Top Seven Famous Unfinished Landmarks in the World

Famous Unfinished Landmarks in the World

You can never rush a masterpiece.

A simple phrase, but I bet you will agree with it. For someone who passionately creates exceptional art, time is a crucial factor. A lot of artistic works around the world have proved that perseverance certainly pays off. But these creations didn’t become remarkable overnight. Creators take years of hard work and determination for these to complete.

However, not all art pieces have reached completion. Some were left incomplete for several years or decades. The reasons could be insufficient funding, labor, or other factors that could affect their construction.

But not because they are incomplete, it means that they are not worth to visit. There are still unfinished works that can capture anyone’s attention. And with their aesthetic beauty and mystifying history, they will surely catch your interest. Not convinced? Then let me share with you these seven famous unfinished landmarks in the world:



Unfinished Church in St. George, Bermudafamous unfinished landmarks

Situated closely from St. George’s Town Square, the Unfinished Church of St. George is an elegant structure. It was supposedly the replacement of St. Peter’s Church. But in 1874, a storm severely damaged the latter.

The authority planned to build a new one, thus the construction of St. George church. However, problems arose with its funds. And eventually, it led to the suspension of the project. Locals also preferred to rebuild the damaged church than constructing a new one.

This unfinished church is close to St. Peter’s Church. And just a few distances walk to Tobacco Bay. The design was somewhat gothic, and there was a small park that is good for a picnic. Because of its aesthetic, St. George church is also a popular wedding venue.


6Hassan Tower, Morocco

famous unfinished landmarks

Intended to be the largest minaret in the world, the Hassan Tower is also worth visiting. This massive minaret in Rabat, Morocco was a project of Yaqub al-Mansur in the 12th century. But it remained unfinished four years later after the death of al-Mansur.

This tower stands 44 meters high. About 200 columns have scattered across the marble floor of the mosque as well. The mosque would be able to hold 20,000 worshippers all at once if completed. The Hassan Tower also gained World Heritage status in 2012.



Cathedral of St. John the Divine, New York City

famous unfinished landmarks

Next on our list is the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York City. It is one of the largest churches in the world but still incomplete. Accordingly, it may take 700 years to finish the cathedral due to insufficient funding. Located on Amsterdam Avenue in New York City, the construction began in 1892.

Right Reverend Horatio Potter started the movement for building a cathedral. But in 1887, he died even before any construction had begun. Henry Codman Potter, his nephew, started to solicit financial support for the project. However, the cathedral is prioritizing its community service with its funds.



La Sagrada Familia, Spain

famous unfinished landmarks

Inspired by nature and faith, the construction of La Sagrada Familia in Spain remains incomplete until now. Its construction began in 1882. However, only 70% has done. And accordingly, it could take another less than a decade for its completion.

This Roman Catholic church has six central towers, all currently under construction. The tallest among them will have a height of 172 meters. When completed, it will be the tallest religious structure in Europe. The annual budget of around $27 million came from entrance fees and private donations. for sale


Bara Kaman, India

famous unfinished landmarks

One of the most intriguing and famous unfinished landmarks in the world is the Bara Kaman in India. It is an incomplete mausoleum built by Ali Adil Shah II for him and his wives. Accordingly, the original plan is to have 12 arches established horizontally and vertically surrounding his tomb.

It began in 1672 and remained unfinished until now. This is because his father, Ibrahim Adil Shah, murdered him before he completed his project. His father feared that Bara Kaman would defeat Gol Gumbaz’ popularity. Gol Gumbaz was Ibrahim’s constructed mausoleum.

Today, the Archaeological Survey of India is taking care of the property. Visitors can enjoy the gothic style of the arches even if ruins have only left by time.



National Monument, Scotland

famous unfinished landmarks

Situated on Calton Hill in Edinburgh, the National Monument of Scotland was supposedly a national treasure. However, because of its unfinished construction, this iconic landmark has renowned a national disgrace. This monument should serve as a memorial for Scottish soldiers and sailors who died in the Napoleonic Wars.

In 1822, a group of wealthy Edinburgh figures fundraised for the construction of the monument. Their original plan was to imitate the architectural design of the ancient temple in Athens. However, the project stopped because of its insufficient funding.

There have been attempts to finish the monument. But none has succeeded. And until now, there are only twelve pillars remained in this landmark.



Ryugyong Hotel, North Korea

famous unfinished landmarks

The top one among the seven famous unfinished landmarks in the world is the Ryugyong Hotel in North Korea.

The construction of the Ryugyong Hotel started in 1897. It planned to open to the public two years later, but it never happened. This grand hotel in Pyongyang would have been the seventh-largest skyscraper in the world. It should consist of 3,000 rooms, and seven revolving restaurants with panoramic views. But due to an economic depression, the construction remained incomplete.

In 1992, this iconic landmark has reached more than 1,000 feet high. And during that time, the hotel stood windowless with exposed naked concrete. It towered everything that surrounds it, intimidating many people. It earned the name Hotel of Doom.

The construction of the Ryugyong Hotel has resumed many times before throughout the years. But there is still no clear information on when it will start to open for guests.


There are reasons why many famous landmarks in this world remained unfinished.


There are many incomplete spectacles around the globe built by men. And the history will continue to pass to the next generation. It’s just sad to think that they would probably be iconic attractions today. Let’s just hope that someday, we will witness their finished, majestic beauty.


Have you visited any of these popular unfinished landmarks of the world? Share your experience and comment down below!

famous unfinished landmarks