Solo Travel Guide Infographic

Solo Travel Guide

The Ultimate Solo Travel Guide Infographic with Helpful Tips and Tricks

A lot of us would love to travel. But it is nice to have a companion travel with us. It could be a family member, a friend, and if married, your spouse. But often that’s not possible. You may be single, or your friends may not have enough money to accompany you.

Or it could be a case where you are drafted to go somewhere for your job or business. Whatever the case, solo travel is one way to travel and that’s whether its by choice or by chance.

My Unplanned Solo Trip to Hong Kong back in 1982

In my particular case my first solo travel adventure outside of the country was by chance. I was in business with my partner who had been living in Hong Kong many years before.

We had started an import-export business selling woman’s clothing and accessories. It was a home based business located in my partner’s home in San Dimas, in Southern California. Our manufacturers were, however, in China.

We had made several connections with companies in China and someone needed to go there in person. Hong Kong was right next door to where one of our Chinese manufacturers was located. My partner didn’t want to go back to visit Hong Kong, so I quickly volunteered.

It was quite an unusual experience. Going to a foreign country with essentially no advance preparation was not something I ever expected. But it turned out quite well. I saw a lot of Hong Kong and went to a few cities in China. However, I must say we had two partners in Hong Kong we had no choice but to have due to our business with China.

The high cost of an office on the main business street in Hong Kong made it imperative for cost sharing which we did. The experience was great, I saw a lot and also got treated like a VIP when in China.

If you ever get a chance to do any solo travel I’d advise you snap up that opportunity right away. Actually solo or no, count any travel experience as a big plus for you. Some people never get that opportunity.


Solo Travel can be a Fantastic Experience

If given the opportunity, traveling solo is a fantastic experience. If you do get that opportunity you should try and take it. You’ll more about yourself as a person when it’s just you. There is no one to influence you, no one to cater your actions to except yourself. Its great to be out there in the big world just exploring.

However, there can be anxiety you’ve never felt before. It’s different when there is no backup, no one else to tell your problems to. There can be situations you’re not sure to handle. Situations can occur that can put people off entirely. However, you can be fully prepared for whatever comes your way. Make up your mind to stave off any feelings of distress. You can make the whole experience more enjoyable.

The following infographic outlines a few helpful tips and tricks. It illustrates some things and actions that help make your solo travel adventure a satisfying one. See a few tips to help have a more fulfilling experience. The idea is an experience you can look back on in future years with fond memories.

The Ultimate Solo Travel Guide (Infographic)

The infographic below gives lots of information and tips about solo traveling.


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Solo Travel for Women

If you’re a woman you might feel apprehensive about taking on traveling by yourself. It’s understandable, but not something that should hold you back.

solo travel for womenLike men or anyone else you too should see the world. If you feel that its just not for you or maybe you might try it later take that out of your mind.

Read what Laura Begley Bloom writing for Forbes says about it.

Solo female travel just keeps getting hotter. According to the George Washington University School of Business, nearly two-thirds of today’s travelers are women. The Travel Industry Association reports that an estimated 32 million American women travel alone every year. And travel companies are seeing a big uptick in interest from solo female travelers. Hostelworld, the largest online hostel-booking platform, has seen a growth in female solo bookings of 45% between 2015 and 2017.

According to a Portrait of American Travelers study, 64% of women cited safety as their top consideration in deciding a destination. Their experts created a guide to help women budget and save for their travels while informing them about extra safety precautions with the pandemic. Check out this informative article by Stephanie Zito. It’s a great guide about budgeting for women traveling solo.

Here’s more interesting and valuable information for solo women travelers. In addition to keeping yourself safe another very important consideration for women traveling alone is also keeping your finances safe.

As a final note on female solo travel, here’s a tip that can help in all sorts of situations when you might need it. Bring a wedding ring, even if you’re not married. That’s especially if you’re doing more intrepid travel. It can be really helpful to wear it and pretend you’re attached, whether you’re attached or not. That can help eliminate or moderate some situations you might find yourself in


Charles L Harmon is a senior citizen who has had his share of traveling. Although currently he is home-bound helping his wife in her RCFE business he is looking forward to their next trip to the Philippines. Charles says it’s never too late for adventures.

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