The Exquisite Lord Howe Island of Australia

By Jace Sinclair

Lord Howe Island of Australia

Considered to be one of the most beautiful island groups in the South Pacific, Lord Howe Island was named after a British Admiral.  This southern coral island group houses about 350 people and is inscribed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO for its outstanding natural beauty and heritage.  Being on the island is all about communing with nature.  The vibe is generally relaxed and the golden beaches are unspoiled and isolated.   However, you can choose to do some varied activities on the island if you ever get bored.


Lord Howe Island of Australia

Swimming around the waters of Lord Howe is like swimming in an aquarium as the water is so clean and crystal clear. There are 11 beaches on the island. Blinky Beach is a good spot to test your surfing skills, while the Neds Beach is voted as one of Australia’s cleanest beaches.   The island has the most southerly coral reef in the world. You can find the reef formation at the border of the crystal lagoon. The rich coral reef and the bountiful marine life make the island an incredible snorkeling spot. If you are a diving enthusiast, you can fulfill your diving fantasies just by going further offshore with a boat to the island’s best diving sites.

Lord Howe Island of Australia
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Adventure seekers will find the bushwalks and hiking trails to cliff tops all around the island quite exciting.  One of the best days, walk not only in Australia but in the world is the 875 meter Mt. Gower Trail.   There are more than 14 species of seabirds that live on the island including the rare Lord Howe Island woodhen. You can easily experience most of the birds in their natural habitat through a bird-watching excursion. Regular sports fishing trip is conducted off the Lord Howe’s shores. Other available sports and activities include kayaking, golf, and tennis, bicycling, and picnics.


Lord Howe has a limited tourist bed capacity, which makes vacationing here even more special. At any time, there will only be about 400 visitors that can be accommodated on the island. You can choose from about 18 exquisite lodges, guesthouses and apartments which offer varying services and amenities.  Most of these accommodation facilities are run by families whose ancestors lived on Lord Howe for centuries. To secure a bed space, make sure to book your flights and accommodation at the same time. 

Getting There

Lord Howe Island of Australia


Lord Howe lies in the middle of the Tasman Sea. Aside from sailing on a yacht, you can reach the island by taking a plane from Sydney or Brisbane for about two and a half hours. Qantas provides schedule flight services to the island all year round. Between the months of February to June and September to December, there are seasonal weekly ferry routes to the island from Port Macquarie.

Lord Howe Island can be visited at any time as the climate is generally mild all year round. However, most people choose to visit the island from September to June. Lord Howe Island only accepts Australian currency. There are no ATMs here so make sure to bring enough cash to last for the whole trip.  The handful of facilities found on the island includes small grocery and liquor stores, a hairdressing salon and some spa places.

Plunge yourself in the remarkable surroundings and experience some of the world’s best day hikes, snorkeling on the coral reef, hand-feeding fish on Ned’s Beach and much more. This paradise is less than a 2-hour flight from Sydney or Brisbane and now is the perfect time to visit.

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