5 Creepy Stories Involving Hitchhiking

Creepy Stories Involving Hitchhiking

One of the great ways about traveling on a budget is hitchhiking, and one of the best things about it is the people you meet along the way. And sometimes, they are also the reasons for others to stop doing it.

The people you meet along the way can be great helpers and good friends, but little do we know that these people can also be the worst thing we can encounter. It proves true when things turn to get awkward, distressing, and creepily tense.

Some stories do not always include the hitcher, also the good-willed drivers who ended up in scenarios where they have to be precautions after stopping for a guy or a gal.

Here we list some of the few short stories beneath the wanderlust community about their time on the road. So, next time make sure you don’t let them put you off stopping with someone with their thumb out!


The Argument of a Couple

This story is about a girl waiting in a particular gas station a few hours outside Berlin when some random couple picked her up. The girl is so excited at that point.

She thought that she was so lucky that they stopped by, and they were super friendly and nice. They were both Germans, and they both kept talking. It seems everything is fine and smooth, until later on the girl had a phone call.

She answered it in German, along with the conversation on the phone, the girl sounded a bit distressed and at some point giving the man on wheels a hard stare, and when she dropped off the phone.

She started yelling at him, and they had big arguments in German that the girl didn’t understand. Later on, she ended up on the side of the road. Feeling relieved because of the conversation that is getting heated.

The Guys in Marijuana

Have you ever experienced riding a car with a feeling of inside the roller coaster ride? Well, this story is about Jamie, who has had a lift from guys who are already high from weeds.

Jamie is so late to know that those guys were so addicted already. And it turned out to be a pretty hilarious ride. The guy on wheels drove diagonally across the road back and forth without realizing it and kept on talking about Ernest Hemingway.

Jamie spent a few hours with those guys, and he definitely won’t forget that experience. And by the end of the journey, Jamie is high.

Creepy Stories Involving Hitchhiking

The Spewer

Creepy Stories Involving Hitchhiking

Most if not all people want to help others, but what if you help others and in return think of you that you may do something wrong to them? This story of Vixen is about helping a stranger by giving a lift to the west.

Vixen drives down the East coast to go to a festival and stop at the gas station to get gas. That is when he sees this guy with a dog and cardboard that says, west.

Since Vixen is going west and quite like to pick a hitchhiker, he started a conversation with the guy and ended up giving the guy a lift.

Along the road, they keep on talking to each other. And Vixen feels that the guy he helps is kind enough. Little did he know that the guy is getting more and more agitated and a little bit more snappy.

He also went in and out of sleep and started telling Vixen not to steal his stuff nor leave him in the middle of nowhere. Sometimes, tell him not to try to steal his dog, or else going to kill Vixen.

He went back to sleep and then woke up later on, and right away calm and relaxed to roll down the window and spew out of it. Vixen felt sad and pulled over and told the guy that he is not going any further.

It surprised the guy and thanked Vixen for taking him that far. Still, Vixen needs to clean the spew on his car.

Creepy Stories Involving Hitchhiking

The Genuinely Concerning

Creepy Stories Involving Hitchhiking

It is the story of a young lad who has been traveling through Europe for almost a month and got a lift in a truck just outside of Vienna, going further east.

The truck driver didn’t talk too much, seems like the typical trucker. He asked where he was from, where he was, and some usual stuff. The truck driver also asked if he has a girlfriend?

The young lad told him no, that is the time when things get a little weird.

The trucker keeps talking about how he had seen lots of boys like the young lad and keeps saying about their hair and their English accent, which is kind of awkward and creepy.

At one point, he reached the legs of the young lad. When he removed it off and kind of glad that he had pulled into a gas station a bit down the road. He seemed confused about why. It was very uncomfortable.

Creepy Stories Involving Hitchhiking

The Bank Robbers

Creepy Stories Involving Hitchhiking

This story is kinda hilarious but scary at the same time. This is the story of Steven. He was looking for a lift to Auckland in New Zealand, coming from Rotorua.

Luckily, these two guys picked him up. Those two guys were wearing baseball caps, huge guys with big muscles in a big truck car. They were both friendly and kept on chatting with Steven along the road to Auckland.

Until they were about to pass a police car at a distance. The guys looked at each other strangely and seemed to get anxious and then were muttering away, so I asked them if everything is alright.

They both looked at me and then at each other and then at me again; we were a bit silent inside the car. And then, they suddenly said… we’re on the run and explained that they robbed a bank a few months ago and the police are after them ever since.

Steven was silent, and one of the guys said that they should just drive past, and everything will be okay, but the other is saying about ramming into the police car because it might recognize them.

They kept on arguing and getting louder and louder. Steven was speechless, and the police car is getting closer and closer. Both guys are screaming at each other, and in the end, they just drive past the police car slowly and wave and start howling with laughter.

They both turned around and said, we got you there, only joking, and Steven’s heart was racing! He was scared to death! And he stayed in touch with them.
solar sue

I hope I did not creep you out too much. 

But these are stories to also warn you of the dangers of hitchhiking or hitching a ride. In time, all of these stories will leave your mind, and you will forget about them completely.

I will ask, though it is just to remember, things may not always be what they seem. And it will not hurt to always be on guard of who you will encounter soon in those innocent looking roads.


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Creepy Stories Involving Hitchhiking