All About Camping in Rocky Mountain National Park

Camping in Rocky Mountain National Park

Camping in Rocky Mountain National Park

Camping in Rocky Mountain National Park is an experience that everyone must try. This place offers a unique experience getaway for all types of campers and outdoor fanatics. Rocky Mountain National Park is one of their sought-after places that campers always wish to go. Since it’s the most prominent place that offers campgrounds, including this in your itinerary will make your Rocky Mountains escapade complete.

This park measures 415 square miles and protects extraordinary views. They are known for their beautiful Hallett Peak, Longs Peak, and Deer Mountain. Its instagramable picturesque includes Alberta Falls, Lily Lake, and Calypso Cascades. Furthermore, Rocky Mountain National Park is rich in places that you will surely love, and staying for a short time in this wilderness will complete your experience.

The park has five campgrounds that offer sites and features. All visitors must book early before going in here because, generally, by July and August, these campgrounds are full simply because the weather is perfect for outdoor activities. To give you more in-depth information about camping in Rocky Mountain Natoinal Park, scroll down and read the park’s five best well-known campgrounds.

Aspenglen Campground

This campground near the Fall River Entrance offers enough sun and shades, thanks to ponderosa pine and another well-groomed forest that occasionally surrounds them. Tourists love this place because it’s open meadows filled with natural beauties such as seasonal wildflowers. This campground is open from June to September. As mentioned before, it is best to file a reservation beforehand.

Another good news is, Aspenglen Campground has 53 sites. They can also accommodate RVs with a maximum size of 30 feet.

Features of Aspenglen Campground that you will enjoy are:

  • It is a developed campground. 
  • They have a recycling collection, amphitheater, portable water, ice for sale, firewood, and staff available. However, these amenities are only available to season.
  • They charged $30 per night.
  • Also, please take note of their availability. Aspenglen Campground is usually closed on holidays.

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Moraine Park Campgrounds

Moraine Park
Moraine Park

The highlight of this campground is it is open all the time. Most outdoor enthusiasts preferred to stay here because of its availability capability. As long as you file your reservation early, then there would be no problem. Also, it is a first-come, first-serve basis, so be aware.

During summer, all sites must be reserved six months earlier. It is a must because most spots are occupied typically within this time. In winter, the same strategy is needed for available 64 sites.

Moraine Park Campgrounds is near Beaver Meadows Entrance on Highway 36. It is placed on the north side of the park that lovely views of the enormous park are visible.

Features of Moraine Park Campgrounds that you will enjoy are:

  • They have 244 sites.
  • RVs up to 40 feet are allowed.
  • Seasonally available amenities are amphitheater, ice for sale, firewood, dump station, and staff-on-duty.
  • Amenities available all year round are recycling collection, food storage lockers, and potable water.

If you choose to stay in Moraine Park Campgrounds, you can expect mule deer, bighorn sheep, and coyote sightings. Also, the Rocky Mountains
instagramable scenery is visible. They charge $30 per night, and during winter, the camping fee is $20. You will enjoy staying here.


Longs Peak Campground 

Camping in the Rocky Mountain National Park
Longs Peak

This campground offers a first-come, first-served basis only because of its limited sites. Longs Peak Campground is at 9,500 feet elevation, 9 miles south of Estes Park on Route 7. Also, Longs Peak Campground offers all tent-only areas. So prepare your tents beforehand.

Things to expect in Longs Peak Campground are the majestic forests that are surrounding it. Very relaxing and awe-inspiring. Another good news for pet lovers, they allow pets as long as leashed.

Features of Longs Peak Campground that you will enjoy are their seasonally available amenities: staff on-site, trash collection, food storage lockers, and potable waters. However, vault toilets are open all year round. They charge $30 per night for the camping fee.

Camping in Rocky Mountain National Park

Glacier Basin Campground 

camping in rocky mountain national park
Glacier Basin Campground

If ever you will be available from May to September, you can consider this campground. It is perfect for spending your getaway during these times where Ponderosa pine and Engelmann spruce would welcome you. Furthermore, outdoor fanatics will also enjoy immeasurable opportunities for adventures and events.

Glacier Basin Campground offers 73 tent-only sites. It is nearby Estes Park and located at 8,500 feet. Since there are no hook-ups, generators can be used for a specific time. You can also enjoy their amenities, such as a dump station, restrooms, and amphitheater. Moreover, they allow up to 35 feet length of RVs to camp here.

The regular camping fee is $30. For small groups, they will charge a camping fee of only $ 40. Camping fees such as $50 and $60 for medium and large groups charge respectively.

Most vital information is reserved as early as six months in advance—first-come, first-serve only. 

Camping in the Rocky Mountain National Park

Timber Creek Campground

camping in rocky mountain national park
Timber Creek

This campground is also open for the entire year. It is also the only campground located in Rocky Mountain National Park’s western side with 98 sites and accessible for RVs. However, RVs up to 30 feet are only allowed. Aside from RVs, tent camping is also applied here.

Campers can enjoy their facilities such as picnic tables, tent pad, flush toilet, and fire grill. Parking is available, too; however, limited to one vehicle only. Every summer, you can purchase firewood at a campground firewood sales place.

Camping in Rocky Mountain National Park

Tips to consider in Tent Camping in Rocky Mountain National Park

camping in rocky mountain national park
Camping in Rocky Mountain National Park

Tent camping is a common way to spend nights in Rocky Mountain National Park. Since you know which campground is possible for you, you have to know your options and preparations. 

Before packing your things and headed for a long-planned getaway, read some of the tips that may help you prevent some possible problems.

  • You have to know the passes. Since we mentioned the camping charges, there this also passes that you have to think too. Keep in mind that the type of pass will depend on your vehicle. Passes can get to the entrance.
  • The weather must also be considered before setting your reservations. Always check the local weather update so you will forecast the best time to take a hike and build your tent.
  • A map is an essential tool you can use in camping. Having this would give you detailed information about the ins and outs of the park. It will also save you from trouble in losing your way.
  • Make a list of places or activities you and your loved ones will do once you’re in the Rockies. It is a prominent place, and staying in your tent the whole day is not wise. Utilize and take advantage of the chance. Go out and have some fun!
  • Also, check the perfect season. August is an ideal time. However, it is too crowded, and parking is such a headache. Going earlier on perfect season somehow will save you from distress. However, at this point, the weather isn’t that ideal. But it’s your call. Earlier or going on time has both downsides. Just choose which season you think could provide a lesser hassle for you.
  • Safety is the most crucial factor to ponder. Since the covid-19 issue is not yet over, it must follow the health protocol before going out. Prepare the necessary papers, such as permits, medical clearance, or any documents required for precautionary measures.

These simple tips can indeed make you stay away from potential trouble. Make your escapade filled with extraordinary memories rather than problems you encounter just only because of some simple mistakes.

camping in rocky mountain national park

Final Thoughts

Rocky Mountain National Park’s extraordinary peaks and uncultivated forests are among their assets that tourists consider in their itineraries. Many of them want to experience the excitement of camping and its breathtaking scenery.

Keep in mind that despite all these beautiful creations, as a tourist, you have to be responsible for your traces. Leave no trace as much as possible. These tips and information about camping in Rocky Mountain national park serves as a guide and also a reminder. Enjoy, but do not abuse. Appreciate the natural beauty of the Earth and protect the environment. for sale


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camping in rocky mountain national park