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Jeju Island
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California road

Visit California Anytime

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Visit California Anytime Infographic California is a great place to visit. Especially in the winter when other parts of the United States are cold and potentially bogged down with snow. It is one of the few states when you can visit California anytime, including winter, and still have a great time. California has more people than many countries. In Southern…

Solo Travel Tips

Solo Travel Guide Infographic

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The Ultimate Solo Travel Guide Infographic with Helpful Tips and Tricks A lot of us would love to travel. But it is nice to have a companion travel with us. It could be a family member, a friend, and if married, your spouse. But often that’s not possible. You may be single, or your friends may not have enough money…

Safe Vacationing

Vacation Safety Tips Infographic

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Vacation Safety Tips for Summer Season Infographic Here is a vacation safety tips infographic to help ensure you have a safe summer. Follow these tips as applicable to have a safe summer. Image source: Protection1.com Intruders, unfortunately, know that many residences are vacant because the owners are on vacation in the summer. This includes students that live on campus. Most…

international tourism

International Tourism Infographic

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International Tourism – where are people going in increasing numbers? In the first quarter of 2017 international tourism to the U.S. fell 4 percent from January to July 2017. However, other regions, especially in Europe, countries are receiving more tourists. That worries travel industry executives. It is causing a loss in U.S. market share since many travelers are opting to…