3 Best Campgrounds in California

Best Camping Sites in California

Best Camping Sites in California

Best Camping Sites in California
Best Camping Sites in California

California is best known for Hollywood and the famous people who live in the state. Visiting this place would give anyone a high probability of having a glimpse of someone they already saw in a Western movie.

They can go for a stroll in the park, and there would be a chance that Ben Affleck is just around the corner. Disneyland is also a famous place located in California.

In fact, most tourists opt to visit it right away when they come to the state. California is also the home of wild and lively parties, especially in the San Francisco portion.

However, these activities are only some of what California offers.

Best Camping Sites in CaliforniaThe real deal of the state is its beaches and National Parks. One can go driving with their car hood down to feel the Pacific breeze. Or they can go sunbathing for a crisp tan.

If one would only go through Instagram posts of California locales and influencers, they would see so many scenic photographs of nature and beaches.

Indeed, it will awaken the wanderlust of anyone. But there is so much more to mere swimming and driving around the Golden State.

California has one of the most prominent ecosystem diversity, and there are mile-long beaches on its eastern sides. What is better to do in a state like that? Camping.

From traditional tent camping to RV camping, campers can enjoy the vast California campgrounds. There are so many campsites that campers may choose from.

Sea adventurers may stay at campgrounds that offer water activities. While those who prefer land recreations may decide to stay at camps that offer hiking and the likes.

Best Camping Sites in California

1The South Carlsbad State Beach

Best Camping Sites in California
Best Camping Sites in California

Thalassophile campers should never let South Carlsbad State Beach off their campground list.

Located in San Diego, California, this state beach is not only available for mere swimming, but campers can also indulge themselves with the scenic campsite.

Campers may stay on the upper portion of the beach. When they look below, the breathtaking picturesque beach will be their view. Sunset and sunrise will be available to watch during the camper’s stay, and they do not disappoint.

Since the Carlsbad beach is just below the campground, campers may use the well-kept staircase to go down the shore.

They can go swimming in the clear blue water, surfing along the rolling waves, or just simply watch the sun go down or up as the sea breeze blows.

South Carlsbad State Beach is not only for sea lovers, though. There are rich flora and fauna around the state beach, and campers can even go for a hike under trees’ shades.

The only downside to this scenic campground is that it is only open for reservations. Trailers cannot just merely walk-in to camp due to the place’s popularity.

Best Camping Sites in California


A Mountain Exploration

Best Camping Sites in California
Best Camping Sites in California

Located in Yosemite National Park in California, Upper Pines Campground is a must-visit place in Central California.

Upper Pines Campground is directly situated in the center of the national park. Because of this, the campground has a magnificent view of the famous Sierra Nevada Mountain Range.

The campground has so much to offer in the nature department. Waterfalls, cliffs, valleys, and meadows, whatever a camper’s pick is, the campground has it.

Since Upper Pines Campground has extreme features such as mountainous terrain and rocky pathways, campers can do rock climbing and hiking.

There is also a river nearby called Merced River. Campers can swim or go kayaking. There’s also plenty of fish in the river, so they can use their fishing poles.

There are no electric hookups in Upper Pines Campground. Still, campers are allowed to sit around available campfires with alcoholic beverages.

The campground can be rather crowded, so campers should expect tight spots and limited camping space.

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Indulging Camping Trip

Best Camping Sites in California
Best Camping Sites in California

Whether campers are California natives or just passing tourists, everyone always needs a luxurious experience. Tahoe Valley Campground can give the campers an incredible camping experience that involves the nearby casinos.

Located just near Nevada, where big casinos are situated, Tahoe Valley campers can leave their tents or RVs for a while to play a round or two in one of the nearby casinos.

Campers who will choose to do the traditional camping without spending much can still stay in Tahoe Valley Campground.

A clean river and beautiful sea are nearby, where campers can stroll around or even go for a swim. There are also picnic tables available for families to have a meal at.

Most importantly, there are electronic hookups and cell phone services. Alcohol is also allowed, but campers are expected to observe their liquor intake and be responsible for its consequences.

Toilets and showers can also be found all around the campground, but campers should remember that other campers might use these facilities, so it is important to observe cleanliness.

Camping spaces in Tahoe Valley Campground are reservable. If trailers are afraid to visit because they think the campground is already full, they may always reserve a spot. 

Best Camping Sites in California

California is a state known to the world to reach dreams and live a luxurious life along with A-list celebrities. People always think about wild clubs, expensive restaurants, gigantic mansions, and potential lovers.

However, California is not limited to those. The state has so much to offer; one just has to appreciate nature and its beauty. California is not only the city of dreams but also a sanctuary for adventurous campers.

Indeed, camping in California will make people realize that fun and excitement cannot only be found in superficial things. 

Money and glamour might be a pleasure to have. However, being so close to nature, with the wind and the sea’s salty smell, is a whole new level.

It can easily be compared to spending time with a famous Hollywood personality. But in outdoor camping, Mother Earth would be your companion.

It is alright to dream and indulge ourselves with the allure of extravagance. We just have to remember that spending time with ourselves or our families in a more intimate way is also as relaxing as it could be.
Best Camping Sites in California



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Best Camping Sites in California