life choices
  4. social support
  5. generosity; and
  6. corruption levels in the country

For the 2019 World Happiness Report, 156 countries ranked in the survey. And Finland got the highest rank, bagging the most scores in the generosity factor. For the record, it’s not the first time for Finland to bring home the bacon. Because the country also ranked first for last year’s happiness report.

But even though most Nordic countries top the rank in this report, the Nordic Council of Ministers see this subjective. According to their analysis:

“People in the Nordic region are generally happier than people in other regions of the world, but despite this there are in fact also people in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden who report to be struggling or even suffering.”

They emphasize that it’s true that people in their region are happier than the other people in the world. But that doesn’t mean everyone is happy. Some still reported that they are suffering or struggling. And their analysis determines specific factors why people are happy or not in their region. And what factors that characterize their happiness and satisfaction; struggles and sufferings.

Nonetheless, each survey about happiness doesn’t mean that it is accurate and flawless. Whatever country tops the rank means it is the country that offers best by comparison in general. And since Finland got the highest score in total, it means most Finns experience life satisfaction.

It’s true that Finland didn’t rank the highest in GDP per capita. But no doubt that Finns are at ease with their public services and education. Their environment and community have also a huge impact on their happiness. And they all add up to the value of their living.

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What’s special in Finland, anyway? And how do Finns become happy?


Answers are countless! But let’s focus on the main features of Finland. The beauty it has that most Finns and other tourists love.


Land of the Midnight Sun

Is the day not enough for you? Have you wished the night is as good as day? Sounds confusing, but tell you what – Finland has a bizarre day and night time.

Midnight Sun happens around the summer solstice, where the sun is visible 24/7 in places close to the polar circle. Approximately, in the Northern Hemisphere, it starts around June. But in the Southern Hemisphere, it starts around December. The number of days for the Midnight Sun period depends on how close a place is to the pole.

Photo by kerttu

There are countries and territories that crossed by the Arctic circle and can experience the phenomenon. And for the record, one-fourth of Finland’s territory lies at the north of the Arctic Circle. This makes the country to experience a completely spectacular season.

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Finnish Samba Festival, Helsinki (Photo by Cory Doctorow)

The nights during this period are almost the same as days. The difference is just with the contrast of the light during the night. The sun’s color is reddish-yellow, making all the surroundings bathed in warm, bright light. Some people enjoy this period with a nocturnal swim at the lake or sea and a sauna. There are also Midnight Sun festivals, and island-hopping and clubbing.


Nature Has a Lot to Offer

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Since Finland is close to the Arctic Circle, it’s also the best place to spot Aurora Borealis – the Northern Lights. A lot of travelers and tourists would love to see these magnificent lights. Well, who would not be? So if you plan to see a Northern Light, come to Finnish Lapland and you will never leave disappointed. Because these lights can appear here more than 200 nights a year.

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Finland is also known for its thousands of lakes and forests. Seventy percent of Finland’s territory is forested, where anyone can freely walk in. They can pick mushrooms and berries, or simply get fresh air. And to believe it or not, the country also has a record of 188,000 lakes.

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The skiing season in Finland can last for 6 months – from October to May. During this winter season, the ski slopes are lit all day. Ski tracks are hundreds of kilometers in Finnish Lapland, more than any place in Europe. So if you want a ski adventure, Finland can offer you great tracks.

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Finland has a lot of magnificent places to explore. May it be about nature or culture, the country can provide anyone a wonderful stay in their country. Their tourism also offers a program, where a tourist can rent a personal Finn tour guide. It would be a good try if you are into learning and understanding the country. As well as figuring out why it is the happiest country in the world.

For more details about Finland, visit their website! Just click here.

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