Freelance Writers Wanted! is looking for Freelance Travel Writers who can write camping articles for our website. We need your articles for our two main categories: 

  • Canada Camping
  • Camping in the US Western States. 

The site is relatively new and your articles will be the main niche categories on the site.

The US Western States are California, Washington, and Oregon. US states can also include those few big states generally west of the Rocky Mountains. That’s Montana, Nevada, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, Idaho, and New Mexico.

Example Articles:

Who are we looking for?

What do we expect?

What can you expect in return?

How to submit your article?

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After submitting your article, what's next?

How about the payment?

I agree to everything, how can I apply?

So are you ready to apply? Click the button below to be directed to the Google Form Application. Looking forward to your articles!


This is not full time work. You get paid per approved article.

There is no schedule. Write your article on your own time and submit it when finished.

Due to number of articles we’re receiving at this moment, it will take for us longer to review your article. It could take us a week or more. You can always check the topic sheet for updates.

No need, this is just a freelance gig. If you have question, just send us a question on and cc: Please be sure to read the instructions first. 

You can write on your own time. There’s is no deadline so far, but we will send a follow up soon, maybe early next year. 

We prefer to receive and review one article first. When you received your payment for 1 article, you can send the next.