4 Places You Should Camp in Page, Arizona

Camping in Page Arizona

Camping in Page, Arizona

Camping in Page Arizona
Camping in Page Arizona

Once in a while, you should think about camping in a place originally meant to shelter dam builders. You read that right: dam builders.

Established for temporarily housing the Glen Canyon Dam builders’ families, they stayed there after finishing it, eventually. Thus marking Page a permanent Arizona town since being founded in 1957. 

Since then, it grew to become a city with 7,500 people from the 2018 census. Natural attractions surrounding it invites an average of 3 million people yearly. Thus prompting them to establish hotels and such to cater to the visitors. 

Now, how does camping sound here, you ask? Well, you cannot really camp in the city itself, though. It won’t be called ‘camping’ if you chose to stay at a hotel in the city.

Thankfully, Page got blessed with places around it that should definitely be on your camping bucket lists! After all, it serves as a gateway to the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area and the beautiful Lake Powell.

Camping in Page Arizona


Lake Powell Shoreline

Camping in Page Arizona
Camping in Page Arizona

What better way to start this list than the undeniable and easiest place to set up camp? Lake Powell, situated north of the city, offers the perfect water-meets-desert type of camping scenario. With just a 35-minute nonstop driving along the 15-mile distance, you can enjoy all that it offers. 

Its sandy shores makes it difficult for a normal vehicle to venture through. Authorities recommend a 4WD-type vehicle instead. Nonetheless, camping on the shores of Lake Powell doesn’t charge any money. Just strictly follow the rules for a safe and enjoyable camping experience, for free!

Some rules include bringing your own portable toilet, and no using of fireworks should strictly be followed. Furthermore, you must prevent causing any kind of damage to its developed marina, and you should clean up the place after using it. Not following these rules may result in charging of fines. 

On the other hand, activities such as fishing, kayaking, or even off-boat riding makes this place very enjoyable, other than camping. You can even set-up camp anywhere along the shore, as long as danger won’t lurk. The authorities also allow pets to camp, provided that they also should be guided accordingly.  

Rather than being in the wilderness, camping on the shores really gives off a different experience. You get to see the starry sky next to a serene lake as moonlight reflects on its waters.

Imagine you in a tent with a campfire in front, just staring at the night sky. Lake breeze blows onto your skin whilst waiting for your roasted marshmallow. Very tempting, right?

Well, go on. Plan your trip here, and go experience a new camping venture!

Camping in Page Arizona


Lone Rock Beach Campground 

Camping in Page Arizona
Camping in Page Arizona

The geographical formation of this place contributes significantly to its name. Literally, a monolithic rock formation found itself in the middle of the lake, standing all alone. What better way to name it other than the structure itself, right?

But that doesn’t mean that you cannot set up camp here. Also, you already found yourself a place to camp in Glen Canyon National Recreation Area itself!

Since this campground finds itself near Lake Powell, similar camping features can be experienced here also. However, you may find yourself being accompanied by other people, since this place fame itself as a beach.

But presently, authorities wanted it to be transformed into a camping site. Nonetheless, you may still set up your tent near its shores and just enjoy the view and peace during the night.

Camping here comes with a price of $14 per vehicle per night. Small price to pay to enjoy what this campground offers. It also houses some developed utilities for campers like bathrooms.

Activities such as swimming and kayaking can also be done here. Or you can just walk by its shores and take a photo for your social media.

It’s really not advisable to camp on weekends, since the place becomes bustling. But hey, there’s no perfect time for camping here, right?

Camping in Page Arizona

Lees Ferry Campground

Camping in Page Arizona
Camping in Page Arizona

If Page, Arizona, serves as the gateway to these incredible camping sites, then Lees Ferry is the gateway to the Grand Canyon, literally. Camping here provides you two things: the scenic view and the incredible experience.

Driving 50 miles from Page and spending $20/night here gives you the opportunity to camp your heart out here.

As this place serves as the entrance to the Grand Canyon, expect beautiful geological formations surrounding it. Thus, in addition to camping, you can also explore these amazing sites.

Hiking also dominates the place as a primary activity. It also houses developed facilities such as drinking water sites and bathrooms to aid the campers.  

Since the campground locates itself near the Colorado River, expect activities such as fishing and a raft trip. Camping in the river banks also provides you with a camping experience like no other.

Just imagine staring at the night sky after a long day of fishing and hiking from the comfort of your tent.

Yes, that kind of camping experience. And since the place brags exclusiveness from the public, you can really enjoy being alone here.

Coupled with a geological trip down its natural formations, this definitely should be on your lists of places to camp to!
Camping in Page Arizona

Wahweap RV & Campground

Camping in Page Arizona
Camping in Page Arizona

Sometimes you just want a camping experience without having the trouble of setting up camp, right? We all want to be lazy at some point, even when camping.

Well, you can experience being lazy while camping here, actually. That’s because the amenities established here provide you the spoiling that you need.

This includes grilling and dump stations, coin-operated laundry, fire pits, restrooms, and even Wi-Fi access. 

You can laze away here in this campground after driving 8 miles north of Page. In addition, you get to enjoy the majestic Wahweap Marina and the water-related activities it offers.

These include power-boating, kayaking, and fishing. All of these should be within your grasp after paying $30 per night. Also, this campground operates by reservations, so book your spot after reading this sentence!

Still, you can find the essence of camping here. Ventures such as stargazing and daydreaming still dominates the area for campers. Just think of the amenities as an advantage, like taking your private matters in a proper facility, not just in the woods.


The Takeaway

Even though established as a temporary refuge, Page doesn’t fail to provide people a camping experience like no other. It served as a gateway to these amazing places. Allow the natural formations of this place take over your trip, for once. It will certainly guarantee you coming back for more.


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Camping in Page Arizona