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Puerto Galera Philippines – A Southeast Asian Paradise Loved by Tourists

The Philippines is home to some of the world’s beautiful beaches and islands. While Manila may be the most common place associated with the country, there are plenty of other sights to see. There are tourist attractions and beaches to choose from, especially Puerto Galera.

Puerto Galera White Beach
White Beach, Puerto_Galera Philippines © Eugene Alvin Villar, 2006 CC BY-SA 4.0

Puerto Galera, which is officially the Municipality of Puerto Galera, is a 1st class municipality. It is in the province of Oriental Mindoro, Philippines. The 2015 census indicates the city has a population of 36,606 people.

Tourism is the Core Activity of the City

Puerto Galera is mainly accessible from the Southern Luzon gateway port of Batangas. To get there you can take bamboo boats (bangka) or by Seaplane. As far as activities, the city is well known for its beaches, scuba diving and entertainment activities, including “go-go bars”.

The city is a coastal town. It has a number of pocket beaches plus snorkeling and Scuba diving spots. The area was designated a Man and Biosphere Reserve of UNESCO in 1973. It has some of the most diverse coral reef diving in Asia.

Since around 2001, the marine environment has benefited. How? Because of a huge reduction of fishermen in the area. Since now they now gain higher revenue from tourism activities. Puerto Galera is included in the list of the “Club of the Most Beautiful Bays of the World”. It is the only bay in the Philippines you can find on the list.

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Where is Puerto Galera located in the Philippines?

Oriental Mindoro
Map showing the location of Puerto Galera — in Oriental Mindoro Province on eastern Mindoro island. © Eugene Alvin Villar, 2005 CC BY-SA 3.0

Puerto Galera is situated about 81 miles south of Manila in the northeastern coast of Mindoro Island. The town is a haven away from the bustling city of Manila.

It has white sandy beaches. You can enjoy scenic views of green landscape and rich sea creatures. Tourists are drawn to the treasures Puerto Galera holds.

When the town became increasingly famous among tourists and even locals, more infrastructures were developed.

That way the city could accommodate large numbers of tourists on the island. Puerto Galera is 32 miles from Calapan which is the provincial capital.

puerto galera

Sabang Beach and White Beach

Two of the best beaches that are the most favorite among tourists are Sabang Beach and White Beach. Both beaches are surrounded by crystal clear sea waters and white sand. These beaches also have restaurants. You can also enjoy pubs and bars that are great for tourists, especially if you love to party. Accommodations are not a problem. There are many choices of hotels to backpackers’ inn within the area.

Most foreign guests go to Sabang Beach. The beach is most suited for snorkeling and swimming. White Beach is the main choice where local tourists go. You can even go spelunking, caving and exploration in isolated coves and beaches just to get away from the crowd.

white Beach Puerto Galera
White Beach, looking West. Photo by André Héroux CC BY 3.0

Fun Activities at Puerto Galera

To engulf and enjoy the outdoor vibe, guests are allowed to pitch tents. You can enjoy a bonfire by the beach during the night. There are also various sports such as volleyball that you can indulge in. If you want to engage in more adventurous activities, go go hiking, surfing or sailing. At the end of the day, see a local masseuse to calm down your exhausted body from the day’s activities.

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Diving in Puerto Galera

Diving is always an exciting activity if you want to explore the underwater life even deeper. Galera is the perfect spot to do it and is considered one of the best in the Philippines. It was claimed as a UNESCO Man and Biosphere Reserve in 1973.

It is known to house one of the most varied coral reefs in Southeast Asia. Galera was recognized as a major technical diving destination. On top of all that, there are more than 30 exceptional diving sites. Those diving sites are close to the shore.

Both Puerto Galera, especially Sabang area, are among the top diving destinations in the Philippines. Underwater exploration is another fun activity here since there are historical shipwrecks in the area.

The Mountains

Tamaraw Falls
Tamaraw Falls, Mindoro, Philippines

Central Mindoro is home to the most well-preserved ecosystem in the Philippines. From the green mountains to flourishing landscapes, there is more to discover for the traveler who wishes to explore and uncover them.

  • Hidden Valley
  • Tamaraw Falls and Alag Riverbank which are popular for kayaking
  • Visiting the local Mangyans, an indigenous group in Mindoro who opt to live a life like their ancestors in the mountainsides. This gives every tourist a different kind of cultural experience.

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How to Get There

Puerto Galera is very accessible to tourists. If you come in a large group, you may want to rent private buses. They will take you to the Batangas Port. From there, you will ride a ferry going to the Galera region or to Sabang terminal.

If you opt to bring your own vehicle, it will make the ride even more convenient. The trip is only about three hours from Manila to Puerto Galera. However, if you opt to take the boat, you will experience a thrill when the sea gets rough. That often happens as you cross Batangas Port to White Beach.

Puerto Galera, Mindoro, Philippines 2015 – FULL HD – Including: eating balut 😉

by Travel Gretl
Published on Youtube on Mar 31, 2015

Oh no! The lovely and busy Puerto Galera Mindoro is our final destination in the Philippines already! It’s famous for it’s beautiful under water world, but also surrounded with some waterfalls. And of course we can’t leave the Philippines without trying some balut 😉 We go home with a lot of great memories and the hopes we’ll come back soon. But we don’t stop our exploring! Next week we’ll exchange the hot Asian sun for the crispy snow of Swiss…. be prepaired 😉

When you are in the Philippines, especially in Manila be sure to consider visiting Puerto Galera.

Puerto Galera