Disney Hong Kong in its Christmas Attire

disney hong kong

Disney Hong Kong; A Christmas Outing at Disney Park Hong Kong

Indeed, Disneyland is the happiest place on earth.  No matter one’s age, the magic of Disney will not fail to make you spell bound. That’s weather you visit Disneyland in California or Disney Hong Kong or any of the several other happiest places on earth.

Disney Hong Kong

The nearest Disneyland from the Philippines is the one in Hong Kong.  With nary a thought that it will fascinate a person who is a child no more, I headed with friends to Disneyland Hong Kong on a fine yet cold day in November.

Disney Hong Kong Atmosphere brings out the Child in Us

It was a confirmation of the child in each one of us.  I have Walt Disney to thank for this bright idea of bringing out the child like wonder in a theme park like no other. 

Hong Kong Disneyland may not be as grand as Walt Disney World in Florida nor the first one in California but the magic is the same. Still, some friends are wont to check out all Disneyland’s in Asia and the one in Europe:  Paris, Tokyo, and Shanghai.

A convenient way to go to Disneyland from Central in Hong Kong is  to take the Mass Transit Railway (MTR). We boarded the Disneyland Resort Line at Sunny Bay Station. There are Mickey heads on the train windows as well as Minnie miniatures inside the train.  The train ride alone is already giving me goosebumps.  I am so excited.

The fact that Hong Kong Disneyland attractions are already dressed up for the Christmas holidays made the visit even more special.


Disney Hong Kong gives us the Feeling of Christmas

As always, being from the tropics, experiencing the cold in a place with Christmas ambiance makes it believable that one is really having a white Christmas. Just like in the movies. Snowflakes (not real) are on my hair.  The temperature is 12 degrees Centigrade (that’s cold from someone who is used to 30 C most days of the year).

Disney Hong KongThere is a shimmering, lighted Christmas tree in the middle of the park.  There is a Mickey and Friends Christmastime ball to ogle.  They are all in their Christmas fineries.

The streets are all spruced up and shining brightly like a million stars in the night.  The window displays are so enticing that you can’t help but get some Christmas goodies.

I learned that the Disneyland in each place has a slight variation to make the visitors feel right at home.  It is no wonder that you will find Mickey and Minnie souvenirs in cheongsam too.  We are in Hong Kong, after all.

Not to be missed is the Disney Paint the Night Parade.  There are acrobatic dancers.  I can spot many Filipinos among them.  The floats of the Disney and Pixar characters are neon lit.  We made sure to have a good spot for the mandatory pictures.

The Disney princesses are roaming around the park ready for a picture or two.

Disland hippo

We visited Santa Mickey’s Warm and Cozy House

We dropped by Santa Mickey’s house on Main Street also.  His house felt warm and cozy after surviving the long line out there in the cold.  Mickey’s firm handshake was a balm on my fingers which are too cold to feel anything. 

Santa that he is, the house is full of gifts containing surprises that a wide eyed child could only guess what they were.

Disney Hong Kong

We took a cruise on a musical small boat with songs from children of different parts of the world.  Navigating the Seven Seaways, “It’s a Small World” is sweetly sung by the children in their native languages. 

I recognized the English, Spanish, Korean and of course, the Tagalog one.  The fact that the children singing in their native tongue are attired in their country’s traditional clothes made the cruise even more appealing.

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The Philarmagic Animation and Music Show was a Top Attraction

Next stop is Philarmagic.  I love this one best.  It’s a combination of animation and music from my best loved Disney  movies like “A Whole New World” from Aladdin; “Part of Your World” from the Little Mermaid; and “Be Our Guest” from Beauty and the Beast.

The opera glass given certainly made me feel that Tinker bell did pass me by while the song “You Can Fly” was playing. And there was a real splash of water from Ariel’s under the sea.

I was happy to see familiar faces in the Golden Mickey show.  Many of the characters are talented Filipinos.  Some of those I spotted are theater and movie actors back home.


Disney Hong Kong gets a Thumbs Up from Us

Since the lines are long, we did not try the rides anymore. But of course, we should at least ride the horses in Cinderella’s carousel.  Up and down we go with the horses.  Did we look foolish?  Maybe, but who cares?

Disney Hong Kong

To cap the night is the fabulous fireworks display over at Sleeping Beauty’s castle.  The castle is located at the center of the park.  It is a larger and redesigned version of the one at Disneyland Park in Paris.  The castle is based on the late-19th century Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria, Germany.

How interesting that it appeared in the Walt Disney Pictures title card, and, together with Cinderella’s Castle, it is an iconic symbol of The Walt Disney Company.

Well, the magic of my Disney Christmas did not end with the castle fireworks. The heartwarming serenade of “A Holiday Kiss Goodnight” capped my, oh so perfect day.

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Gigi Galang is an upcoming writer traveling the world and writing of her travels. We’re wondering where her next destination and story will be about.


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