8 Unusual Ways to Set Up Camp

Unusual Ways To Set Up Camp

Unusual Ways To Set Up Camp

Ever tired of camping by going to the campgrounds and setting up your tents the usual way? Little did you know that there are many unique ways of camping, you just have to be imaginative and creative.

There are many places you can go to that you have never imagined you can go camping with. With new environments, your camping experience will never be the same. Level up your next camping adventure with these unique and memorable ways to camping with our list below.

Cliffside Hanging

Unusual Ways To Set Up Camp
Unusual Ways To Set Up Camp

For some, camping is already an adventure, but they see camping from a different perspective for some risk-takers. That is why for people who seek adventure in danger, cliffside camping is one for the books.

Suspended in the thin air with your tent only being hanged on a stable rock or branch. But what’s more delighted with this dangerous camping is the magnificent view of the sea or the horizon of the forest. 

 Treetop Camp

Setting up camp the usual way is boring, but camping on top of a tree? Well, this looks like when savage hunters put their hideouts for hunting.

However, imagine setting up a camp or house-like site for you to enjoy the view and experience a jungle life for once in a while. This could take up a lot of time to build your site on top of a tree, and be sure you’re ready for your tools and materials. 

Unusual Ways To Set Up Camp

Pick-Up Camping

Unusual Ways To Set Up Camp
Unusual Ways To Set Up Camp

This unique camping is for people who like traveling and camping simultaneously using their Pick-Up truck or van. Usually, some camping is all about the area they’ve been to, the activities they do like fishing or sightseeing.

This type of camping is not the normal one because your tent and car are one. The pick-up truck is custom build with a tent on its empty space at the back; this way, it’s easy to put up a tent by just lifting the roof and posts.

You can travel without the worry to inconveniently put up your tents. You’ll just park your truck somewhere in a safe place with enough shade, and there you go, you can enjoy the safe and convenient camping. Yes, it’ll cost some money.

However, you can actually save up more expenses in the future once you do more camping, and it’s actually worth it!

Ways To Set Up Camp

Sleep in a Hammock On High Wire

Unusual Ways To Set Up Camp

If Cliffside camping isn’t dangerous for you, there’s a more extreme one. I bet sleeping in a hammock on a high wire is for the bravest campers, for people who seek adventure with no fear to worry. Dangling from a wire above a thousand feet canyon.

Mostly who do this type of adventure are tightrope walkers who can easily navigate on a wire. As more rigid as it looks like, normal people can’t spend a night on this because of the difficulty of the hammock being set up.

But if you’re brave enough and can dare to do such a dangerous act, just be sure you’re complete with a safety harness. Nonetheless, the magnificent view of the sunset peeking out from the mountains will definitely ease your fears.


Desert Camping

Unusual Ways To Set Up Camp
Unusual Ways To Set Up Camp

If you feel extra and want to explore the countries outside the US, this might interest you. With little additional expenses for the travel, camping in a Desert is sure one of a kind experience.

I suggest you visit the Sahara Desert to have an exclusive expedition through a four-wheel drive and take you to the campsite after the dawn hit the horizon.

Experience the Mediterranean style lavish camping in Morocco or Algeria. Don’t worry, you won’t get lost because they have tour guides and accommodate you with their world-class service.

Set Up Camp Unusual Ways

Raft Camping

Did you know that you can camp and boat at the same time? For boat enthusiasts, this sounds like a delightful experience. Boats designed like a camping tent are mostly inflatable, lightweight, and accessible to inflate.

A company in the US designed a blow-up raft with a built-in tent that will let campers set-up tents on the lake or pond. Raft camping is getting popular mostly because of the unique experience. Easy to put up tents, especially raft tents, are now readily available in stores. 
Set Up Camp differently

Boho Camping

Unusual Ways To Set Up Camp
Unusual Ways To Set Up Camp

Bohemian is a popular style for themes of weddings, birthdays, and parties. Still, it’s not limited to these events because the Boho style camping and teepees have been long historically used by Native Americans and Hippies as their shelters.

To build a teepee, you must need a strong large leather cloth that will serve as a roof and sturdy posts for its foundation. But if you don’t want to take much time and effort to build one, there’s one campsite that offers already set up teepees.

In Ruby’s Inn at Utah’ Bryce Canyon National Park, there are eight readily available spacious teepees for only $62 a night; it can accommodate up to 8 persons.

Set Up Camp Unusual Ways

Midsommar Camping

Unusual Ways To Set Up Camp
Unusual Ways To Set Up Camp

Have you watched the horror flick “Midsommar”? Famously known for its culty and bizarre take on human sacrifice, the film is set in Scandinavia in a lush and wide meadow populated by the community who believed in Neopagan Cult’s tradition.

The film has several notes on Scandinavian architecture and fashion, thus becoming a well-known aspect of pop culture. The activities and shelters in the film have a remarkable resemblance to camping, so borrowing the theme for your next camping adventure is a must-try.

Invite your friends, look for a good spot with a great view of the landscapes and meadow, put up your Midsommar inspired tents and don’t forget your hippie costumes. You might as well wear a flower crown, just don’t do cult-y activities as depicted in the film. 


Camping is a great experience to unwind for a moment. It gives us a rewarding feeling and connected with nature. And spicing up our experiences through various unique ways of camping will teach us to risk and try something new from a different perspective of our life.

Unusual Ways To Set Up Camp


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Unusual Ways To Set Up Camp