7 Fairy Tale-like Castles

Fairy Tale Castles

By Jaydee

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Once in our lives, we dreamed of being one of the royal families. Most of us desire to have a ‘happily-ever-after’, and including to that dream is having our own castles.

Honestly, there are so many spectacular castles around the world and it’s very difficult to make a list of the top 7. But here are our picks for the 7 castles that have fairy-tale vibes on them.


Mont Saint Michel, France

Normandy, France - Castles Straight Out From Fairy Tales
Normandy, France

A rocky tidal island in Normandy, located approximately 1 km off the coast. The island’s highest point is 92 meters (301 feet) above sea level. Accordingly, 3 Million people each year visits this UNESCO World Heritage site although their population is only a few dozens. The strong tides in the area change rapidly and connect and disconnect the island from the mainland on a daily basis.

The Benedictine Abbey of Mont-Saint-Michel is one of the most notable examples of medieval pious and military architecture and was one of Christianity’s most significant pilgrimage sites from the 8th to the 18th century.

Ever since the 12th century, the Abbey comprises a superb ensemble of clerical buildings including the abbey church, the cloister, the refectory, the monks’ ambulatory and the gardens of “Merveille” or Marvel. In summer, the Abbaye du Mont-Saint-Michel is best in all its magnificence after sunset during the special “sons et lumières” shows.


Windsor Castle, England


This is the oldest and largest occupied castle in the world and offers an astonishingly rich and varied day out. Throughout its history, Windsor Castle has been redecorated, enlarged, and renovated.

Today, the Queen spends most of her private weekends at the Castle. The castle has been regularly used for ceremonial and State occasions.

The castle is outstanding for its long association with the British royal family and for its architecture. In addition to this, more than five hundred people live and work in Windsor Castle.

The grounds are stunning, the interior is attractive and majestic and the buzz from the tourists makes you appreciate the royal family.


Castle of Chambord, France

Fairy Tale Castles
Château de Chambord, France

The royal Chateau de Chambord is one of the most recognizable castles in the world because of its very distinct French Renaissance architecture which blends traditional French medieval forms with classical Renaissance structures. The building, which was never completed, was constructed by King Francis I of France.

Chambord is the emblem of the French Renaissance through Europe and the world. A wooded area, farms, a village, and the château makes up the Domain of Chambord.

The 5,440 hectares domain of Chambord has been completely enclosed within a wall and has been considered to be the largest enclosed forest in Europe as well.
Fairy Tale Castles


Castle of Pierrefonds, France

Fairy Tale Castles
Castle of Pierrefonds

The Chateau de Pierrefonds is a castle situated on the southeast edge of the Forest of Compiegne, northeast of Paris, between Villers-Cotterets and Compiegne.

The chateau was taken down in the 17th century and was in ruins when Napoleon III decided to commission architect Eugene Viollet-le-Duc to rebuild it. He applied his architectural designs to create the ideal chateau, such as would have existed in the Middle Age.

With its richly varied painted and sculpted decors, the chateaux seem to have been specially designed for adventure films. In addition to this, it has a defensive system and drawbridge, walkways and drop-boxes, not to forget the two reconstructions of medieval siege engines.

The most magnificent castle rested on a hill overlooking the beautiful town and Lake of Pierrefonds. It really is like something out of a fairy tale. No wonder there are stories about it inspiring the castle in the Disney logo.


Glamis Castle

Fairy Tale Castles
Glamis Castle

One of the most famous, impressive and reputedly haunted castles in Scotland, Glamis Castle is a magnificent grand building, consisting of a greatly extended tower dating from the 14th century.

In the 16th century, this castle has been altered to an L-plan. It also has a large round stair-tower in the re-entrant angle. There are extensive parkland and fine gardens. Glamis Castle has witnessed the prosperity of history.

The grounds are very well sustained with places of interest being the Italian Garden, the Walled Garden, the Princess Margaret Memorial, the Nature Trail, and the Macbeth Trail.
Fairy Tale Castles


Himeji Castle

Fairy Tale Castles
Himeji Castle

One of the most beautiful castles of Japan, situated in the Himeji, Hyogo prefecture of Japan. The castle has been built in the 14th century and expanded throughout history.

It is a sample of prototypical oriental castle architecture. The construction has been completed in 1609 A.D. Since then, it has survived many civil wars, bombings, and earthquakes. It occupies 41,648 square meters area.

Presently, it has 83 buildings; each equipped with a defensive system. One of the noticeable features of the castle is its complex, which looks like a bird that is about to take a flight.

The castle area is vast and the entrance fee is really worth it and includes a walk through the castle. The castle is indeed stunning and magnificent, you can feel the effort and devotion of the Japanese people on sustaining and recreating the Himeji Castle.


Prague Castle

Fairy Tale Castles
Prague Castle

Now stands as one of the largest and majestic castles in the world. The expansion of the castle is dated back to the second half of the 18th century even though it’s has been built as early as the 9th century.

The castle covers an area of 66,761 square meters in the Czech Republic. The crown jewels are kept in St. Vitus Cathedral, which is a part of the castle. It is full of Gothic structures. The Czech monarchs used the castle as their seat since its construction in 880 A.D. It also served as the residence of many religious leaders and Holy Roman emperors. In the present day, the head of the state used it as his official house.

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Growing up seeing castles from illustrations and televisions put a great urge for us to see real-life castles, this list will help you to achieve your fantasy.

Visit one or more, and share your fairy-tale like experience with us!
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