Ishigaki Island, Japan
Jeju Island, South Korea
alcatraz island
travel infographics

Travel Infographics

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Travel Infographics for Quick and Easy Visual Information Most of us have limited time, money, or spend a lot of time working, but if given the chance, many of us would like to travel. We’ve put together a few travel infographics to help viewers learn about various travel destinations. There are also travel tips to save you money, keep yourself…

Travel Quotes
Travel Quotes

180 Sightseeing and Inspirational Quotes

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180 Sightseeing and Travel Inspirational Quotes for Any Traveler Presented by Yolky Eggkist Here are a few sightseeing quotes and inspirational quotes to broaden your Travel perspectives. That’s even if they are limited just to sightseeing. For most of us, unless maybe if its your job, travel is a great adventure. The stories you can tell from such travel adventures…

Travel and Journey Quotes

66 Travel and Journey Quotes

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55 Travel Quotes and 11 Journey Quotes from Travelers and Thinkers ||||T|||| Air travel is the safest form of travel aside from walking; even then, the chances of being hit by a public bus at 30,000 feet are remarkably slim. I also have no problem with confined spaces. Or heights. What I am afraid of is speed. – Sloane Crosley…


88 Travel Quotes

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88 Travel Quotes from Travelers, Famous People and Thinkers Here is a small collection of travel quotes from famous and not so famous people. See how many of these travel quotes you’ve heard before. Which few of these travel quotes resonate with you or may be something you yourself would think of. ||||T|||| After I had written seventeen full-length mysteries,…