Top 6 Camping Sites in Kaysville, Utah

Camping World in Kaysville, Utah

Utah is a state where campers all come together because of the diversity of what it can offer. Beautiful landscapes, a touch of history, eye-catching sights, and good food are what Utah can give to you.


Cherry Hill

Camping World in Kaysville Utah
Camping World in Kaysville Utah

This place is a combination of an amusement park and a camping site. If you want to engage in fun activities while camping, this site is for you.  

There are over 140 breathtaking campsites in Cherry Hill, and all you need to do is make a reservation. The place is surrounded by nature itself, and the campgrounds offer a fresh and lush ambiance in it.

Campers can enjoy their time by enjoying the numerous services they can offer, from amenities to the place itself.

The 20 acres of land can largely accommodate many campers because it was once a cherry farm. This makes it an ideal campsite because of its space leading to more convenience and comfort.

It is not limited to camping only because Cherry Hill also caters to family reunions and gatherings of any occasion. 

What makes Cherry Hill unique from other campsites is its ability to provide campers of all ages something to do and enjoy. They can, therefore, go out and engage in numerous activities that will bring out their inner childhood.

For kids, it offers the classic water park with slides and a water playground called Pirates Cove, and two pools. For adults, they can visit and play at the Mini Golf, Jungle Maze, and Campground into a Halloween Treat. All of these recreational activities are family-friendly. 


camping world in kaysville utah


East Mountain Wilderness Park 

Camping World in Kaysville Utah
Camping World in Kaysville, Utah

Go for an adventure in this campground! This site is dedicated to those campers who want to experience an edgy kind of camping. In other words, get ready to feel your heart thumping because Wilderness Park can boost your energy!

The campsite houses 140 acres of wilderness in which the name originated. It contains 5 campsites that will surely get you feeling excited for a great time in the outdoors. The highlight of this place is the presence of trails used for mountain biking, hiking, and cross country skiing. 

>Adding to the adventure is a beautiful view of nature because campers are surrounded by mountains and cool breeze. They can experience adventure and nature at the same time in this incredible campsite. 

Make a reservation once you have chosen among the five campsites, for one night only.


Johnson Campground

Camping World in Kaysville Utah
Camping World in Kaysville, Utah

This campsite is a sub-facility of East Mountain Wilderness Park. Campers will surely bask in the beauty of the nature surrounding them.

This campsite also shares the same features and services offered by the mentioned park because it is located in the vicinity. 

Adding up to the adventure that campers will experience, the site offers picnic areas, picnic tables, and restrooms. Trails are definitely present because this is the highlight of it.

You can ride a bicycle and enjoy the scenic view of what this site can offer to you. Adventure, enjoyment, and convenience awaits campers who will visit this site. 

This site is for walk-in camping only. Also, privacy is emphasized on this site. So if you value it, this is a perfect choice for a campsite. 

Ratings of this campsite range from 4 to 5 stars as campers show their positive feedback.

Howard Campground

Camping World in Kaysville, Utah
Camping World in Kaysville, Utah

Similarly, this campsite is a sub-facility of East Mountain Wilderness Park. It shares the classic wilderness experience and services that will take care of campers. 

Aside from all the adventure that is in store for you, there is more to it. Build a campfire with your friends and toast some marshmallows as you breathe in the crisp air from the mountains.

Take advantage of the amazing landscapes that this place can offer you. Be in the moment with your friends and family as this is a secluded area where you can feel the essence of camping.

If you are not interested in mountain biking and hiking, this area still serves you with accessible amenities. 

This campsite’s ratings range from 4 to 5 stars based on the results from people who personally experienced camping in the said place. 

Get ready to wake up and immerse yourself in the landscapes and scenery around you. After that, you can go hiking with your family and friends.

Be sure to avoid using your phone too much while hiking because it can distract you in your path. Be sure to keep in mind that you are camping to create memories and not earning photos to post on social media.

Let this adventurous experience serve as a moment for you to unwind and forget about negativities for a moment.

Remember to always make a reservation first upon choosing among the different sub-facility of East Wilderness Park. 

camping world in kaysville utah


Roundy Campsite 

Completing the top 5 campsites is Roundy Campsite. Alongside the two previously mentioned campgrounds, it is also a part of East Wilderness Park. 

This site is dedicated to campers who crave something new and extraordinary. Being in touch with the wilderness also offers the same services and amenities as the Johnson and Howard campgrounds. 

Let’s talk about what campers are saying about this site. According to their feedback, it has a beautiful touch of wilderness. Also, it combines nature with city life.

The place is shady and cool, which adds to the overall quality of the campsite. The people who made a review about this certain campsite are delighted and gave 4 to 5 stars. 

Start your morning with mountain biking along the trails of this campsite. Spend time with your friends as you make the most out of what it can offer to you.

You are also taking care of your health while having fun as you engage in hiking and biking here. Grab your essentials and enjoy the outdoors!



Camping World of Kaysville

If you are thinking about buying an RV for camping adventures, Camping World of Kaysville is the best choice.

They are recognized as the top RV dealer, proving that they have given campers with only the best service. They strongly give importance to value, convenience and confidence. Campers can be sure that they are dealing with the right people to help them in their camping needs. 

The benefits do not end there, however. If you have purchased an RV, you will be given priority scheduling for any service regarding the RV.

It offers 10,000 RV parts that will aid in the maintenance and repair of your purchased RV. In other words, this adds to the convenience and makes it a one-stop-shop.

Testimonies from people prove that it offers nothing but high-quality service. They are all satisfied with the RV that they purchased alongside how the people did their job to serve them in the best way. 

Plan your next camping trip with Camping World of Kaysville and enjoy its benefits!




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