Four Scariest Camping Stories

Scary Camping Stories

Scary Camping Stories

When we talk about camping, many things come to mind; barbecues, waves of laughter, star gazing. Honestly, there’s a lot to do when you’re in the wilderness. And it’s a lot of fun. But, there is one thing that I do enjoy more than the occasional gossip or storytelling: ghost stories.

Look at it this way, you are in the middle of the forest, the sun has set, you hear the wind blowing and occasional animal howling. It is the perfect time to bring those scary stories out and watch your camp buddies shiver in fright. 

Today, I will be sharing some of the scariest camping stories you have to hear and share with others when you go camping. Some are legends; some may be true. So sit back and relax and leave the scaring to me. 

La Llorona

Scary Camping Stories
Scary Camping Stories

This is a classic and probably one of the most popular Mexican ghost stories. Also known as the “Weeping Woman,” this is about a mother who, as the legend says, lost her children and cries as she tries to find them.

The story also goes that she wanders near the river and takes children unattended or wanderers off, as she mistakes them for her children. Who wouldn’t be scared of this tale of horror? Imagine being a child and hearing this story. I bet you’ll be clinging to your mom or dad the whole night for comfort.

Hidden By the Rustling Corn

Scary Camping Stories
Scary Camping Stories

I came across this poem around five years ago, and it had stuck to me since then. It is relatively short in length, but don’t let the number of words fool you to it being not scary. Ok, let me give you an excerpt: 

You tell yourself as you continue through.

“It’s merely the rustling of the leaves,

But they see you, and they hear you,

And they might not let you leave.

It tells a story of you going through the cornfield to reach home faster as it is a short cut. It seems like an innocent walk through the path you have been to maybe hundreds of times before. But this night is different.

You didn’t know that behind the rustling leaves, there are many of them watching you. And you, not knowing the real circumstance, continue your walk. The question is, will you be able to leave, though? Or will the creatures win?
Camping In the Grand Canyon

The Deer Woman

Scary Camping Stories
Scary Camping Stories

Ok, so for men out there, camping can be a great way sometimes to meet women. Especially for campgrounds that are open to the public. But imagine being in an isolated forest, and you decide to take a little stroll through the woods.

Then all of a sudden, you see this beautiful woman. She is the girl of your dreams. Even with just the moon illuminating her, you can see she is the most gorgeous woman you have ever laid your eyes on.

She then starts to walk near you. You slowly but intensely watch her gait, and you realize there is something wrong. You blink your eyes and rub them to see more clearly, but one thing is for sure. Instead of two legs, she has four hooves, like those of a deer.

And before you can shout, before you can run, she is looking down your face with her beautiful eyes as she slowly devours you. This is the classic story of the Deer Woman. Now the next time you see a lovely woman in the forest, think twice before trying to talk to her. Or you may end up another victim.

Axe Murder Hollow

Scary Camping Stories
Scary Camping Stories

This might be one of the scariest ghost stories I have ever heard. And it is also quite disturbing. So I must give you a warning that this story may not be for the faint-hearted. Please read at your own risk. 

In the story, a couple was traveling in the wooded area of a highway when they were caught in a horrible downpour. Because of the rain, they have to stop. But when they stepped on the brakes, they plunged off the road and into a heavily wooded bottom of an incline.

Scary Camping StoryThe husband then told his wife that their wheels are now stuck deep in mud, and he has to ask for help.

He then proceeded to tell his wife to close all the doors and the windows as he started his walk to see if he can come across anyone who can help them.

All of a sudden, the wife heard a thud and a strange gurgling noise.

The wife felt fearful as she knows where they are, in a place where it’s said a man murdered his wife because of jealousy. Axe Murder Hollow. And it is also rumored that the husband still haunts the said part of the road. 

Her fear even grew when suddenly she heard an official-sounding voice telling her to come out of the car.

She looked out of the window and was only able to see the light of a flashlight shining on her. Thinking that it could be a police officer that her husband has asked for help from, she hastily obliged. As her eyes adjusted from the blinding light, she realized something is very wrong. Then she saw it.

A Scary Camping StoryHanging from a tree is her almost decapitated husband. His throat was so badly cut that it is only dangling and is about to fall anytime soon.

She screamed at the top of her lungs, but it was too late. The last thing she saw reflected the light from the ax that is coming towards her. 

There you have it — some of my most favorite scary camping stories that you can tell in the dark. To be honest, there is really no telling if all of them are true, but then there is also no way to tell if they are not real. So the next time you want to wander alone in the woods, or you get stuck on a lonely highway, I hope you will not be reminded of these stories. Or else you might NOT come out the same. 


Sheena Jordan

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Scary Camping Stories