The Great Plains: Best State Parks to Camp in Wyoming

Camping in Wyoming State Parks

Camping in Wyoming State Parks

There is no other state as beautiful as Wyoming. Others say that the state is barren and empty, which couldn’t be farther from the truth.

The state is home to pristine forests, tall mountains, and windswept plains that stretch as far as the eye can see.

All it takes for you to have an adventure of a lifetime is someone pointing you in the right direction. This guide will help you find the best camping spots in Wyoming.

Camping in Wyoming State Parks

Yellowstone National Park

If it’s your first time in Wyoming, you must visit Yellowstone National Park. The world-famous park houses not only majestic wilderness but also hot springs and geysers that shoot steaming hot water several hundreds of feet in the air.

The park holds the distinction of being the world’s first national park.

Yellowstone National Park is found taking up a chunk of the state’s northwestern tip, with portions of it stretching into Montana and Idaho.

The park gets its namesake from the river that cuts across the park called the “Yellowstone River.” 

The Yellowstone River cuts across a swath of rocky mountains, creating deep valleys across the wilderness. This valley is sometimes called the “Grand Canyon of The Yellowstone.” 

The river eventually flows into various ponds and lakes that are teeming with fish. One of those lakes, the great Yellowstone Lake, lies at the very center of the Yellowstone Caldera, the largest supervolcano on the American Continent. 

It is this same supervolcano that gives Yellowstone National Park its world-famous geyser and hot springs. The heat from the volcano rises up from below, boiling pockets of water upon the surface. It’s a spectacular sight to see them while out on a hike.

The park offers many different activities for the discerning camper. If you’re looking to enjoy some water, the lakes and rivers are open to rowboats and fishing.

The park’s trails can either be a pleasant walk across the park’s plains to hour-long walks deep into the park’s forests and valleys.

Camping in Wyoming State Parks

Grand Teton National Park

Camping in Wyoming State Parks

Mountain Climbers are going to love Grand Teton National Park. The national park houses a series of mountains called the Teton Mountain Range.

The range is the perfect destination for those looking to experience chilly mountain camping in Wyoming.

The mountain is incredibly picturesque. The main mountain of the range, Grand Teton, rises above all others in a stunning display that can be seen all the way from the nearby town of Jackson.

This mountain is one of the most pictured geological wonders in the United States. The view alone is worth the trip!

If you intend on climbing, be sure to pack your mountaineering equipment. The mountaineer can expect a bit of a challenging climb, especially during the Autumn and winter months.

But it all pays off when you can see what the mountain range has to offer.

The view from high above the mountain’s ledges gives the climber a breathtaking vista of the Wyoming plains. The snow-capped peaks are home to lakes that source the nearby Snake River as it flows down the mountain.

During warmer periods of the year, the mountain range’s lower areas become covered in flowers, creating a sea of stunning meadows.

Camping in the mountains is an experience you will never forget. The mountain chill is well worth the view of the night sky so high up the mountain.

You’ll be able to sleep soundly as the sky becomes covered with millions of stars.

Camping in Wyoming State Parks


Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area

Camping in Wyoming State Parks
Camping in Wyoming State Parks

The canyon to rival the Grand Canyon itself, Bighorn Canyon is a well-known hiking destination in beautiful Wyoming.

The canyon houses gorges and valleys that snake across various biomes, from deserts to grassy plains. You are guaranteed to never run out of things to discover in the canyon.

The canyon is a perfect place to hike. The trails lead around the canyon, showcasing the deep valleys that stretch hundreds of feet down.

If you continue on to the end, you are greeted with a stunning view overlooking Bighorn Lake and the surrounding wilderness

Camping in Wyoming State ParksThe lake is a perfect getaway during the summer. The lake maintains a slightly cooler temperature than the air and is perfect for swimming.

The lakes and the nearby rivers are also excellent fishing spots.

The rivers and lakes are well-known areas to fish for trout. Bring your fishing equipment if you want your catch fresh fish.

The surrounding plains are home to interesting wildlife. The Canyon got its name due to numerous bighorn sheep herds that populated the area. If you’re lucky, you might be able to spot a few on the trail.

Other than bighorn sheep, wild horses call the canyon home. Herds of them can be spotted running across the nearby prairies. 

Camping in Wyoming State Parks

Devil’s Tower National Monument

Camping in Wyoming State Parks
Camping in Wyoming State Parks

A tall mountain of rock rising 840 feet in the air, the Devil’s Tower National Monument immediately catches the eye of any who see it on the horizon.

The National Monument is well known for its peculiar shape, as if a large pillar of stone rose from the ground and took form to look like a tower. 

The mountain’s history is rich. The nearby Native American tribes have considered the tower sacred for as long as they have lived in that area.

After being taken aback by its natural beauty, Theodore Roosevelt declared the tower as America’s first National Monument, boosting the area from obscurity to national fame.

To this day, Devil’s Tower National Monument remains a popular spot for not just campers but hardcore rock-climbers.

The tower is considered as a right of passage for many rock-climbers, as the sides of the Monument shoot straight up, leaving very little space for a rock-climber to rest.

The Monument has trails if you’re looking to hike around. The trail offers an interesting view of the nearby tower and surrounding wilderness.

I would recommend you go there at dusk to be able to see the mountain pierce through a sky full of stars, indeed a sight to see.

Camping in Wyoming State Parks



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Camping in Wyoming State Parks