12 Eerie Camping Sites Around the World

Scary Stories for Camping

Scary Stories for Camping – Eerie Camping Sites Around the World

Scary Stories for Camping
Scary Stories for Camping

Adventure makes our camping experience phenomenal. But, how can we make our camping experience more adventurous? It is the million-dollar question that we are going to answer today.

Some of us are very accustomed to camping in the mountains, near lakes, in parks, or anywhere camping is available. Well, those are the best places to camp.

But have you ever thought of intensifying your camping experience? We probably would all like to, but how?

The answer is simple.

Visit these campgrounds, if you dare. So what is up with these campgrounds? They are haunted and they host the spookiest and grizzliest stories of the past.

If you are a paranormal lover, here is your chance to read about such stories. Visit these haunted campgrounds around the world and discover their eerie histories.

Here is the list of mysterious camping sites that could make your camping experience unforgettable, or in the worst-case scenario, traumatic. Get thode chills here!


Eden Park – Ohio, US

Scary Stories for Camping
Scary Stories for Camping

In Cincinnati, Ohio, this park has its own specific ghost story that may possibly disturb your sleep. In the fall of 1972, a woman named Imogene Remus was off to her divorce hearing when her husband murdered her.

George Remus, the husband, chased the car she was riding to Eden Park, where he proceeded to shoot and kill her. It was one of the most known ghost stories in Cincinnati since that time.

Since then, campers have reported they see a woman wearing a black dress in the park at the strangest hours of the day and night.

Legends say that Imogene was wearing that black dress the day she was murdered.

Scary Stories for Camping


China Camp State Park – California, US 

Scary Stories for Camping

There is something eerie going on in this park, China Camp, but no one seems to notice. China Camp is known for its scenic cliffs and excellent hiking area.

It was once home to Chinese immigrants. But, this place was also full of terrifying happenings, which we will reveal in a second.

On the outside, this state park is a beautiful abandoned area and a fine place to camp. But as pretty as it is on the outside, the darker it is on the inside.

Visitors have said that they felt watched while roaming around the park.

Many campers say that they spotted a ghost in the area on more than one occasion. This rumor has brought back one gruesome event that took place in said park.

The park is the site of the infamous barbecue murders. It is where a girl and her boyfriend killed her parents. After the killing them, they tried to burn the bodies in a campfire.

People say that their ghosts have been haunting the park ever since her killing.


Hunting Island State Park – South Carolina, US

Scary Stories for Camping

The most visited state park in South Carolina was known for its beautiful lighthouse, beach, and campground.

It was a beautiful region, but what many people don’t know is that Hunting Island State Park is home to a haunted lighthouse.

Like most eerie places, the supernatural events of this state park was activated by its grisly history.

A lot of visitors such as campers and hikers have experienced spine-chilling activities nearby. Legends say that several supernatural figures are haunting the lighthouse.

One is the lighthouse keeper who blamed himself for the death of a young boy. The other is the daughter of the keeper who killed herself in the lighthouse.

Visitors to the nearby campground reported hearing strange noises at night and singing in the distance. Such chilling noises! What do you think? Whose ghost is that?

Scary Stories for Camping


The Doryodo Ruins – Tokyo, Japan 

Scary Stories for Camping
© Tx-re via Wikimedia Commons

Doryodo Ruins is also known as the Haunted Temple of Hachioji. Many believe that it is one of the most haunted locations in Japan.

When it was constructed in 1950, the place had been the host to some grisly tales throughout history. There are two stories of the gruesome history of this Ruin.

One was about the robbery and murder of the 82-year-old woman in charge of maintaining the site. The other was about the tragic end of a professor-student affair.

The married professor murders his mistress, his student.

Due to madness, he proceeded to murder his whole family – his wife and two small children. The bodies of the professor’s family were found washed up at the nearby cliff.

However, the student remained buried under a shallow grave. To this day, locals, hikers, and campers have reported hearing a young woman whispering, “I’m here, I’m here.” Along with this was a sound of an old woman sobbing.


Calico Ghost Town – California, US

Scary Stories for Camping

Calico is called a ghost town, what do you expect? The town is located in San Bernardino, California. Legends say Calico Ghost Town was once a prosperous silver mining town.

The area became abandoned in 1907 after the cessation of mining activities. From that day, the town became a recreational park with overnight camping.

But what we don’t know is that the campground was an old town graveyard. After several mysterious stories come to light, everything became clear.

Many of the visitors have reported various spooky activities going on in the vicinity. Also, many claim that several women felt assaulted in the night by an invisible being. Whew! That’s one big scary revelation.


Aokigahara Forest – Yamanashi, Japan

Scary Stories for Camping
Scary Stories for Camping

This forest is a notorious and infamous location in Yamanashi, Japan, and is also known as ‘The Sea of Trees.’ While it might be a potential location for camping and adventure, some campers prefer not to risk it at all.

Since the 1800s, this forest has harbored a very dark and eerie past. It has a reputation of being a gateway for the Yurei (ghosts in Japanese).

It is revered as a site for communicating with spirits. And it was not until 1961 that the forest began to have a hideous reputation with suicide.

It is believed that more than 200 people have attempted to take their own lives here. Since then, the forest has become a reminder of the lives lost and the tormented spirits that still linger there.

Scary Stories for Camping


Eden Brown Estate – Caribbean Islands 

It is an estate with one old building at the center with surrounding hills and mountains. The property belonged to a wealthy businessman who planed to give it to his daughter as a wedding gift.

The plans for the wedding were beautiful, and the bride was amazing. Everything was perfect, that was until there was a duel between the groom and the best man.

To put it in a nutshell, the best man killed the groom on the day of his wedding. The daughter remained unmarried and was alone on the estate for the rest of her life.

To this day, many visitors claim that they see her spirit wandering the area of the estate.


Loch Ness Lake – Scotland, UK

Scary Stories for Camping
Scary Stories for Camping

Who in the world does not know of the famous Loch Ness monster? Lots of people visit and travel to the site to witness the big sea snake and a bunch of ghosts.

Well, that might be a pleasurable attraction for adventurers like you. However, over the years, there have been plenty of people who have drowned and died in the lake.

It is believed that their ghost shared the same home with the Loch Ness monster. Some campers nearby have reported seeing ghosts floating above the lake water staring back at them.

Scary Stories for Camping


Dunvegan Provincial Park – Alberta, Canada

Scary Stories for Camping
© Awmcphee via Wikimedia Commons

Paranormal lovers would love to camp here. It is believed that there are several paranormal activities happening in the area.

First there is a ghost of a woman with a lantern on North Hill. That’s where she died while waiting for her husband during a snowstorm. Another supernatural event is a priest in the rectory who appears to be decapitated.

Some campers who visit to view the rectory buildings nearby have felt watched across the park. Most of them declared that there is an unexplained eeriness while there.


Peggy’s Point Lighthouse – Nova Scotia, Canada 

Scary Stories for Camping
Scary Stories for Camping

It is quite a spacious camping ground with a nice view of the lighthouse and the calm sea. But this place is also popular because of the tale of a ghost.

It is believed there was an immigrant woman who was shipwrecked nearby, where her child died. To cheer the woman up, her new husband danced on the slippery rocks and fell.

As tragic as it was, the husband died. Because of her grief, the woman committed suicide. Since that day, people have seen an apparition of a lady in a blue dress. And yes, she is standing on the edge of the rocks, about to jump.

Scary Stories for Camping

Teacher’s Camp – Baguio City, Philippines

Scary Stories for Camping
© Nissip via Wikimedia Commons

What are you expecting? Yes, this is a real campsite in spite of its name. The campsite is rented for corporate training and conferences during day and night.

Some campers camp here for a night or two just because they can. Several visitors have reported footsteps, wailing, and shadows running around at night.

Some campers also say they saw an elderly couple walking around, a headless priest, and the sound of a panting lady crying for help. Do they just have a vivid imagination? What’s really going on here?

Pluckley Screaming woods – Ashford, UK

Scary Stories for Camping
Scary Stories for Camping

Screaming woods is also known as Dering Woods. It is named after a family living in the village. Screaming woods is located near a small town, Pluckley, which is recognized as the most haunted village in England.

Just like some other campgrounds, this place has a terrible history. The woods are named ‘Screaming woods’ because there are plenty of reports about horrifying screams coming from Screaming Woods.

History has revealed that many people have disappeared in these woods. Legends say the screaming comes from the souls of people who lost their lives and died there.

Nonetheless, many dauntless campers are still going to the woodland despite its menacing nature.

Scary Stories for Camping

Now, would you dare to camp in these campgrounds? Absolutely yes, it is possible for everyone to camp here, but who would dare. It is quite tempting but no thanks!



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Scary Stories for Camping