rude hand gestures

20 Rude Hand Gestures

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20 Rude Hand Gestures Plus 15 Use with Caution Hand Gestures Destinations to foreign countries where the customs are different than here in the United States require you to take time to read about these common hand gestures, both bad…

Vacation Ideas for Singles

7 Vacation Ideas for Singles

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7 Vacation Ideas for Singles who want Alternative Vacation Choices Sometimes being single and active has much to offer, especially when vacation planning and decisions are concerned. You don’t have to ask anyone, you don’t have to set anyone else’s…

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Hiking and Trekking Health Benefits
eerie places on earth

5 Eerie Places on Earth

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Unfamiliar things always entice the curiosity within us. Fortunately, our world offers countless unknown, bizarre and eerie places. While some seek extreme adventures through extreme activities, others are down for thrills and chills. They explore the unique, eerie, and uncanny…