Visit California Anytime Infographic / 2A

Visit California Anytime

Visit California Anytime Infographic – See why California is Loved or Hated so Much /2

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How many times I’ve heard people talk about California. People visit California anytime. It seems like a love it or hate it situation. I’ve had close relatives from Illinois come visit us (this was a long time ago) and for whatever reason they didn’t seem to like it. Note: now many years later they are now living in California.

I can definitely understand why people love or hate California. Even I fell into that category when we first moved here long ago. I hated California. Compared to where I lived before, in Chicago, the people here were not very friendly.

I only knew just a handful of people on our block and few others in the neighborhood. That’s compared to almost everyone for many blocks around where I used to live back there. That situation has never changed and I have been here dozens of years. It’s not so friendly compared to other places in the US.

Downtown Los Angeles
Downtown Los Angeles.

If you read some quotes, some are in the infographic, you will see there are lots of quotes about the bad things in California. I say visit California anytime and find out for yourself how it is.

Each time you visit you can find something different to do. Like to swim – go to the beach. There are lots of them. The Pacific Ocean is the western border of California. Want to hike? Plenty of mountains and designated trails await you. Want to take a road trip along the Pacific Ocean and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Then Monterey Peninsula awaits your arrival.

visit California anytime
Santa Cruz, California. Click image for history of California.

Want to go to Jail? It’s there, a stone’s throw across the bay.

Golden Gate Bridge
Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco California

You can visit the desert, heck thousands of people live in the desert cities. There are so many activities it can easily keep you busy all year long and much longer if you let it.

If you just speak English go to night school and learn Spanish. There are millions of people you can speak Spanish to.

It is sort of like whatever you can do in all the other states combined can be done in this one state of California.

If you don’t live here then come visit California anytime and see for yourself why people love it or hate it. If you are a diehard disbeliever that California meets all the hype associated with it, see for yourself. Especially if you live in an area where it’s cold in the winter. Then come to Southern California in the winter. You just might change your mind.

About this Visit California Anytime Infographic

I split the original infographic into two parts so it would not be so long and take so much time to load. Even so, this second half is still over three-quarters of a MB and that is rather large. Nonetheless this is the final version of this infographic.

The infographic is also about travel, but only travel to California. It is still 800 pixels wide so you might have to click on the image to see the full size. It might require a second click to see a particular segment of the picture.

Here is part 2 of two parts of Visit California Anytime infographic. If you have visited California and have some opinions about California add your comments below.

visit California Anytimevisit California anytime


Visit California Anytime