10 Best Campgrounds in Flaming Gorge, Utah

Camping in Flaming Gorge, Utah

We find peace and solidarity with nature when we come out and feel the sun’s radiant heat. That’s why many go camping, not only just to relax but also to be free even just for a while.

If camping is your cup of tea and you live near or in Utah, I collected some of the best campgrounds in Flaming Gorge, Utah, for your next camping trip. 

10. Greendale

Camping in Flaming Gorge Utah
Camping in Flaming Gorge Utah

Taking a vacation after busy work by allowing yourself to be connected with nature, Green Dale awaits you to have a camping experience that you definitely won’t want to miss.

This campground is packed with green surroundings of Ponderosa Pines and welcoming swaying movements of the grasses. This campsite is perfect for RV group campers that can accommodate up to 40 people on each of their 8 available sites.

Fishing, swimming, and boating are some of the fun activities you can do in Green Dale. 

9. Hideout Boat-In Camp

Camping in Flaming Gorge Utah
Camping in Flaming Gorge Utah

Most of the campers that visited this campground have witnessed the beautiful scenic cliffs that surround the Flaming Gorge Reservoir. Juniper and Pinyon Pines give partial shade for campers which is ideal for putting up your tents.

You can enjoy water sports like swimming, canoeing, and water skiing. Those activities plus fishing are some of the popular activities in the campground. It features a fire pit, picnic table, flush toilets, and access to water that are readily available.

The only let down of Hideout is it’s accessible through boat or hike-in to the location.

Camping in Flaming Gorge Utah

8. Greens Lake

The campground is dotted with ponderosa and lodgepole pines, lush green bushes, and beautiful wildflowers. They provide shade that’s perfect to set up your camp tents for an overnight stay.

It is near Greens Lake giving a spectacular view and peaceful vibes of the surrounding trees and mountains. Some activities you can enjoy doing are hiking and wildlife viewing.

The area can accommodate up to 40 people. They provide single-family sites, each with a picnic table, campfire ring, vault toilets, and drinking water. There are nearby sites that have an exclusive magnificent view of the lake.

For only $15 a night, you can spend your camping at Flaming George with your family and friends. It would be a memorable outing.

7. Antelope Flat

Known for free antelopes that populated the area, this campground is a perfect place for campers. It’s perfect for those who want to experience fishing and have a fantastic view of the plains. Bushes are scattered around the area, which is very delightful for tents to be set up easily.

You can go fishing near the lake while enjoying a cold bottle of Budweiser beer. The campsite is divided into 4 group sites each with picnic tables, campfire rings, grills, and tent pads.

Suppose you like to stay in a shelter where you can sleep comfortably. In that case, cabanas are also available with picnic tables, campfire rings, and grills as well.

With $16 per site per night, you can already experience Antelope Flat. Plus if you have Golden Age or Access pass, you will have a 50% discount on the price.


6. Canyon Rim

Camping in Flaming Gorge Utah
Camping in Flaming Gorge Utah

Want a peaceful place to go camping with less crowd? Canyon Rim is ideal for you. Just miles away from Greens Lake, this campground is situated on the shore.

Various activities like hiking trails, wildlife viewing, and fishing on small lakes are a delight while camping in this area. You can rent bikes, go canoeing and eat at nearby restaurants. Gift shops are also available.

For just $15 per night, you can enjoy the luxury of the lake view and canoeing. The Golden Age discount applies if you’re a member. Campfire rings, grills, toilet vaults, and drinking water are readily available in family campsites.
Camping in Flaming Gorge Utah

5. Arch Dam

Camping in Flaming Gorge Utah
Camping in Flaming Gorge Utah

Located where sagebrush and pinyon pines are dispersed on the high desert terrain of Utah, this campground indeed offers a different experience in camping. You will be greeted by the beautiful summer wildflowers.

There is a grassy meadow upon arrival where you can put up your tents. At night, you can bask in the warm heat of the campfire while toasting some marshmallows on a stick in the fire.

Surely, it’s cold and comfortable, as long as you have warm clothing, due to its 6,200 feet elevation. Picnic tables are available while public showers can be accessed 3 miles away at Deer Run Campground. 

4. Cedar Springs

This campground is fit for small groups that don’t necessarily need to do activities like hiking and fishing. Although tiny, the site is packed with a beautiful view of the lake, complete with camping amenities like picnic tables and campfire circles.

They also provide drinking water and vault toilets, dump station, and a fish cleaning station. Indeed, you can indulge in spending time with your friends and have an unforgettable camping experience. That’s despite the small scale of the area.

You can also have fun with their water sports activities and canoeing on the lake. At $16 per night, Cedar Springs offers a very affordable and is a worthy price for college students who want to go camping but on a budget.

Camping in Flaming Gorge Utah

3. Fire Hole

Love stargazing? Fire Hole surely should be included on your bucket list. This high desert campground is surrounded by sage brush and Russian olive trees, with a view of red rock mountains.

You can marvelously stargaze at night as you can witness the expansive view of the sky. Cabanas with amenities like picnic tables, campfire circles, flush toilets, trash bins, and drinking water are available on the side of the area.

Accessible via any vehicle for its complete concrete road, plus parking lots are available. Activities such as hiking, fishing, swimming are available, plus boating as there is a ramp near the lake. They charge $18 for a single-site and $39 for a double-site if you go with a big group. 

2. Lucerne Valley

Camping in Flaming Gorge Utah
Camping in Flaming Gorge Utah

Just like Fire Hole, Lucerne Valley is great for campers who like to stay the night and experience a spectacular view of the starry sky. It is located on the shore of the Flaming Gorge Reservoir. So definitely it’s a place where campers fond of fishing, swimming, and water skiing would love.

This large campground offers 140 sites with accessible electric hookups. You can enjoy amenities like a fire pit, boat ramp, picnic area, and barbecue grills. Go visit the general store in the area.

On top of that, they also offer guided tours of the working Hydroelectric Plant and the Dam itself. Just within the visitor center area, there are History Exhibits.

1. Flaming Gorge KOA Camping Resort

This campground is not only for camping, but it’s a resort complete with amenities and recreational parks. Flaming Gorge KOA tops our list because it offers many fun activities for both kids and adults.

They have state of the art facilities and activities for recreation. Experience World Class Fishing & Burbot Bash, geological exploration and photography. Go Horseback riding at the nearby Red Canyon. There is hiking and mountain bike riding, ATV trails, hunting, tubing, and swimming at the campground.

This family-friendly campsite is definitely worth the money because your family surely would love to spend the weekend here. They also offer deals and packages for group campers with free WIFI access.

Their reservations are through the booking system. So if you’re planning to go camping, you better plan your schedules now for a wholesome and memorable experience!

Camping in Flaming Gorge Utah


Flaming Gorge, Utah is packed with magnificent and beautiful views and lakes. You can enjoy fantastic surrounding mountains which are perfect for a great camping experience.

The geographical features of Utah are nature’s gift for its people. So let’s take care and preserve its beauty and wonder by being a responsible camper, especially with our trash! 

If you want to know more details on each campsite that we featured above, you can visit www.recreation.gov to learn more about the rates, discounts, reviews, amenities, and how to get there.


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Camping in Flaming Gorge Utah

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