Why You Should Visit Springville, Utah

Camping in Springville Utah

Camping in Springville, Utah

Utah is known for its fantastic campsites and beautiful mountains; nowhere is this trueer than in Springville, Utah. The town is surrounded by mountains and untouched wilderness just waiting to be explored.

If you’re a camper looking to explore Utah and its mountains, Springville offers a lot in mountain camping.

The Town of Springville, Utah

Before you head out to the mountains surrounding the town, you should visit one of the many shops and stores that Springville has to offer. Camping and hiking gear are in abundance due to the town’s high camper traffic.

Boat rentals are also available in town if you’re planning on boating in Utah Lake to its east.

The Mountains

Camping in Springville Utah

There is one thing Utah is best known for, its stunning mountains. The State has such a wide variety of mountains that your enterprising mountaineer has a difficult time choosing which peak to climb. 

The mountains that surround Springville are known as the Wasatch Mountains. The whole mountain range is extremely popular with mountaineers and campers due to its wonderful vistas.

They love its interesting wildlife, and a variety of mountains that appeal to both beginners and veterans alike.

Springfield has its fair share of mountains that connect to the town. As soon as you set foot in the town, you are greeted with a beautiful view of the mountains that surround it.

While this is by no means a definitive list, these mountains will definitely make your hike one to remember.

Camping in Springville Utah


Powerhouse Mountain

This mountain is the one closest to Springville. You only need to follow Hobble Creek Canyon Road as it goes east out of Springville and through the mountain range. 

At its base, the Powerhouse Mountain has several camps that are quite popular with locals and tourists alike. The mountain campsites are accessible and are great for those just looking to spend time outside with friends and family. 

If you’re looking to brave the mountain, several trails lead up the mountain. The south side of the mountain is a bit more difficult than its northern trail.

The south side is steeper and more overgrown with vegetation. If you trail around the mountain base until you reach the northeast side, you’ll find an easier route up the mountain.

If you made the effort of climbing up the mountain, you are greeted with a stunning view overlooking Springville and the nearby Utah Lake. 

Camping in Springville Utah



Spanish Fork Peak

Camping in Springville Utah

The Spanish Fork Peak is an interesting hike up the southeast of Springfield. The mountain trail snakes through the Wasatch Mountain range’s valleys and features an interesting view over the forests and shrubbery of the Utah Valley.

The trail is a difficult hike, featuring rocky terrain and steep climbs that are difficult even for the experienced hiker. The trail is most dangerous in the winter, as the rocky climb might be too slippery to be maneuvered safely.

However, after the difficult climb, you are greeted with a lake and a beautiful view of the surrounding areas. The summit lake is an excellent spot to set up camp. Be sure to ready your climbing gear if you intend to go up this mountain trail.

Camping in Springville Utah


Buckley Mountain

Camping in Springville Utah
Camping in Springville Utah

Just a short hike to the north of Springville is Buckley Mountain. The mountain’s 5000 feet peak can be seen all the way from the town below. 

If you’re a fan of going off the beaten path, the mountain’s for you. There are no clear cut paths to the summit of the mountain. You’re going to have to bushwack your way to the top of the mountain through difficult and bushy terrain.

Once you’ve reached the peak, you are given a beautiful vista of Springville and Provo, along with a view of the surrounding mountain range.


The Utah Lake

Camping in Springville Utah
Camping in Springville Utah

To Springville’s west is the great Utah Lake, a large freshwater lake that’s a popular destination for anglers and campers alike.

The 95,000-acre large lake is one of Springville’s most popular attractions. The waters are warm and calm and just perfect for swimming, especially in the summer.

If you have the means, boating around the lake is also a highly recommended activity. 

The lake has a wide variety of birds and animals that call the lake home’s shores for the wildlife lovers out there. 

Utah Lake is a popular spot for fishing. Carp is in abundance most of the year, and so are bass and catfish.

Camping in Springville Utah


Utah Lake Campgrounds

Camping in Springville Utah
Camping in Springville Utah

Camping near Utah Lake can be done around Utah Lake State Park. The site has all the amenities a camper might need, such as restrooms, parking for their vehicles and picnic areas.

Also there is a spot where you can set up a tent. The campsite also features a jetty for boats and is near stores where you can buy fishing equipment. 

While not really all that out in the wilderness, as the camp is a few minutes drive away from an airport, it is still a worthwhile visit if you’re looking for some outdoor fun with the kids.

However, if you’re looking for an alternative campsite near Springville, the Lincoln Beach campsite is available just west of the town. The campsite is a bit more barebones than Utah Lake State Park.

But its distance away from population centers might appeal to those looking to avoid the bustle of urban spaces. 

Lincoln Beach features restrooms and a space for setting up tents. However, the beach site lacks any trees or vegetation. So be prepared to bring some shade and sunscreen with you if you plan on camping there in the summer.

On the other hand, if you’re planning on camping in an RV, Lincoln Beach is perfect for that, as the wide sandy beach offers a lot of room for your vehicle.


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Camping in Springville Utah