9 Most Stunning Libraries Around The World

Most Stunning Libraries Around The World

By Travel ESP
Published on Youtube on Oct 8, 2019

Calling all book-lovers out there!

Yes, I need your attention because our topic for today will make you exhilarated. Have a guess? Of course, it is all about libraries! Well, only a certified bibliophile will understand how a shelter of thousands of books makes a safe haven.

Reading books can indeed bring you to another world, shifting your time and imagination to a new universe. And admit it or not, nothing will replace the smell of fresh, oddly comforting, physical books.


So, lo and behold! Get your pen and paper and jot down the nine most stunning libraries around the world:


Real Gabinete Português de Leitura, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

© Mayumi Ishikawa via Flickr

This mesmerizing library is a hidden gem located in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. A group of Portuguese immigrants and political refugees founded this in 1837. If you’re a Potter-head, you are probably interested to visit this library. Aside from its Harry-Potter-ish interior, rare books you are going to find will certainly enthrall you.


Bibliothek Der Benediktinerabtei, Metten, Germany

Most Stunning Libraries
© F.Higer via Wikimedia Commons

Known also as St. Michael’s Abbey at Metten, this library in Bavaria will definitely amaze you. When you visit this library, you might think this is a place sent from heaven. The elegant ballroom, modern stained glass windows, and a legendary baroque library are just a few among its captivating interior.

There are allegorical figures of wisdom and religion appear from the ceiling. It also has massive bookshelves, holding 35,000 volumes. Brethren welcome the visitors and guide them with tours in the library. But taking photographs are strictly forbidden.


The Library of Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland

Most Stunning Libraries
© Hernán Piñera via Flickr

Looking for a classical interior library with century-old books? I bet you will love to explore the Library of Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland. Constructed between 1712 and 1732, the Long Room Library of Trinity College holds 200,000 oldest books. It also holds the Book of Kells – an illuminated manuscript Gospel, containing the four Gospels of the New Testament.

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Aside from the books, the interior of this 200-foot-long room will surely astound you. There are the unique and gorgeous barrel ceiling and a 15th-century wooden harp in the library. The classical feeling you crave will absolutely make this library worth visiting.


National Central Library, Taipei, Taiwan

Most Stunning Libraries
© Stck w via Wikimedia Commons

If you’re looking for a modern library that is conducive for learning, National Central Library is for you to see. Established in 1949 in Taipei, this library is the sole national library of Taiwan.

It has a huge and impressive interior, with a mission to acquire, catalog and preserve national publications and for general use. It holds massive collections of books, as well as Chinese antique books and manuscripts. The management allows the guests to enter the library and have access to their database. And if you get hungry, there’s also a restaurant and convenience store you can walk into.



Archivo de Indias, Seville, Spain

Most Stunning Libraries
© Anual via Wikimedia Commons

Built-in the 16th century with a Renaissance architectural style, Archivo de Indias will bring you to the past. This building houses 80 million pages of documents and maps about the Spanish Empire from the 16th to 18th centuries. Known also as General Archive of the Indies, it’s a square, two-story building, situated in Seville, Andalusia, Spain. It is open to the public for research and directing exhibitions.


Strahov Monastery Library, Prague, Czech Republic

Most Stunning Libraries
© jchapiewsky via Flickr

Summon your love for arts and history if you visit the Strahov Monastery Library in Prague, Czech Republic. Located near the Prague Castle, for sure you will never regret setting your foot in Strahov Monastery. The library has two floors of the building, decorated magnificently with lined books and frescoes on the ceiling. Take a private tour if you plan to go, and find how rich is the history of Strahov Monastery Library.


Library of the Duke D’Aumale, Chantilly, France

Most Stunning Libraries
© Ignis via Wikimedia Commons

Every book-lovers dream to have their own library. And this is what Prince Henri d’Orléans, the Duke of Aumale and the son of King Louis-Philippe d’Orléans of France had. But the only difference is, he made it into reality.

Château de Chantilly, where his library stands, is one of the finest of France’s cultural heritage. The Reading Room, as they call it, has exceptional collections of 60,000 volumes. The gallery has two levels made of metal structures, with reading and working spaces. The design of it is like the other architectural library during the 19th century. And this claimed to be Duke of Aumale‘s favorite room.



Stiftsbibliothek Kremsmünster, Austria

Most Stunning Libraries
© Ireas via Wikimedia Commons

Known also as Kremsmünster Abbey Library, it is one of the oldest and largest libraries in Austria. It is also the most visited sights in the monastery, Kremsmünster Abbey. Tassilo III, Duke of Bavaria, founded this in 777, where monks lived and worked here for 1,200 years.


The reconstruction of the medieval buildings happened during the 17th century. Carlo Antonio Carlone and Jakob Prandtauer led it but had difficulties in its reformation. But it’s impressive and grandeur complex has become a great attraction to tourists. Aside from that, the 170,000 volumes of collections made the library worth visiting. It also contains a complete copy of the four gospels in Latin, the Codex Millenarius Maior.



Biblioteca Joanina, Coimbra, Portugal

Most Stunning Libraries
© Jl FilpoC via Wikimedia Commons

Discover this rare gem in Coimbra, Portugal, and you’ll find out how rich Biblioteca Joanina is in history and architecture. The library is actually part of the University of Coimbra General Library. Built in the 18th century, it contains over 300,000 books, including the ancient ones that people still use until now.

The main library is magnificently designed with ancient tomes and ornate rosewood. Make sure when you visit, arrive a little earlier. Because of spaces limit for sixty persons per window only. And for a fun trivia – every night, bats bring in to eat the insects that harm the books. How awesome is that?


Books are the evidence of the past. When you look back to the origin of everything or anything, books are the great sources of it. Knowledge and wisdom pass generation by generation through the words written in them. So having shelters with these are the best way to conserve our history.

How about you? Have you ever visited any of these wonderful libraries? Or have you explored other gems of the world that is yet to unfold?


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