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Travel Infographics for Quick and Easy Visual Information

Most of us have limited time, money, or spend a lot of time working, but if given the chance, many of us would like to travel. However most of us don’t really know what they can or cannot take on an airplane. We hope this travel infographic will help.

travel infographics
Make sure you have the right information before you travel.

We’ve put together a few travel infographics to help viewers learn about various travel destinations. There are also travel tips to save you money, keep yourself safe and other useful travel information.

What can you take on an airplane?

Traveling via air requires more restrictions and awareness of what can be carried on your travels. You may be totally unaware of ordinary things you are restricted from carrying on a plane.

Here’s a good example. I flew from Ontario California to a family reunion in Chicago Illinois. That was just a couple of years ago. I even won some gifts for being the oldest living person in our immediate family line. They were a nice token from the reunion group. I put those few small gifts in my carry on bag.

However, at the airport when they inspected my items I was shocked. On the conveyor belt with the X-ray scanning machine they told me I couldn’t carry my gift of a screwdriver set. It was a nice set of 8 screwdrivers all sealed in a plastic container. Little did I know it was a prohibited item. Oh well there goes that gift. Maybe into some employee’s home. Certainly they wouldn’t throw that handy screwdriver set away. Or would they – its the government?

A Visual of what Can and Cannot be Carried on Airplanes


Can I Take THAT On A Plane?

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