10 Campgrounds in Tillamook, Oregon You Have to Visit

Best Campgrounds in Tillamook, Oregon

Best Campgrounds in Tillamook, Oregon

           Absolute fresh air, greenery everywhere. The scent of unadulterated nature. These are what await you in Tillamook, Oregon – a renowned place for the best camping adventures for a solo trip or an outing with your friends, family, and significant other.

Here is a short guide on the must-visit campgrounds you just have to immerse yourself in the future! 

Cape Lookout State Park Campground

Have you ever heard of a campground right in the middle of an ocean and a bay? Look no further because such a camping site exists!

Cape Lookout State Park is positioned in between the ocean and Netarts Bay. This location allows you and your pets as well (which is a big bonus, might I add) to enjoy the beach and the forest.

Spend the entire day under the sun. Then end it in either a traditional camping site or a deluxe cabin.

Hike, swim, relax and enjoy the majestic sights at Cape Lookout!

Barview Jetty County Campground

Waking up to the beach and the sound of waves crashing against the sand must have been everyone’s dream at some point. This dream can come true through this camping ground.

Particularly if you’re more of a water sports, adrenaline junkie kind of person. You can bring your RV or your usual camping tent here an enjoy the full perks of being near the beach.

Truly the best of both worlds. Aside from jetty fishing (as the name implies), you can also go surfing or even scuba diving!

Additionally, you can interact with wildlife through bird watching and relish in their warm showers!

Bask in the breathtaking Instagram-worthy view from various recommended areas in this campground.

Best Campgrounds in Tillamook Oregon

Tillamook Coast RV Park

Allow yourself to indulge in the calming scenery of the river and mountains in this campground while you fish and grill some of what you caught in the RV kitchen.

Camping here is one of the best choices you’ll make in your life. Why? Because it’s near so many places you’d undoubtedly want to visit.

Tillamook Coast RV Park is close to famous parks and several beaches. Same for restaurants that specialize in serving mouth-watering seafood. I mean, come on.

Wouldn’t you want to know the feeling of enjoying a Surf n’ Turf with a most picturesque view? 

Jones Creek Campground

Maybe now you’re thinking, “But what about people who don’t like the beach?” If you prefer a campsite with much more greens and trees, this is the one for you.

Have a picnic under the shade of the year-old trees. Then take a whiff of the smell of fresh air. You can also go fishing in Jones Creek Campground, where the creek is just within walking distance of its large campsite space.

33 campgrounds for both RVs and camping tents are welcome here. So just come as you are – bring a group if you want. Maybe you can find some solace and peace here – just you and nature as one for the time being. 



Keenig Creek Campground

If you’ve been looking for your next travel destination with your precious dog, then this is it. The Keenig Creek Campground houses 12 campsites.

Each is equipped with some camping supplies, namely: a picnic table and a pad for the tent. The Keenig Creek is close by, where you can swim and fish to your heart’s content.

Play fetch with your pets, and hike all day long – the possibilities are endless! This is the sign that you should go camp here with your pets when this pandemic finally ends, just saying. 


Elk Creek Campground & RV Resort

Best Campgrounds in Tillamook Oregon
Best Campgrounds in Tillamook Oregon

Whatever you’re looking for in a campground, you can find it here for sure. They’ve got it all: captivating scenery, fun activities, and a spacious campsite.

Fishing by the creek, hiking in the forest, and being awed by wildlife animals that roam around. All that is possible in Elk Creek Campground & RV Resort.

If you’re tired of camping in a tent or an RV, you have the liberty to choose to camp in style with this campground’s cabins! You don’t have to worry about sleeping on the ground or in cramped places.

There are only Queen-sized beds in the cabins – a guaranteed good night’s rest indeed! Camping in style has never been better.

Campgrounds in Tillamook Oregon

Kilchis River County Campground

Here is another equally great alternative if you want to be enveloped in towering trees with the Kilchis River flowing nearby.

Harboring 63 campgrounds in total for tents and RVs, this is a perfect destination for swimming and fishing. Who knows, but you just might be lucky enough to catch a chinook salmon, which is a popular catch in this campground.

However, the fun doesn’t just end here. At night, you can set up a bonfire in allowed areas as you take in the serenity and the calm of the night.

Kilchis River Country Campground is perfect if you want to do some quiet soul-searching or reflecting because 10:00 pm until 6:00 am are considered as “quiet hours.”

Take a break from all the chaos and noise, and finally relax here in this campground – as you should. 

Campgrounds in Tillamook Oregon

Trask River County Campground

Best Campgrounds in Tillamook Oregon
Best Campgrounds in Tillamook Oregon

This is the ideal campground for those who want to venture on camping excursions with the entire family, especially the kids or a big group of friends.

The little ones would absolutely adore this campground because of the playground amenity right in the middle of the sea of greens everywhere.

Your entire group can fish, hike, and swim together in this huge campground! Don’t forget to bring board games to make mealtimes and picnics much more exciting.

After being apart from friends for so long, or after the long abstain from travel with the family because of the risk of being infected with the Coronavirus, this should be at the top of your must-go-to list once you’re vaccinated! 

Best Campgrounds in Tillamook Oregon

Tillamook Head Backpackers Camp

Best Campgrounds in Tillamook Oregon
Best Campgrounds in Tillamook Oregon

The person who said the best things in life are free was utterly correct, and he/she must have been to this campground.

The Tillamook Head Backpackers Camp does not charge the campers any fee! However, the hike up to this campground is challenging, and water is not available here; thus, be careful.

Yes, the trek may be hard, but it’s worth it. Suppose you think you have what it takes. In that case, the journey can serve as a testament to your strength, courage, and perseverance.

The campground that charges zero dollars can be the reward or bragging rights (whichever you prefer). Do you have what it takes?

Tillamook State Forest

Best Campgrounds in Tillamook Oregon
Best Campgrounds in Tillamook Oregon

Get in touch and be reacquainted with nature’s finest in Tillamook State Forest! This is the best place to explore and ponder how spectacular nature is with the various hiking trails this campground offers.

Get your legs ready for the hike, and prepare your eyes for the extraordinary view of mother nature up close. This place also provides information on the forestry history and other informative programs that will enrich your appreciation for forestry.

Bring your own camping gear, and chance upon sleeping under a blanket of stars. Oh, what an adventure it must be! 

All these campgrounds mentioned above are phenomenal in their own special way. Find the one that calls out to you, then go for it! Camping in Tillamook, Oregon is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so don’t miss out! Your adventure awaits.
Best Campgrounds in Tillamook Oregon


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Best Campgrounds in Tillamook Oregon