7 Craziest and Bizarre Hotels

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Craziest and Bizarre Hotels You Should Check Into

By SJ Bansil

Are you planning for a vacation? Here’s the thing, and you might agree with me or not. It’s tricky and time-consuming to find the best place to stay in for your trip.

Right on point? I know, and I definitely feel you. It’s not easy to look for accommodation that provides comfort, and at the same time, could suit your budget. But yes, hotel and resorts are now everywhere. You can even book in with just a click on your phone. However, you must still consider your travel itinerary to choose the best one among the list.

But have you ever tried to travel and the place where you’ll stay in has a bit of adventure? Sounds awesome, right? If you are an avid, adventure-seeker, you might have already experienced it. But if you haven’t yet, then I think you need to reconsider your hotel bookings.

Traveling is more fun and exciting when you cross out the stereotype. What more if you choose the hotel that is unconventional and oddly insane? How thrilling is that?

Relax. Here, I’ve listed the seven craziest and bizarre hotels that you should absolutely consider for a quirky adventure and lodging.


Dasparkhotel, Austria

Okay, this might make you feel uncomfortable. But there’s a hotel in Austria where the rooms are made of sewer pipes. Yes, you read it right. Sewer pipes!

Dasparkhotel in Ottensheim, Austria is surely not your typical hotel to lodge in. Concrete drainage or the sewage pipe sections were purposely used to design the hotel. But worry not! Austrian artist Thomas Latzel Ochoa painted and styled the rooms to make them habitable and user-friendly. It is complete with bed, shelving, and skylight.

The room is cozy but a bit cramped. The bathroom is not included in your room accommodation so you have to find a public one nearby. It’s cheap and convenient if you’re planning to have an overnight stay.


Crane Hotel Faralda, Netherlands

Crane Hotel Faralda, Netherlands - Craziest and Bizarre Hotels
Crane Hotel Faralda, the Netherlands by Fred Romero

So we’re done with sewer pipes. Here comes another crazy hotel with a unique design. Do you know those huge machines used for lifting and transporting heavy things? They built a hotel through it!

You’ll find Crane Hotel Faralda at NDSM shipyard in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The designs and styles of each suite are according to their theme. There is a spa pool on the upper deck, where you can have a good view over Amsterdam. They also offer bungee jump during summer if you are up for more crazy adventures.

But this is not the only interesting thing about the Crane Hotel Faralda. You might get surprised when you heard a mechanical noise and movement during your stay. But you don’t have to worry. Because the whole crane turns automatically to align with the wind.


Jules’ Undersea Lodge, Florida, USA

Jules’ Undersea Lodge, Florida, USA - Craziest and Bizarre Hotels
Jules’ Undersea Lodge, Florida, USA by http://www.orangesmile.com

Do you want to stay in a place where you can have a perfect view of marine fauna? Then you might love to book in Jules’ Undersea Lodge at Key Largo in Florida, USA. As the name implies, it is an underwater hotel and goes 30-feet deep on the ocean floor.

This was a former undersea marine research laboratory. When it lost its function completely, they converted and decorated it into a hotel. It has a single suite with two bedrooms, bathroom and living room. And since it is under the water, you must be a certified scuba diver to get into the lodge. Unless you are not, the hotel offers special preparatory lessons on diving.

Other services are also offered to guests. You can order foods, specialties or flowers. And of course, the sports divers are the ones responsible for the delivery.


Icehotel, Sweden

Icehotel, Sweden - Craziest and Bizarre Hotels
Icehotel, Sweden by Greenland Travel

From the USA, let’s go to Sweden and let’s explore the famous Icehotel in the village of Jukkasjӓrvi. In 2018, Time Magazine listed this hotel as one of The World’s Greatest Places.

There is no doubt with that. The hotel has incredible architectures and sculptures made of snow and blocks of ice. And they rebuilt it each year from December to April. This hotel also has an ice chapel that couples could use for wedding ceremonies.

If you plan to stay in here, you have to make sure you can stand the frigid, cold temperature. Because suites can reach up to 23 degrees Fahrenheit. But you have the option to choose a ‘warm accommodation’ over a ‘cold accommodation’. And you can enjoy the mind-blowing art pieces made of ice.


Aescher Cliff Hotel and Restaurant, Switzerland

Gasthaus Aescher, Wildkirchli, Ebenalp - Craziest and Bizarre Hotels
Gasthaus Aescher, Wildkirchli, Ebenalp by Uchemp4

If you are up for hiking, then Aescher Cliff Hotel and Restaurant is the best place for you to stay for a day trip. Located at Schwende, Switzerland, this guest house stands on the side of the cliff. Accordingly, farmers built it 170 years ago as a place to hang out so their goats could graze. But see how this breathtaking site seized the attention of several tourists. No wonder, the National Geographic Magazine has famed it to be a ‘destination of a lifetime’.

The travel to the Aescher Cliff is undoubtedly remarkable. You can view the picturesque Swiss Alps during your hike. You can spend the whole day to the Aescher Cliff Hotel and enjoy the sumptuous food in their restaurant. However, you can’t stay overnight as it is no longer available.


Karosta Prison Hotel, Latvia

Liepojos Karo uosto kalejimas - Craziest and Bizarre Hotels
Liepojos Karo uosto kalejimas by lgirdas

Do you want to have an insane lodging experience? Then I think to be a prisoner — I mean, ‘guest’ in Karosta Prison Hotel will make you thrilled. Because in this hotel, they treat their guests exactly as inmates. Unconventional and scary, isn’t it? But the experience is surely unforgettable.

Karosta Prison Hotel is situated in Liepāja, Latvia. It was a vicious military prison turned into a death camp during the 20th century. But today, it is now a bizarre tourist attraction and hotel. And the guests are role-playing as prisoners. If you’re looking for some crazy adventure, then this is for you.

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Upon lodging, they will require you to sign a non-waiver agreement before you could join the fun. You will stay in an old cell and eat prison food. You’ll get verbal abuse and punishment like physical exercise and cleaning works. If you’re up for the challenge, I’m pretty sure you will enjoy your stay. But if you have a faint heart, it’s better for you not to dare to check in here.


Montaña Mágica Lodge, Chile


We’ve been to a sewer pipe, crane, underwater research lab, suites made of ice, cliff, and prison. And this time, the last in our list will completely blow your mind. Because they built Montaña Mágica Lodge in the jungle of Chile right into a volcano. Yes, volcano!

How could that be possible? Chill. It was man-made. But the structure of the entire hotel is a volcano-shaped. And instead of lava, water pours down from its top, creating waterfalls.

The whole hotel has magnificent designs like it was in a fantasy film. The suites are cozy and feature modern amenities. You can only enter the hotel via a rope bridge. It also offers outdoor activities, such as horseback riding, hiking, and rafting.

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Wherever your feet may lead you, it’s necessary to find comfort after a long day of travel. Adventures are fun and invigorating. Nonetheless, a restful place is as important as food to eat. And whatever place you may stay in, what matters most is the relief and serenity of your mind, body, and soul.

So, are you up for a dare and check in to these hotels to find how crazy and bizarre are they? Or have you gone into any of these hotels?

Craziest and Bizarre Hotels

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