Top 10 Outdoor Essentials to Take When Camping

Must Have for Camping Trips

Must-Have for Camping Trips

Camping is a fun activity enjoyed by many, but it takes some preparation for you to truly enjoy what nature has to offer. This list will give you the necessary items that will guarantee your trip is safe and successful. Whether you’re an experienced camper or a novice, these items are an absolute must-have on your camping trip.


A cutting tool

Must Have for Camping Trips

From a hatchet to a simple pocket knife, tools with a sharp edge are a must-have when going camping. A cutting tool has many uses, cutting wood and rope, scraping bark for kindling, using the blade as a lever, or digging tool, the list goes on. A cutting tool is a must-have to bring with you.

One of the best cutting tools to bring with you to the outdoors is a Machete. The large knife has a broad range of uses aside from cutting. The blade can be used as a lever, a wedge, a digging instrument, or even a hammer if you use the blade’s flat side.


A map and a compass

Must Have for Camping Trips

It’s shockingly easy getting lost while camping. A good map and a compass will go a long way in preventing the frightening scenario of getting lost in an isolated wilderness. Be sure to make sure your map is up to date and has landmarks such as lakes and mountains outlined to orient yourself.

It may also be helpful to bring pencils with you on the trip. You can mark landmarks and write notes on your map to give yourself just a bit more information to orient yourself. Writing on your map may also help you remember certain places in the area the next time you decide to camp there again.

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First aid kits

Must Have for Camping Trips

A first aid kit is a must-have on any camping trip. Even with the best preparation and training, injuries can still happen out in the wilderness. A first aid kit will go a long way in preventing an injury from getting worse and could save someone’s life in an emergency.

However, a first aid kit isn’t going to save anyone if you don’t know how to use it. If you’re new to camping and hiking, take some time to learn proper first aid procedures for the many kinds of injuries someone can get out in the wilds; you never really know when you’ll need them.


Insect Repellent

Must Have for Camping Trips

Nature might be beautiful, but insect bites aren’t. If you intend to camp in the spring or summer, be sure to bring a can of insect repellent with you to keep the pesky insects away. Insect repellent is cheap and readily available in camping supply shops online.

It is important to keep insects away from you. Insects carry diseases such as Dengue fever and Lyme disease. These diseases can seriously impact your health. Thankfully, insect repellants should protect you from insect-borne diseases.

Must Have for Camping Trips


A hat

Must Have for Camping Trips
Must Have for Camping Trips

Campers should prepare for unpredictable weather, which is why it’s a good idea to bring a sturdy hat with you when going out. Make sure the hat’s brim is wide enough to cover your head. A hat with a bit of rope to secure it to your head is also good.

If you’re camping somewhere rainy, like in the wilderness of Oregon or Washington, make sure your hat is waterproof. Some hats cover the face and neck to protect against insects. If you’re concerned about insect bites, this type of hat might be for you.


A small pot

Must Have for Camping Trips
Must Have for Camping Trips

There’s nothing better than cooking while enjoying the great outdoors. If you intend to do your cooking, it’s a good idea to bring a small pot with you. Ideally, you’d want a Dutch oven, but any small pot can work, so long as it can fit with your other camping equipment.

A pot is incredibly useful. You can cook soup, stew, fry, and even use it to boil water for drinking purposes. When packing it with your other equipment, you can store small objects in it while not in use. You can’t go wrong with bringing a pot to your next camping trip. ad


Emergency food and water

Must Have for Camping Trips
Must Have for Camping Trips

You can never prepare too much when going out camping. Be sure to prepare emergency food and water that you’d probably need when going out camping, especially when you plan on hiking somewhere far from civilization.

The type of food should be long-lasting, compact, and full of calories. Protein bars, trail mixes, high-sugar candies, and sports drinks full of electrolytes are good emergency food and drink items to bring for your camping trip. If you’re willing to spend extra, military meal-read-to-eat rations are an excellent option to bring on your camping trip.



Must Have for Camping Trips
Must Have for Camping Trips

Getting sunburn is one of the worst things that you can get while out in the wilds. To prevent getting them, pack some sunscreen with you when out camping. Sunscreen is invaluable when trekking during the summer or when going to places with lots of sunlight like deserts or beaches.

Get a sunscreen with SPF somewhere along the lines of 30-50. Make sure you get a sunscreen that’s water-resistant if you’re the type to sweat a lot or if you intend to go swimming. Be sure to apply the sunscreen 30 minutes before going out into the sun and reapply every 2 hours.
Must Have for Camping Trips


A portable radio

Must Have for Camping Trips
Must Have for Camping Trips

A portable radio allows you to be up to date even when you’re miles away from the nearest Wi-fi hotspot or cell-phone reception. A portable radio picks up weather reports and warnings, which can help you prepare for them in advance.

A radio can also keep you entertained with music, stories, or news out in the wild. A good broadcast will have good reception even in the most isolated wilderness. When choosing your portable radio, be sure to pick one with excellent reception and strong durability.


A Trekking pole

Must Have for Camping Trips
Must Have for Camping Trips

When hiking up uneven terrain, a trekking pole is useful in maintaining balance and stability while walking. The trekking pole helps keep rhythm and pace when walking and helps prevent knee injury by moving some bodyweight pressure away from the knees.

Trekking poles also give your arms a bit of exercise while out hiking. While walking with a trekking pole, you use your arms to lift a part of your body weight while you walk. This will develop them and give them a bit of exertion along with the rest of your body.


Now that you know what to bring, be sure to pick the items of good quality and reputation. It’s better to have expensive but reliable equipment; there’s nothing worse than having much-needed equipment break on you when you’re miles from civilization.

With these items with you, camping will be a breeze. From one camper to another, good luck and have fun out there!


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Must Have for Camping Trips