7 Reasons to Visit Capetown


7 Reasons to Visit Capetown South Africa a Top Rated City

South Africa’s capital city, Cape Town, has close to 2 million visitors a year. It is fast becoming one of the largest tourist hot spots in the world. Not only that but when you visit Capetown South Africa you’ll understand why it was named in 2014 the best place in the world to visit by both The New York Times and The Daily Telegraph.

Capetown city view
Panorama of the Cape Town City Center. Photo by Damien du Toit / CC BY 2.0

Cape Town is the second most populous city in South Africa. Cape Town is on South Africa’s southwestern coast, close to the Cape of Good Hope. It is the southernmost city in Africa.


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I loved visiting Cape Town so much I hope to return again some day! I posted more about what I did, where I went, what I wore in my blog post.

A South African holiday in Capetown takes advantage of the country’s usually great exchange rate which means great value for your money.

British tourists don’t suffer the effects of jet lag. Due to the fact that it’s in the same time zone as the UK, both of these facts have help contribute to the popularity of South Africa. That’s aside from the stunning scenery and attractions within Cape Town.


The Cape Winelands

For those traveling to Cape Town, a visit to the Cape Winelands is an absolute must. The region is full of breathtaking vistas and majestic mountain backdrops. It is also steeped in rich culture and history.

Rolling vineyards and quaint Cape Dutch homesteads await visitors. There are also award-wining wine farms offering some of the region’s best wines. It is the perfect compliment to the delicious dishes that are available.

The wine farms of Stellenbosch are the closest in distance to Cape Town. They are within a 45-minute drive of the city center. This is the most well-known wine region. It is home to the first official wine route in the area, founded in 1971.

A variety of cellars, producing some of the country’s most acclaimed wines are located in the town. Stellenbosch is also a university town. The oak-lined Dorp Street is home to museums and galleries, as well as many student cafes and restaurants. There are a plethora of cultural and historical attractions to explore during your visit.


Wine Estates have become Tourist Orientated

Wine tasting, cellar tours and stopping to enjoy the scenic beauty at the various wine farms could easily take a day or more. So it is advisable to have a rough idea of where you would like to go before you set out.

Many of the wine estates have become very tourist orientated in recent years. They offer guided tours, have gift shops and restaurants. In some of the smaller estates, you may end up sitting in a rustic cellar sipping wines with the winemaker himself!

With the current, favorable exchange rate, fine dining in Cape Town is something everyone can enjoy. But check before you head for Capetown to verify what the current exchange rate is so you won’t be surprised. There is a plethora of restaurants and cafes (often run by top international chefs) offering delicious dishes at a great price. There are dishes with fresh Mediterranean flavors, others with exotic Asian spices, local Cape Malay dishes, and traditional African meals.


Cape Town Specializes in Seafood Restaurants

Being a city that’s surrounded by the ocean, it goes without saying that Cape Town specializes in seafood restaurants. They serve crayfish, giant prawns and fresh sushi. Those are just a few popular dishes in the region.

Juicy steaks and African venison accompanied by sun-ripened, seasonal vegetables are also mainstays of menus across Cape Town. As well as the delicious foods on offer, more often than not, the location of the restaurant itself will offer superb views and a memorable ambiance.


Visit Table Mountain – a World Famous Landmark

Of course, it’s not just the wining and dining that travelers visit Cape Town for. Table Mountain is Cape Town’s most prominent feature and is a world-famous landmark. Sculpted from sandstone, this huge mountain is visible from almost everywhere in the city.

Some 600,000 tourists ascend the 1086 meters of the mountain by cable car annually. There you can enjoy unparalleled views of Cape Town and the beaches that surround it. Table Mountain is a must for any visitor to the city.


The Victoria & Alfred Waterfront

The V & A Waterfront is South Africa’s most visited attraction. Situated in the working harbor of Cape Town, the Waterfront offers a myriad of shopping, dining and entertainment opportunities.

Lit up beautifully at night with Table Mountain looking down on the harbor, the Waterfront is a great place to sit with a cocktail and take in the scenery. You’ll see stunning ocean views that South Africa is famous for. A number of restaurants and cafes, offering everything from light snacks to fine dining line the Waterfront.



Scenic Signal Hill

Signal Hill is a prominent landmark in the South African City just adjacent to Lion’s Head mountaintop. Signal Hill is considered part of Table Mountain Nation Park. It is widely known as home of the historic noon gun. Like the name suggests, this canon is traditionally fired during noontime, Monday to Saturday.

visit capetown South Africa

A neighborhood in Capetown South Africa

Unknowing tourists are quite startled by the boom from the gun. Aside from the Noon Gun, you will encounter a couple of sacred shrines called kramats on the hill area. You also likely see paragliders and model airplane enthusiasts doing what they love.

Signal Hill – Drive or Hike?

Signal Hill has two options. The first is to take a car and drive to the summit. Along this road are other minors, yet scenic lookout points. You will pass through Lions Head and then about 10 minutes later reach the hilltop.

The second way to Signal Hill, arguably the more fulfilling one, is to hike there. However, note it is a stiff walk. Going to the top of the hill rewards you with amazing panoramic views of the city center, Table Bay harbor, and the glimmering Atlantic Ocean. Once on top of Signal Hill, why not make it a half-day picnic event?


The area has picnic spots that are perfect for visiting families and group travelers. Should you want to challenge yourself physically, you can even go further. You can walk all the way to the iconic Lion’s Head. Hiking up the hill in time for the sunset is a popular activity among locals and tourists.

Due to its dramatic scenery, Signal Hill is also a favorite among couples. Many couples love to stay until the early evening to see Table Mountain light up against a dark backdrop. However, if you are hiking alone, it is best to leave the hill just after sunset.


South Africa Offers Something for Everyone

So whether you’re going to enjoy the wine, the culture or the scenery, South Africa holidays offer something for everyone. As the weather gets colder in the northern hemisphere, it’s the perfect time to consider a trip to Cape Town as summer in South Africa is just beginning.

More things to do in Capetown and Vicinity

Below are just a few. Close by, 1 or 2 day trips you can visit.
On the Peninsula

  • Robben Island, located just off the coast from Cape Town. This was the location used during the apartheid days to hold political prisoners, including Nelson Mandela.
  • The Cape of Good Hope to experience the wildness of the natural habitat there. Stunning views with baboons and ostriches. Also stop in Simon’s Town on your way back.
  • Chapmans Peak to experience one of the most scenic drives in the world. Look north over Hout Bay where the view of the bay and fishing boats is stunning.

Along the south coast

  • Just two hours from Cape Town is Bontebok National Park and De Hoop Nature Reserve, perfect for spotting bontebok and whales.
  • The southern tip of Africa, Cape Agulhas is not far away
  • The Overberg region offers whale spotting and quiet towns to relax.


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Here are some if the best things you can do in Cape Town. It’s a city that’s rich in culture and surrounded by outstanding nature. Join us as we show you some of the best experiences you can have in this South African playground.


Plenty of Activities to Indulge in

  • Climbing Table Mountain
  • Swimming
  • Surfing and Kite surfing
  • Cable Car to the top of Table Mountain
  • Tour Winelands
  • Sunset cruise
  • Hiking
  • Safari
  • Kayaking
  • Sunset cruises, Whale watching, and more

Cape Town has Almost Everything a Visitor would Want

You can do almost everything in Cape Town. From the common activity of a nice guided city tour through shark cagediving, it’s all here. Probably the easiest way to get an overview of things to do is to walk into one of the visitors centers. They are in several areas (V&A Waterfront, Green Point, City Bowl, etc.)

A few things to watch out for or consider while there. Watch out for pickpocketing. Respect the mountains. That is dress correctly as temperatures can fall very quickly. Travel in a group of at least 4 people, as robberies sometimes occur and accidents can happen. There is safety in numbers.

There are plenty of places to stay for all prices from budget to hgh price. Although Cape Town is not a dangerous place for tourists, you should take some care as a tourist in any city. You should be more careful in South Africa than in many other places.